Plant Nursery in Greenville, SC: Where to Buy Vegetable and Fruit Plants for Your Backyard Garden in the Upstate

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Looking for a plant nursery in Greenville, SC to buy your fruit and vegetable plants? In my opinion, the only thing better than growing your own fresh fruits and veggies is to purchase them at a local plant nursery. The added knowledge of knowing how they were grown and processed is even more important during times of uncertainty. We’ve got all the info so you can visit a locally owned Greenville, SC plant nursery to grab some plants and start that garden. 

Tips for Buying Vegetable Plants for Your Home Garden

Some of the coolest things can be found at the local plant nursery. I do suggest you go in with a plan for your garden and how many plants it can support. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to take everything home. Unfortunately, I don’t live on a farm so that would just be a waste of money.

I also suggest looking at the yield of a plant and deciding if your family can eat all that multiple of that plant will provide. Five different varieties of pepper will look really cool in your garden, but if you only use peppers occasionally you’ll have a supply-and-demand problem on your hands. Of course, you can always share with neighbors and friends.

Plant Nurseries and Garden Supply Stores Near Greenville, SC

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s talk about the important part of procuring those plants!

Local nurseries are preferable because they will almost always only carry the plants and trees that are zoned for your area. This doesn’t really matter as much for vegetable plants, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind for fruit trees and berry bushes. 

Piedmont Farm and Garden Supply

Piedmont Farm and Garden Supply
7043 Howard Street, Spartanburg | 864.583.1494
One year my son and I planted a purple garden! We found purple carrots, potatoes, peppers, lettuce and more at our favorite nursery. They have rows and rows of pepper plants, tomato plants and more. I have found that my kids are more likely to eat more of the unique colored versions of stuff they already like. Themes are fun, but you could just go and have fun picking an assortment of plants.  

Greenville State Farmers Market

Greenville State Farmers Market
1354 Rutherford Road, Greenville | 864.244.4023

Not only can you grab some fruit and vegetable plants here, but the awesome farmers market has fresh produce to hold you over until those plants bring forth their bounty. They also have a great selection of succulents and ferns if some home decorating is also on your to-do list. 

Carolina Garden World

Carolina Garden World
1701 Union Street, Spartanburg | 864.853.3942
This locally owned nursery offers fruit trees, vegetable plants, and more. If creating a garden to attract fairies in your yard is something you’ve been meaning to do, they’ve got all you’ll need to create one. 

Settle Greenhouses

Settle Greenhouses
1360 Settle Road, Inman | 864.439.0100
This nursery has greenhouses full of plants including tomatoes and peppers. Don’t forget to grab some plants that attract some pollinators to help your garden! 

Padula’s Plants and Garden

Padula’s Plants and Garden 
2267B Mays Bridge Road, Greer | 864.320.0246
Padula’s Plants specializes in herbs, fruits, and vegetables grown without the use of harmful chemicals. They can be found at the Travelers Rest Farmers Market and TheRed Barn Flea Market in Greer and you can pick up plants and flowers from their garden in Greer as well. Just send them a message via Facebook or call. 

Martin Garden Center

Martin Garden Center
198 Martin Rd, Greenville | 864.277.1818
Martin’s has lots of plants, seedlings, flowers, and anything you could probably want for your indoor or outdoor space. They also offer curbside pickup.

Lichtenfelt Nurseries

Lichtenfelt Nurseries
947 Anderson Ridge Rd, Greer | 864.458.9864

This is the Upstate’s largest center, having opened in 1989. They’ve got trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and lots of other plants and flowers. Spring inventory is coming in fast so if you don’t see what you want online, just give them a call.

Mile Creek Farm Market

Mile Creek Farm Market
3020 Walhalla Highway, Six Mile | 864.481.5206
This market offers fresh produce, berries, and plants to grow your own goodies to eat. Residents of Pickens also have the option of ordering fresh produce boxes delivered to their homes.

Stewart Farms

Stewart Farms
6600 SC Highway 92, Enoree | 864.969.7270
Stewart Farms is a working farm and nursery, run by three generations of the Stewart Family. They are open year-round and offer vegetable plants, berries and more.

Hogg Greenhouse

Hogg Greenhouses
312 South Main Street, Simpsonville | 864.967.7544
Hogg Greenhouses offer vegetable plants, herbs, annuals, hanging baskets, local honey, and fresh, hand-picked vegetables.

The Neighborhood Nursery

The Neighborhood Nursery
1655 Fairview Road, Fountain Inn | 864.270.8383
If you’d like to have a lemonade stand next summer, The Neighborhood Nursery offers cold hardy lemon and lime trees at a great price. They also offer unique plants like pink lemonade blueberry bushes.

Bloomers Nursery of Fountain Inn

Bloomers Nursery of Fountain Inn
15 Howard Creek Drive, Fountain Inn | 864.409.9650
Bloomers is a full-service garden center and will help you with your order over the phone, and have it waiting for you curbside, for a contact-free shopping experience.

Staggs Nursery

Staggs Nursery
3010 Locust Hill Road, Taylors | 864.968.2690
A full-service nursery that carries vegetable plants and more. This nursery recently stepped up and helped out a local school when the school closure affected their planned fundraiser.

Growers that can be found at Upstate Farmers Markets

Harp & Shamrock Croft 
Harp & Shamrock offer plants, produce, milk, eggs, and other natural items. Pick-up locations around the Upstate and online ordering can be found on their website. 

Nodine’s Plants & Produce 
Nodine’s Plants specializes in rare and unusual heirloom and dwarf tomatoes. They bring their chemical-free veggie seedlings at the Hub-City, Landrum, and other Upstate farmer’s markets. 

Blue Oak Horticulture
Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery will be supplied with starter plants of kale, beets, parsley, spinach, lettuce, echinacea, and more from Blue Oak Horticulture.

Set Apart Health
One of our amazing readers tipped us off to an unlikely source for fruit and veggie plants! A local Chiropractor practice has started selling non-GMO, organic plants from their website.  Set Apart Health has a selection of melons, tomatoes, herbs, and more online at really great prices. 

Where do you buy local fruit and vegetable plants for your garden?

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Melanie is a native New Yorker, who landed in the Upstate by way of Florida. She is the mom of two awesome kids, and the three of them love going on adventures!

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1 year ago

Great list! I’m inspired to increase my herb garden this year. It’s a great way to have chef-ready ingredients.