Enjoy A Pizza Made Just The Way You Want It At Pizza Artista in Greenville, SC

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The Greenville location of Pizza Artista has closed.

Pizza at Pizza Artista near Greenville, SC

The Pizza Artista Difference

Custom topped and rapid cooked are the new trend in all things pizza. The residents of Greenville, SC have several options when they are looking for this type of pizza, but Pizza Artista has something the others don’t. 

At Pizza Artista, you get to enjoy a pizza with your family, where everyone gets the toppings of their choice, and the adults can treat themselves to a glass of wine or craft beer from the computerized self-serve wall. The selection includes popular local breweries like Okscar Blues, Thomas Creek, Sweet Water, Holy City, and more! Selections start at .28 an ounce. 

Pizza Preparation at Pizza Artista

The Pizza Artista Menu 

One of the many things I love about this type of business model is that everyone can get what they want on their pizza and there’s no settling or arguing. 

If I want a pizza with ten toppings, my son wants a blasphemous “Hawaiian” pizza, and my daughter wants pepperoni; everyone can get what they want. 

It’s so simple. 

If someone has a gluten sensitivity or another diet restriction, it’s ok! Pizza Artista offers gluten-free, or cauliflower-based crusts as an option, as well as a whole wheat crust. 

Can’t decide what you want on a pizza of your very own? Are you overwhelmed with the opportunity to get whatever you want? That’s ok too! Pizza Artista offers signature pizzas on the menu, that require zero decision-making work past the initial selection.

Based in Louisiana, Pizza Artista offers several Cajun flavored pizzas that include things like andouille sausage, Tasso ham, crayfish, and other unique toppings. 

Not big on Cajun? The Signature pizzas also include BBQ options, a tropical jerk pizza, and the very sophisticated Fig-N-Awesome pizza. Topped with brie and provolone cheeses, figs, crispy bacon, Tasso ham, and more; this charcuterie board on a pizza is something I doubt you’ll find elsewhere. 

Not Feeling like pizza? Pizza Artista also serves chicken wings, salads, pasta bread bowls, and calzones! 

Kids Eat Free at Pizza Artista 

Wednesdays, kids 10 and under can enjoy their very own pizza for free! Pizza Artista offers several different promotions throughout the week as well as special deals on pizza meals. Follow them on social media to find out about weekly specials. Pizza Artista GVL Instagram 

Pizza Artista Greenville 
27 S. Pleasantburg Drive – Suite 160, Greenville

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