Moo Cow Farms: Cuddle, pet, and feed cows at this farm near Greenville, SC

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Have you heard about Moo Cow Farms? The small farm near Greenville offers the chance to get up close and personal with miniature cows so we sent Kristina and her kids to try it out. Actually, Kristina beat out all our other writers to go to the cow cuddling farm.

I saw a study not too long ago about how cuddling with cows lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and pumps up oxytocin, the feel-good hormone released during instances of bonding in humans. The Applied Animal Behaviour Science study also indicated that mental health benefits are even stronger when humans cuddle with larger mammals – like cows. But are cows really cuddly? Some are, and we found them at Moo Cow Farms in Simpsonville, the only place in our region that offers cow cuddling and bottle feeding to calves.

And after this last year and a half, I think we could all use an opportunity to relieve stress.

Moo Cow farms cow cuddling

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About Moo Cow Farms

Moo Cow Farms was founded by Tiffany Craft, who loved cows herself and wanted to share that love with others – well, after she convinced her husband that stuffed animals and ceramic statues of cows weren’t working for her. She needed real cows. The cute, cuddly, soft ones. So she got some.

The cows at the farm in Simpsonville, SC are miniature cows and very docile and human-friendly. They are curious and loveable and interested in making friends with visitors. The cows at the farm are also one big family and all related. There will also be some babies coming. One of the cows is due soon and another will have a calf in another eight or nine months. There is one baby now who is just adorable.

The hands-on experience with cows

Tiffany will guide you through experiencing the cows up close when you arrive and after you sign the waiver. Your visit includes treats to give to the cows, which they really love. 

Visits are scheduled ahead of time and are limited to one family or group. Then the fun begins as you head to the big field where the cows live and pet and cuddle with them. If you book a morning or evening session, you can bottle feed the baby. It’s as cute as it sounds. Probably even more so.

Feeding a cow at Moo Cow Farms

When we entered the pasture, the cows immediately started walking towards us and got up in our faces to check us out. The biggest of them only came up to my chest in height but for kids, they will certainly seem pretty big. One tried to lick my phone and the baby seemed to gravitate to my kids – the littles stick together it seemed. 

The cows were gentle, even when they wanted the treats we had. A couple would gently push their heads on our arms or legs and were totally cool with us petting them or using the brushes Tiffany provided to brush their hides. 

My kids (ages 10 and 7) laughed and smiled and really enjoyed interacting with the animals. We had never had this kind of experience before and it was a lot of fun and definitely stress relieving, at least for me. 

The cows were out in the pasture the entire time we were there but Tiffany said when it gets warmer, they like to hang out in the woods and are fine with visitors sitting next to them and just hanging out, maybe leaning against their bodies as they chill out in the shade. 

When we left, I asked my kids if the experience was anything like what they thought it would be and they both said no – they weren’t expecting the cows to be so friendly and enjoyable. Big win!

Other Things to Do at Moo Cow Farms

Family Photos

Moo Cow Farms is open to anyone who wants family photos done. They’ve had a lot of people do this and really, how cute would it be to have your kids cuddled up next to cows for a Christmas card? There is no charge to do family photos, just the admission price and the cost of your photographer.

Feeding a cow

Homeschool Field Trips

The farm also does homeschool trips up to about 10 people, depending on the ages of the kids. Tiffany is a wealth of knowledge about cows. We were there for about an hour and she easily filled the time with an endless amount of fun facts about the cows. My kids are homeschooled so it was a fantastic field trip for us as we learned about how cows eat and digest food, how birthing calves happen and how long these cows are pregnant, the kind of shots that are required for good health, what happens when hooves need to be trimmed. There’s a lot to learn about cows apparently.

Booking your cow cuddling experience

Moo Cow Farms is open to anyone of any age. Parents need to watch their kids though and everyone will be given a brief safety lesson before meeting the herd. But this is such a cool experience that I think most people would really enjoy it, no matter their age. Be sure to wear boots or sneakers, not sandals, and long pants. It’s a pasture so there are bugs and cow poop.

You can visit the Moo Cow Farms website and ask for a specific date and time or email Tiffany at They are booked at least two to three months out so get on the waiting list or keep an eye on their website when slots open up.

Prices are $10/person ages 3+ and include one treat bag. Kids under 3 years old are free. Add-ons include a large treat bag for $2 and a bottle to feed the baby (if a baby is available) for $3. Most people stay for an hour to an hour and a half. Time goes by fast when you are relaxing with the cows!

I’d certainly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a unique adventure, to chill out for an hour, or for a wonderful homeschool field trip. 

Moo Cow Farms
The corner of Mosley Rd and E Standing Springs Road, Simpsonville

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Kristina Hernandez is a mom of two girls, freelance writer and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, she is in love with the Upstate and could not imagine raising her kids anywhere else. She enjoys hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, camping, cooking, and exploring all that Greenville has to offer. And she really loves baby goats. Follow her on Instagram at @scadventurer.

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