Plan for Your Family’s Future with Parent Financial

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We here at Kidding Around Greenville are so excited to introduce one of our newest sponsors to you all!  Thinking about our finances is something we may not all love to do (myself included!) but let’s face it, it is pertinent when there are children involved!  So… if you have to do something you may be less than thrilled about, wouldn’t working with someone you actually like who runs a local business specifically started to help someone just like you make it a little bit easier to do?  I’m thinking yes!  

We hope that KAG readers enjoy getting to know Court Creeden as much as Bethany, Kristina and I have.  We will all be learning more about some important financial topics in the coming months as we kick off a new, long term partnership in an area that we feel needs to be talked about!  


Plan for Your Family’s Future with Parent Financial

by Kristina Hernandez

“Are we the worst? We are the biggest mess you’ve seen, right?” That’s the first question that Court Creeden is usually asked when he meets with families who are interested in getting their finances in order and want to start planning for the future.

Court tells me they usually aren’t the worst though but financial planning for your family is often so overwhelming that couples usually have no idea what they are doing. But they aren’t alone by any stretch. Between 401Ks and 529s, money market accounts and life insurance, budgeting and savings, even considering sorting out this mess either will make your eyes glaze over or have you running for the hills.

But don’t do either. Whether you are the financial planner of your family or not, you absolutely need to have a good idea of where your money goes every month, how to pay down debt, how to save for emergencies, how to start that college fund that you’ve been putting off and perhaps most importantly, what to do if something unexpected happens to your partner.

Parent Financial, a brand new sponsor of Kidding Around Greenville, totally understands your fears, your anxieties, and is ready to help you get a hold of your family’s finances so you can prepare for a more secure future.

Parent Financial

Born out of Tragedy

Court Creeden founded Parent Financial in 2011 after two of his dear friends, who were both experts in the financial industry, passed away unexpectedly and left behind their wives and children, who had no idea of what their husbands had done to secure their financial futures. Turns out that even though his friends worked in finances, they hadn’t planned well in case something happened to them.

Thinking of his own family, he reached out to his sister to see if she knew the contingency plans in case something happened to her husband. She just assumed he had taken care of things but when Court asked his brother-in-law, that turned out not to be the case.

These experiences really opened up his eyes to the lack of financial planning in everyday families. A former Wall Street banker who then worked at the Global Financial Services Center in Charleston, Court has extensive background in finances. But when he looked into companies out there that catered to families and their specific financial needs no matter what their wealth – or lack of – happened to be, there was an enormous empty space.

Hence, Parent Financial, a company that helps families to plan for college, retirement, emergencies, and budgeting, was born.

What can Parent Financial help you with?

Short answer: giving moms and dads a clear picture of the family’s financial plan.  Long answer: let’s start with foundational planning and move from there. Foundational Planning is the first step in the process that everyone who starts with Parent Financial goes through. In three meetings their advisors work with you one on one to help that you are on your way to building a solid foundation for your family’s finances. Parent Financial does not charge a planning fee for families to go through Foundational Planning.

Foundational Planning goes through life insurance, disability income insurance, investment analysis, budgeting, emergency fund, wills and trusts, and property insurance review. With this process, families are given worksheets to fill out on where their money goes every month, how much they have in their bank accounts, and what their insurance payments look like.

You have to graduate from Foundational Planning before you can move on to the really fun stuff in the Comprehensive Family Planning stage. This is where you get down and dirty with planning extensively for the future, making sure you have a clear strategy on how to help pay for college, an understanding of your investment accounts, making sure you have a good retirement strategy and looking at specific tax reduction strategies.

financial planning Parent Financial

Helping You Secure Your Financial Future

If you made it this far through a financial story and are still reading, congratulations! If you’re thinking that you have no use for this service because you have very little wiggle room in your monthly budget and see an emergency fund only in your fantasy world, think again.

When Court started Parent Financial, he saw that no other company even took a second glance at families or individuals who had very little money to invest. They were all looking at big investments or people with a lot of money who needed financial guidance. Since most families don’t fit into those categories, Court saw an opening. He started Parent Financial in Charlotte and has since expanded to Charleston and Greenville – that’s how great the need is for families who want a little help handling their finances.

Parent Financial has had families who get on track with a budget and spending and saving plans and have been able to pay off debt and save thousands of dollars to build wealth.  They’ve also saved a few marriages! Money is almost always a point of contention in a marriage and if both spouses are on the same page, it’s a lot easier to handle.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to start the process towards securing your financial future for you and your family, contact Parent Financial through their website at

You’ll be able to set up a meeting with one of their qualified financial advisors and take that first step towards at least understanding your family’s finances and making smart decisions for your future. Parent Financial has an awesome backend system where you can login and see all your accounts in real time, place your spending in different categories so you know where money is going every month, and see how fast you are reaching your goals.

Or you can meet with one of the qualified financial advisors on site at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System.  Starting in April, Parent Financial will be teaching a financial planning class, “The Financial Checklist for New Parents” for all expectant parents!

financial planning for families Greenville

Finances can be daunting but Parent Financial has a plan so don’t put off taking that first step to help secure your family’s future.

Parent Financial
2507 Wade Hampton Blvd., Suite 210
(864) 787-8092

Could your family use some assistance with your financial planning?

Securities, investment advisory and financial planning services offered through qualified Registered Representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC, Member SIPC. ( 6000 Fairview Road, Suite 400 | Charlotte, NC 28210 | 704-557-9600

Parent Financial is not a subsidiary or affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies.


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