Kidding Around’s Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

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Have you made your New Year’s Resolution? No? Kidding Around is here to help. New Year’s Resolutions usually include some version of getting healthy and fit, eating better, blah blah blah. We won’t bore you with that kind of list. Nope, we’ve got a better one that we know you’ll want to steal. We asked our contributors at Kidding Around what they are resolving to do in 2019 and well, not to say we are really good at this resolution thing….but we totally are.

Happy New Year from all of us at Kidding Around! 

Kidding Around’s Top 10 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

1. To get a YMCA membership – not to exercise, but so I can take a nice, long shower while my kids are in free childcare.

2. To circle Target twice for exercise, while drinking a caramel macchiato toting a phone loaded with Ibotta and Cartwheel apps.

3. To eat at every donut place in Greenville. I can almost taste the Instagram donuts photos from Farm Fresh Fast.

4. To create a perfect pie recipe, eating one trial pie at a time.

5. To drink more water……hot water, that’s been poured over roasted beans.

6. To stop ordering steamed veggies when I go out to eat. I can make that at home. Bring on the bacon-wrapped scallops.

7. To stop being such a perfectionist mom. No more homemade astronaut costumes for Space Day and non-GMO cupcakes for birthdays. Thank you Amazon and Bi-Lo.

8. To learn a new language. Mas tacos con queso, por favore.

9. To focus all of my attention on fitness and staying hydrated. Fit’niss entire taco in my mouth while drinking a margarita.

10. To stop neglecting salted pork products.

Tell us what your New Year’s Resolutions are!  We’ll take real ones, or funny ones. (Not to say the funny ones can’t also be real….I mean, bacon should be eaten, right?)

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