If You Haven’t Tried The Chicken and Ribs at Flavorshack in Duncan, SC, You are Missing Out

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Are you looking for a great place to enjoy some Nashville Hot Chicken on the westside of Spartanburg? If you haven’t been to Flavorshack in Duncan yet, you have no idea what you are missing! This locally owned chicken shack offers patrons huge servings of chicken and more! Find out why Spartanburg residents have fallen in love with this family-friendly restaurant.

It took longer than I care to admit for my kids and me to make our way to the new(ish) chicken place that people were talking about on social media. Then one night recently I was craving fried chicken, I thought of Flavorshack, and called in an order. I couldn’t wait to get the food home. The car ride was torture because it smelled so good!

One of the problems I think we can all agree on when it comes to fried food is that it doesn’t travel well. I’m not sure if the owners have employed some sort of wizardry or witchcraft, but after a 15-minute car ride home, getting the kids situated, and finally sitting down to eat my own food – It was SO crunchy! I even had friends comment that they could see the crispiness in the photos I posted to Instagram!

A few weeks later, it was time to decide how to celebrate my son’s birthday during the pandemic. His current favorite meal is chicken pot pie, and that’s what he wanted to eat for his birthday dinner. I asked our awesome Kidding Around Spartanburg community group members to find a delicious chicken pot pie, and several people mentioned Flavorshack Hot Chicken & Ribs. Once again, they hit it out of the park! The chicken pot pie was full of chicken breast chunks and topped with a flakey pastry. He loved it.

They honestly have something on the menu for everyone, including frozen margaritas for thirsty parents.

Photo Credit : Melanie Coblentz

Flavorshack Hot Chicken & Ribs in Duncan, SC

Owners name: David Robertson

Do you have a kids menu? Yes

Do employees wear masks? Yes

What are your contactless delivery options?
Curbside pickup, 3rd party delivery services

Do you offer outdoor dining? No

What makes your spot unique?
The finest handcrafted Nashville hot chicken and ribs this side of the Tennessee. Everything is cooked to order.

What dish is the most popular?
Chicken fried chicken

What dish are you the proudest of?
Ribs & Tenders

It’s my first time at your restaurant, what do you suggest we order?
The ribs and tenders give you the best of both worlds.

Gifting Options: Gift cards

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Photo Credit : Flavorshack Chicken & Ribs

What Locals Have To Say About Flavorshack Hot Chicken & Ribs

This place is so yummy!!

Megan Buhlman

Love their chicken legs!

Terri S

Learn More About Flavorshack Hot Chicken & Ribs

Flavorshack Hot Chicken & Ribs
2144 East Main Street, Duncan | 864.2496078

Photo Credit : Melanie Coblentz

Have you enjoyed a meal at Flavorshack Hot Chicken & Ribs? We want to know what you order when you go!

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