10 Local Plant Shops and Pop-Ups Near Greenville, SC

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Where can you buy a plant in Greenville, SC? The Upstate area is full of local plant shops and pop-up plant stores where you can find some seriously cool plants for sale, and usually a side of instruction if you’re not so sure how to care for your new botanical bestie. We have some plant care tips for you, plus a list of local plant shops near Greenville that you’ll want to check out.

The last decade has seen a boom in the popularity of houseplants. Yes, house plants. All kinds of houseplants. They help purify the air while also adding some much-needed nature vibes to the indoors of our homes. Not to mention the many varigations and unique indoor plants available, with many that are low maintenance (I’m talking about you pothos)!

This phenomenon, spurred on by Instagram and other social media platforms, has given birth to plant boutiques that are popping up all over town. Most of these locations are multi-functional spaces that offer more than just plants! Whether it be coffee, Filipino snacks, yoga sessions, or plant workshops, this new breed of retail space deserves your attention if you have a green thumb! If not, they can help you with that too!

monstera and creeper

Tips Before You Buy That Plant

There are a few things to take into consideration before you invest in a plant. Yes. I said invest. One of the pitfalls of popularity is that things get expensive. I’ve seen clippings of one of the most popular plants being sold for $120 apiece. A clipping, with no roots, and you have to propagate it in water, and then plant it. And, yes, they were being snatched up at that price. So, before you go and spend all that money on a plant, you’ll need to make sure you can provide it the home it needs. Unfortunately, love isn’t always enough.

  • Figure out your sunlight situation. Plants that need a lot of light, obviously won’t thrive if your home interior doesn’t have a good source of sunlight. Make sure your plant can thrive in the lighting your home can provide.
  • Monstera plants and Swiss Cheese plants are the most sought-after for the trendy plant collector. They can get expensive, so a little research could help guarantee their survival. Beware, if you also have pets, as both of these are toxic to animals.
  • Speaking of pets, if your plant will be indoors and accessible by your pets, it’s a good idea to check and make sure you know if they are a danger to your pets. Plants Toxic to Dogs / Plants Toxic to Cats
  • Don’t underwater your plant, but definitely don’t overwater it! It’s confusing, I know. But it’s easier for plants to recover from slight under-watering than overwatering. Make sure you have drainage holes in your pot, and a saucer to catch the overflow. If maintaining that right moisture level for your plant is proving tricky, there are small moisture gauges you can purchase to stick in the dirt. There are also apps that will remind you when to water based on the kind of plant(s) you have!
Aligned with Nature - Greer

Cool Places To Get Plants Near Greenville, SC

Savereign | 1256 Pendleton Street -Suite B, Greenville

If a unique plant buying experience is what you are seeking, then this is the shop you NEED. Their Instagram feed looks like what would happen if Hollister and the garden department had a glorious baby.

Savereign is the best

Anna Christina Prather

Sun and Soil Plant Parlor | 512 Augusta Street, Greenville 

Open since May of this year, Sun and Soil Plant Parlor has become the spot to grab some impromptu selfies, while grabbing a plant or two. This plant shop invites people to come and hang out in the space they’ve lovingly created.

Roots | 2249 Augusta Street, Greenville 

If you aren’t following Roots owner Wesley Turner on Instagram, then you are missing out on a wealth of decorating tips and tricks! He was even featured on We Bought the Farm on HGTV!

Plant Stella | 651 South Main Street, Greenville & Inside Haywood Mall

Plant Stella offers locations in Downtown Greenville as well as in the Haywood Mall on the ground level, right near the Macy’s entrance. They have a variety of rare and unique indoor houseplants, gorgeous planters, and more that will elevate your current plant collection to the next level!

Cool Places To Get Plants In Spartanburg, SC

Botanical Brew | 109 Spartanburg Hwy- Unit A, Lyman

This amazing coffee shop/plant boutique has a loyal fan base within our readership! They are located right up the street from another local favorite of ours – Big Ben’s Desserts! So you can head to Lyman, grab a plant, coffee & some cupcakes the next time you want to cheer yourself or someone you love up.

Botanical Brew! They have great coffee and a huge assortment of plants. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask. They will order it! Owners are wonderful people. Great local spot.

Samantha Chaffin
Porchview Plants in Greenville
Porchview Plants

Pop-Up and Online Plant Shops In Greenville & Spartanburg, SC

Here are popular plant vendors that frequent local farmers’ markets, open-air markets, and other vendor events. You can also arrange pick-up sales with most.

Porch View Plants | Greenville, SC

A chance encounter at a local market pop-up planted a seed of plant interest for my son. Caleb & Tiffany were so patient with him and offered tons of tips.

Outback Plants | Campobello, SC

Outback Plants is a home-based business, that posts photos of plants on their Instagram, and plant lovers comment “SOLD” to purchase them. Due to the low operating costs, the price of plants they sell is less than you might expect elsewhere.

Namaste Plants | Duncan, SC

Namaste Plants is a home-based business, that posts photos of plants on their Instagram, and plant lovers comment “SOLD” to purchase them.

La Flora | Greenville, SC

This pop-up plant shop keeps busy, with appearances at nearly all of the local markets! You can also shop from her online inventory on the La Flora website.

Bonus Plant Place To Check Out!

Varnish + Vine | Atlanta, GA

Based in Atlanta, this shop isn’t local, I know. I first discovered them when they did a pop-up at a local plant shop. Varnish + Vine sells beautiful cactus cuttings by the foot. They regularly come to Greenville and set up at Savereign. You can also shop the Varnish + Vine website, and have the cactus shipped to you.

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