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Do you have a young one who loves to build, create and learn? Ignite Learning Center in Greer offers amazing learning opportunities for children in STEAM subjects of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Kidding Around’s Maria has enrolled her children in Ignite’s camps and classes. She loves the strong educational component of the activities and how they stretch her children to think about unique ways to problem solve while also learning the mechanics of what is actually taking place in their STEAM explorations. Read on to find out about the classes, camps and activities that Ignite offers and how you can experience Ignite for FREE!

What Does Ignite Learning Center Offer?

Ignite Learning Center offers STEAM programming in the form of classes, summer camps, mini camps and a variety of programming for pre-school, elementary and middle school aged children.

Class sessions last 6-8 weeks, so you have freedom to try a different topic they offer with each session, rather than commit to a full semester. Don’t want to commit to a full class? Sign up for single day mini-camps or single class pre-school mommy and me sessions.

Homeschool Families will love the afternoon class options and the documentation the children do of their discoveries in their notebooks. These classes can definitely be counted as part of the science in your homeschool records (and will most certainly enhance some other subjects, too!).

If you don’t see a class time that works for you, be sure to reach out to Ignite and let them know what you would like to see.

What’s Special About Ignite Learning Center?

Any amazing educational or children’s program starts with the teacher. Beth Kinzer, Executive Director of Ignite Learning Center, clearly loves her job. When it comes to problem solving, my boys have many ideas, but they don’t always know how to follow through and make those ideas happen. I’ve watched as Beth gently guides their thinking with questions to help them clarify their thoughts and develop a plan. She’s also not afraid to let an idea fail, and then let some idea refining take place. This is what I love most about Ignite. My kids already play with building bricks, towers, cars, ramps and all kinds of manipulatives and experiments on their own. But they don’t always know why what they see happening is actually happening, OR slow down long enough to wonder and think about it. Beth makes sure that super important thinking and observing occurs.

Plus, being purely practical here, I do not have to clean up after an experiment at Ignite like I would have to if such experiments were being done at home. My table, stained many times over with dyed vinegar and the like, is thankful for this. So am I.

What Do Children Love About Ignite?

Here’s what my children had to say about why they love their time at Ignite Learning Center:

My 9 year-old: “We get to build moving things and do cool experiments. The class makes you wonder about things and then you’re allowed to try it out and experiment and find out! I like that we can take a long time to finish one thing because it gives you a lot of time to think about what you can do and how you can fix errors in your idea.”

My eight year-old: “I like every class you get to ask your teacher if you can do something with your project and she almost always says “Yes, try it.” My favorite activity was using the carbon dioxide bubbles to make art with food coloring when the dry ice changes to a gas.”

Ignite’s Location in Greer

Ignite is located across the street from Brushy Creek Elementary School in the plaza beside Pivotal Fitness Gym. You’ll find it’s just a minute or two down the street from the Greenville Rec’s Pavilion Park, so it’s very convenient to drop a child off for class and then visit the playground with younger siblings while you wait.

Try Ignite FREE at Makerspace Days and Open House Events

Want to try Ignite? You can visit on their FREE Makerspace Day, Thursday October 17th from 10 am – 11:30 am for a makerspace experience or visit their Open House on Wedensday October 16th between 2:30 and 6:30 pm. There’s also another FREE Makerspace on Sunday, October 20th from 3 -5 pm. You’ll get to meet the teachers, try some amazing experiments and see what Ignite is all about! You can RSVP at their website with the links below.

Ignite Learning Center
5016 Old Spartanburg Road, Greer

Have you visited Ignite Learning Center?

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