The Ultimate Guide to How to Get Your Groceries Easier

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Raise your hands if you think your friendly neighborhood delivery service was heaven sent. This is how I first felt when my first groceries were dropped off at my house. Hubby was out of town and we just had come back from a big trip. Chores had piled up and kids were off from school because of storm warnings. How to do everything when your hands are already full? Thankfully, Publix online shopping and same day delivery came to the rescue. It was so easy and free, thanks to a special offer for new customers. It was like having elves show up in your house. Probably the easiest supermarket trip ever.

Where to find the magical grocery delivery service

With the coming of two big app-based delivery companies, Instacart and Shipt, more supermarkets are able to offer the same-day delivery service, some within as little as one hour! I’ve noticed that Publix works with both companies which probably explains why they have great delivery coverage.

Before you proceed, bear in mind that there are pros and cons to online ordering. For instance, online prices are sometimes higher than found in the store. Costco, in fact, readily states that prices are higher online, right on their website. Online shopping also takes away the option to pick your own produce and the social interaction that comes with shopping in stores. That being said, online shopping also helps you manage your grocery shopping better and lowers the chances of impulse buying. Whether it’s curbside pick-up or same-day delivery you choose, on-line grocery services like Instacart and Shipt, are definitely a big win for parents when it comes to convenience and time saved. Please note that alcohol is not available for online deliveries.

In doing this research, Lowe’s Foods is listed separately as they don’t indicate who their third-party partner is.  Also, not all supermarkets deliver to all areas but we listed the zip codes that they currently deliver to. This information can also be found on the grocery store’s websites.

Curbside Pick Up

Before the same-day delivery service, we were already thrilled with the idea of curbside pick-up. For those not familiar, it’s grocery shopping online with the option to pick-up your groceries at a designated time of your choosing. How does it work? You create a shopping list through your grocery app or website. Upon checkout, you select a time to pick them up. Your receipt should give you a designated number which the store will use to identify your items. Typically, the store you choose will have a reserved parking area for pick-ups. Usually the order is free but depending on your store, there might be a minimum order of $30. Please see your preferred supermarket for more detailed guidelines, such as a time cut-off for same-day orders, pricing and procedures. Fortunately, there are quite a few stores offering curbside pick up.

Lowes Foods of Greer
850 East Suber Road Suite 200
Greer, SC 29650

Lowes Foods of Simpsonville
2815 Woodruff Road
Simpsonville, SC 29681

GREENVILLE – Walmart Supercenter, 1451 Woodruff Road
ANDERSON – Walmart Neighborhood Market, 2003 E Greenville Street
SIMPSONVILLE – Walmart Neighborhood Market, 1401 West Georgia Road
TRAVELERS REST – Walmart Supercenter, 9 Benton Road

Multiple Publix locations – please see their website for the complete list.

Same Day Delivery

Lowes Foods of Simpsonville
2815 Woodruff Road
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Subscriptions: 30-day subscription for $16.95 and a 1 year subscription for $99.00.
Zipcode coverage: 29650, 29680, 29681


An Instacart membership offers a free 14-day trial and after that charges $149 per year. Stores that they work with are listed below. Aldi and Instacart partnership has been advertising in their stores, however, as of the date this article was written, the partnership has not yet been activated.

Tip: Upon checkout, you can waive the 10% service charge. I did this but tipped my Instacart shoppers when they delivered to my house.

Current Store Locations and Zip Code Coverage (from Instacart’s page)

Costco: 29601, 29605, 29607, 29609, 29611, 29615, 29622, 29681

Publix: 29601, 29605, 29607, 29615, 29617, 29640, 29641, 29642, 29650, 29680, 29681, 29687

Whole Foods Market: 29605, 29607, 29609, 29611, 29615, 29622, 29681

Petco: 29601, 29605, 29607, 29609, 29611, 29615, 29617, 29687


A Shipt membership also offers a 2-week free trial, a recurring membership of $99 after trial, plus $15 off on first order, with the option to cancel anytime. Shipt also has a Monthly plan of $14 and free delivery on orders over $35. Read local mom Jackie Vest’s review of Shipt.

Tip: Check out their facebook page for deals and digital coupons.

Current Stores and Zip Code Coverage

LIDL: 29601, 29605, 29607, 29615, 29617, 29650, 29687

Publix: 29601, 29605, 29607, 29615, 29617, 29640, 29642, 29650, 29680, 29681, 29687

Wholefoods: 29601, 29605, 29615, 29642, 29650, 29680, 29681, 29687

Do you use curbside or delivery services? Which one do you like best? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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Kassidee Kennedy Cuffey
5 years ago

It’s not exactly grocery, but Target is going to start curbside pickup!

Kassidee Kennedy Cuffey
5 years ago

It’s not exactly grocery, but Target is going to start a variation of curbside pickup also.