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We celebrate woman-owned businesses at Kidding Around, especially one with a 15-year track record of success in giving children across the Greenville & Spartanburg community a voice. Can you imagine struggling to speak in a way others can respond to or enjoy food without choking? Or, the worry of a parent of a child who is slipping behind on key developmental milestones of peers and siblings? Children should have every obstacle to thriving minimized as they develop. And that’s why McCulloh Therapeutic Solutions (MTS Kids), a boutique-style approach to pediatric speech therapy, is on a mission to provide individualized whole-child speech-language support.

Thank you to McCulloh Therapeutic Solutions (MTS Kids) for sponsoring this article.

Owner and Founder of MTS Kids, Sarah Emory MSP, CCC-SLP, knew that helping children achieve motor, sensory, speech, and language development milestones meant combining a specific team of experienced Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) with child-inspired, custom solutions. MTS Kids conveniently partners with schools and early learning facilities across the Upstate serving children where they’re at. They even work in-home and goes as far as combining forces with Occupational Therapists (OT) & Physical Therapists (PT) for extraordinary outcomes. With two private clinics, one off the Parkway and the other on the Westside of Spartanburg, there’s a convenient option for you!

Is your toddler’s speech delayed?

Skills and milestones are as individual as your child. But, by the age of 2, a child should have met these milestones:

  • A vocabulary of 200 words
  • Using 2-word phrases
  • Following a 2-part direction
  • Playing alongside a peer

Asking your child simple questions, modeling language, reading to your child, and talking about pictures in an animated way goes a long way in helping your child! You can read about toddler developmental milestones here.

Are motor skills being reached?

Gross motor skills are physical skills that require whole body movement and cost stabilization. For example, by 3 months of age, a child should be able to life his or her head while on stomach. And, by 12 months of age should be able to pull himself or herself up to stand.

Fine motor skills rely on smaller muscles in the hands and fingers – skills often relied upon in school-related tasks.  As parents, we get a sneak peek into whether our baby is harnessing these skills with milestones like grasping a toy actively by 6 months and being able  to turn small containers upside down to obtain tiny objects by age 2.

Motor skills are reached at different times, but these general guidelines are helpful to measure by.

Sensory development flags to consider?

Our sensory skill development plays a huge role in language development, cognitive growth, social skills, problem solving, and more! Research has shown that sensory play builds important nerve connections that lean to complex learning!

Like speech and motor skills, there are some milestones by which children can be measured. For example, a 6 months old should accept solid and textured foods when introduced. And, a 3 year old should be able  to accept basic grooming tasks (unless distracted). Some sensory guidelines are explained here.

How to engage an SLP?

MTS Kids offers a free speech, language, and hearing screening! If you’re asking yourself, “are my child’s speech and language skills where they need to be” then you might benefit from the assessment and advice of a professional!

Speech and language screenings assist with:

  • Identifying words your child has difficulty saying
  • Connecting reading and listening skills
  • Maximizing success in the classroom
  • Improving social skills with peers
  • Establishing a baseline for current development

Schedule a complimentary screening today.

What other parents are saying …

I could never thank these ladies enough for all the time and pure dedication they put into my son. They treat him as if he’s one of their own and make me and my other two children feel as if we’re family. They’re never judgmental and have hearts of pure gold. They always talk to him first and make his plans based around his individual interests, and I could never repay these ladies for all they’ve done for him so far, and we’re only just beginning. I love the days he’s here because he’s excited to come. Never be hesitant to give this place a call. You’ll never regret it! I don’t; it’s probably been one of my best decisions.

Jennifer Aguilar
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