King Creek Falls: Hike along the Chattooga River to a 70-foot Tiered Waterfall in South Carolina

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One of the best waterfall hikes around is King Creek Falls. SC only has a couple of accessible waterfalls that you can hike up to, so this waterfall is worth the trek. The hike to this 70-foot waterfall is 1 to 2 miles depending on your starting point. The waterfall’s reward is great for kids, with a pool fit for splashing and exploring. Find out all the details about this hike, how to find it, and where to park below.

king creek falls SC

The northwest corner of South Carolina is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream: the nationally acclaimed “Wild and Scenic” Chattooga River with its fishing and kayaking, miles of hiking trails including Foothills and Chattooga Trails, picturesque campgrounds like Burrells Ford, and numerous waterfalls. Our favorite is King Creek Falls, a 70-foot, tiered waterfall that is just a short hike through the beautiful forests along the Chattooga River.

The Hike to King Creek Falls, SC

As a mother of four kids, I know of many bribes that can be offered to coax reluctant hikers, but one that works best on a hot SC day is the promise of a pool at the base of a waterfall to splash around in! We’ve hiked to King Creek Falls from the Burrells Ford campground, from the parking area on Burrells Ford Road, and also while through-hiking the Foothills Trail. If you’re staying in the campground, the hike can be as short as one-mile round-trip, while if you’re coming in from the parking area it is closer to 1.5-2 miles, depending on which trail you take. But since the trail climbs steadily towards the waterfall, even that ½ mile can be hard for shorter legs when it’s a hot summer day – which is why the pool at the base of King Creek Falls is a perfect reward!

Boys playing at the base of King Creek Falls
King Creek Falls

The Trailhead to King Creek Falls, SC

To get to the trailhead, follow your mapping software to Burrells Ford Campground Parking in Tamassee, SC, about 1 ½ hours from Greenville. (Note: Burrells Ford Road (FS 708) is only paved for the first 0.3 miles). Your hike begins on the Chattooga Trail that begins at the southern end of the parking lot; you’ll go past the gate, and down the gravel road for a third of a mile. You can also take the Foothills Trail, but there are quite a few trails that crisscross the area – you’re looking for a narrow, well-defined trail with signs along the trail, indicating the way to King Creek Falls. There is a US Forest Service trail description of the trail to King Creek Falls and there is also AllTrails info for the King Creek Falls Trail.

Kids hike the trail to King Creek Falls
The trail to King Creek Falls

Once you’ve driven all that way, it makes sense to visit a second waterfall that is just north of King Creek Falls – Spoonauger. After returning to the parking lot you can either drive down to the trailhead just before Burrells Ford Road crosses the Chattooga, or you can hike down. You can read more about Spoonauger Falls in our Kidding Around Review of Spoonauger Falls.

Spoonauger Falls in SC

Waterfall Hikes in SC
Spoonauger Falls

Camping Near Waterfalls in SC
Burrells Ford Campground

Camp fire at Burrells Ford Campground

I often recommend the Burrells Ford campground to families, as there are many things to do in the vicinity. If you are interested in finding out more about this free, dispersed campground, you can read about it in our article Burrells Ford Campground: Camp Near Scenic Waterfalls in Upstate, SC. Happy waterfalling!

What is your favorite waterfall to visit in South Carolina?

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