See Firefighters & Fire Trucks at Greenville Library in October

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October is National Fire Safety Month and our Greenville library system is celebrating with their annual Firefighters & Fire Trucks storytime. At these select storytimes (replacing the normal storytime event) children can learn about fire safety by not just reading about it but by also meeting firefighters and seeing a real fire truck.

Note: Firetrucks and firefighters will not be available if a fire emergency occurs.

Firetrucks and Firefighters at Greenville Libraries

On a related side note, my child informed me today that he thought he might want to be a firefighter someday. In his words, “Firefighters are really cool because they run fast, and I like to run fast. They also wear cool costumes, and I like wearing costumes. . . . Oh wait, they slide down poles. I’m not really into sliding down poles so maybe I don’t want to be a firefighter.”

Back on topic, here are the times for this year’s Firefighters and Fire Trucks storytimes. If you go we would love to hear back about what you think. Remember that special storytimes can be crowded, so plan on arriving a little early if you attend a smaller branch to allow time for parking.

When you can see firetrucks and firefighters at the library

Monday, October 17th
10 am – Five Forks Branch

Tuesday, October 18th
10 am- Main Library – Story Room

Wednesday, October 19th
10 am – Fountain Inn Branch

Thursday, October 20th
10 am – Augusta Road Branch

Friday, October 21st
10 am – Taylors Branch

Greenville County Library Events

Greenville Library firetruck

Have you been to the Greenville Library’s Firefighter & Firetruck storytimes before? What did you think?

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4 years ago

Wish my 2 kindergartens could go. Why don’t they have this after school too?

Nancy Sharp
3 years ago

What about the Travlers Rest public library?

3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Sharp

We don’t see this event on their schedule.