5 Tips for Visiting the Greenville Drive

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It’s baseball season and in Greenville, SC, that means it’s also the perfect opportunity for some quality family time at an affordable price!

Since moving to the Upstate, KAG guest contributor Lauren Lochel had been looking forward to visiting Flour Field and seeing the Greenville Drive play a game. Lucky for us, they did not disappoint! She shares with us her trips and tricks for enjoying a Greenville Drive game with your family.

1. Check for Promotions

It happened to be “Bark in the Park” during our visit, which worked out perfectly for our family! All the dogs were on leashes and very friendly! This not only provided a good distraction for our 22 month old, but we enjoyed seeing all the furry friends as well. However, if you have allergies or a child with a fear of dogs, this would not be a great game for you to attend! This information can easily be found on the Greenville Drive website.

2. Take Advantage of FREE Parking

Park at County Square (for FREE!). You can easily walk from this lot OR you and your family can enjoy a free Trolley Ride! It was a very short wait and we enjoyed it. The Trolley also runs throughout the entire game so whenever you need to head home, just head back out and catch a ride back to your car!

3. Take What You Need

The Greenville Drive has changed their bag policy so you’ll want to read it closely before you go to the stadium. Gone are the days of being able to walk right in with a diaper bag stuffed with everything you care to bring!

4. Beware and Be Aware in the Play Area

With good intentions, the rules state that children should be under a certain height and should be supervised while playing. Unfortunately, neither of these things were happening on Sunday afternoon! My husband and I took a couple of turns taking our daughter to run and play, but it didn’t last long because it was a little chaotic! Stick close by your little one if they need a play break…this is not an area I would advise one to sit and watch!

5. Get Tickets in Advance

The Sunday we went also happened to be Masters Sunday so the crowd was a little lighter than usual. My husband went back on a Friday (fireworks) night with his brother and the game was sold out! Standing room only!

 Has your family been to a Greenville Drive game? What tips do you have?

About the Author
Lauren and her family moved to Greenville in 2013 and have loved exploring all that the Upstate has to offer. Lauren taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for 9 years in Fort Mill, SC before becoming a stay-at-home mom.

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9 years ago

We are heading to our first Drive game of the year and I thought these tips were very helpful. I didn’t know about the free parking and was wondering if I could bring our own water in so we wouldn’t have to purchase drinks. Thanks for the tips!

8 years ago

I would recommend getting seats close to the concourse if you have small, squirmy kids. We definitely had to take a lap around a couple of times with our toddler and it was easy to get in and out of our seats because they were on the end of the aisle and very close to the concourse, which has a lot of room to walk around.