Improve Your Off Road Skills at Gateway Park in Travelers Rest

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Travelers Rest is the perfect pit stop as you ride along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. But, did you know that there is also a park right off the trail that will let you improve your dirt biking skills? Local mom Deborah gives you all the information you need to take advantage of Gateway Park on your next visit to TR.

dirt bike trail at Gateway Park

About Gateway Park in Travelers Rest

The last time we went to Gateway Park, our children were very small, and we just enjoyed the playground. But, a few weeks ago, we decided to go again. As we relaxed in the shade, our oldest son discovered what looked like a trail and begged everyone to follow him. As we meandered along a little dirt trail, it took us into the woods, and we were thrilled to find much more.

The trail split off to more trails, led across bridges, and turned into curved boardwalks and steep inclines. We realized we were on an impressive dirt biking course. These trails range from beginner to advanced and will create challenges for any dirt biker.

Outside the woods, you will see various dirt mounds to further practice bike jumping. Stop at the sign near these mounds to see a map of all the trails. There are 2 & ½ miles of trails going through and around the park.

This park used to be the site of Travelers Rest High School. So, if you are not in the mood for dirt biking, grab a football and play on the football field that has been used to train athletes for decades. You can also enjoy the basketball court or baseball diamond.

If you are 5 or 95, you will find something at this park to get your heart pumping while soaking in some vitamin D. Bring some friends, and get out to Gateway Park.

Gateway Park in Travelers Rest

Visit Gateway Park in TR

115 Henderson Drive, Travelers Rest
Visit the Gateway Park website for more information.

Would your family enjoy a day visiting Gateway Park in Travelers Rest?

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Deborah Pope is a music teacher who loves to have adventures with her husband and three boys. They love hiking, biking, going to playgrounds, and walking in gardens. They make fun wherever they go!

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