Is Spartanburg the Hot Dog Capital of the South? I Think So!

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If you are looking for good hot dogs in Spartanburg, SC we have you covered! With several popular spots, we are listing our reader’s favorites. Chime in and let us know if we missed your favorite hot dog space in Spartanburg.

As a hot dog aficionado, the high number of places to get a fancy frank makes me happy. Once upon a time, I visited Old Salty Dog in Florida, a place featured on Man Vs. Food, just to try the famous hot dog. It’s “salty dog” is a hot dog dipped in a beer batter that is deep-fried and served in a bun, and it is topped with onions, mushrooms, sauerkraut, bacon, and a whole lot of cheese. Get in my belly.

So, imagine my delight when I moved to Spartanburg and discovered it just might be the hot dog capital of the South. In case you haven’t noticed, Spartanburg has a ton of hot dog joints. In fact, when we asked for reader recommendations for where to find the best hot dogs in Spartanburg, we received bunches of Facebook comments with fifteen different places. I am up for the challenge.

Here’s the proof I tried the salty dog featured in Man Vs. Food!

salty dog hot dog in Spartanburg

Where to get a great hot dog in Spartanburg

Andrew’s Atomic Dogs

1011 Union Street, Spartanburg
Did someone say breakfast dogs? Andrew’s Atomic Dogs has a wide menu, but as the name suggests, hot dogs are their main feature. If you go at breakfast, you can enjoy your breakfast meat and eggs served in a soft hot dog bun.

Nothing beats Andrew’s Atomic Dogs! Soooo yummy! The Chili is the BOMB!

Nikki S.

Taco Dog

1915 East Main Street – Suite 7, Spartanburg
Confession – they had me at the name. Anytime you combine two of my favorite things, I am in. Thankfully, it does not disappoint! As the name suggests, Taco Dog serves unique tacos, nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and a variety of hot dog options.

We tried the Pimento Dog, the Carolina Dog, and the Wasabi Dog (no longer on their menu). Each hot dog was its own special creation. You will love their hot dog menu if you are into non-traditional toppings. Plus, I got a side of chips and guac. That’s a win-win in my book.

best hot dog Spartanburg

Boots and Sonny’s

120 E. Henry Street, Spartanburg | 328 S Howard Avenue, Landrum
Boots and Sonny’s was also recommended by Kidding Around followers. This drive-in restaurant is home of the Hot Dog Man. It is a third-generation family-owned business serving Spartanburg since 1962. Based on the recommendations and the fact that they sell close to 2000 hot dogs a day, they are next on my list to try.

Franks for the Memories

468 Oak Grove Road, Spartanburg
Franks for the Memories is new to our list of reader recommendations this year. I might have to try their chili dog or their bacon-wrapped dog when I visit.

Holmes Hot Dogs

925 W Blackstock Road, Spartanburg
According to our super-advanced Facebook survey, Holmes Hot Dogs received the most recommendations. What looks like a hole-in-the-wall down past Westgate Mall is actually one of the most happening lunch spots in town! Holmes Hot Dogs has been serving Spartanburg since 1953. They sell what they make best – only hot dogs. You won’t find any hamburgers on the menu!

Great Food, Even better people!

Portia C.A.

Ricky’s Drive-In West

497 E Blackstock Road, Spartanburg
This is another longtime Spartanburg restaurant that the locals rave about and return to time and time again. There are two Ricky’s restaurants, but Ricky’s Drive-In West is the one that serves their signature chili.

Reader Recommendation Honorable Mentions

In addition to these options, our readers listed several other local spots to find a frank to satisfy your stomach.
According to most, the best place to go is not determined by the look of the establishment – it all comes down to taste.

Additionally, I have heard wonderful things about the hot dog cart that sets up outside of Lowe’s. If you happen to see a gathering around a little food cart, they are there for the dogs.

Downtown Spartanburg

Spartanburg, SC has lots of great restaurants. Check out our guide to restaurants in Spartanburg!

Jennifer Curry
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Jennifer relocated to Spartanburg seven years ago, and now spends her days working from home and taking care of her two kids. She loves this area because we can go from rural areas to urban areas to the mountains within an hour. Her favorite things to do with her kids are using their imaginations and visiting Spartanburg County local libraries. Follow Jennifer at

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Shannon Morgan
4 years ago

I ate the best hotdog I have had in my entire life at New Groove in Boiling Springs! Not anything I would have ever tried normally, but the J Dogg was amazing!

Bryan Wilson
3 years ago

Love the reviews of the places you went to in order to get the best hot dogs in the area. I hope you continue on various other foods in the community!

Jan B. Fleming
3 years ago

Andrew’s, his chili consists of high quality beef and oh so tasty.

Cheryl Jarrett
3 years ago

Holmes Hot Dogs and Boots and Sonny’s are the best in Spartanburg says my husband who has been eating dogs from both places for eons.

T. Moe
3 years ago

You can’t get a hot dog any better than Boots & Sonny’s