Where to Pick Peaches in South Carolina: U-Pick Peaches Are Right Here In Greer, SC!

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Are you looking for a place you can pick your own peaches near Greenville? Did you know that South Carolina actually grows more peaches than Georgia? Not only do you not have to travel to another state, you only have to drive to Greer, SC.

If you are looking for the perfect place to pick your own peaches in Greenville or Spartanburg? We have all the information you need about picking peaches at Fisher’s Orchard, along with tips and tricks to help you out!

Due to cold weather damage, Fisher’s Peach Orchard will not offer pick-your-own in 2021. However, their peaches are available for sale at the farm, as well as their farm stores.

Where to Pick your own peaches in Greenville

Pick your own peaches at Fisher’s Orchard

With summer comes one of my favorite foods: peaches. We are fortunate to live in peach country, and fresh, local peaches abound. Since we do not have a fruit-bearing tree in our yard, my family visited Fisher’s Orchard to pick our own peaches.

Once we arrived at the roadside stand, the friendly proprietor directed us to the pick-your-own orchard, gave us baskets to use, and shared tips on picking the best peaches. We then drove to the orchard and began our quest for fresh peaches. Most of the low-hanging fruit was gone, so we had to hunt through the leaves and branches, but we found much nice fruit. After we filled our basket, we drove back to the roadside stand to bag and pay for our peaches. The stand also sells already-picked peaches, tomatoes, canned items, and honey. You can also currently pick nectarines at Fisher’s Orchard.

Tips for picking your own peaches with kids

  • The orchard is not suitable for strollers, due to long grass and uneven ground. Plan for small children to walk or be carried (and remember that you will also have to carry the heavy basket of peaches).
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes. The grass is long and slightly muddy, and there is a plethora of ants and other insects (it is the great outdoors, after all).
  • Bring a tall person or some way to reach high branches. The best fruit was at the tops of the trees!
  • Bring wipes. Peaches are juicy and wipes come in pretty handy for cleanup.

Plan a trip to pick peaches at Fisher’s Orchard

Fisher’s Orchard is located at 650 Fisher Road in Greer. It is about a 15-minute drive north of Wade Hampton Boulevard. Check Fisher’s Facebook page before you head to the orchard for u-pick updates, weather closings, and more, or give them a call at 864.895.4115

In case you cannot go to pick your own peaches, you can still buy Fisher’s peaches at two other locations.

Fisher’s at Taylors (a local-produce stand)
1001 Locust Hill Road, Greer

Fisher’s at Dillard’s Ice Cream
504 South Buncombe Road, Greer

See Fisher’s Orchard’s website for current peaches in season and more tips on peach picking!

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8 years ago

We LOVE Fichers! Even though the most ripe fruit is at the top of the tree, there are plenty of peaches at toddler height that will counter ripen making it a great family adventure.

8 years ago
Reply to  shanon

Great tip, Shanon!

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