Thinking About Private Kindergarten? Consider Primrose.

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Recent news articles listed virtual learning and block scheduling as the leading candidates for the 2022-2023 school year. However, Primrose School of Simpsonville at Five Forks will run a normal schedule with face-to-face instruction for their private Kindergarten class in the 2022-2023 school year regardless of the public school decision for the school year. Do you think Primrose School of Simpsonville at Five Forks may be the place for your kindergartener? Find out more about this private Kindergarten!

This article is sponsored by Primrose School of Simpsonville at Five Forks.

Primrose School of Simpsonville at Five Forks is a wonderful option for parents and their children in the community as consideration for private kindergarten. They opened in 2015 have been a wonderful addition to the area, bringing their high standard of education and enthusiasm to families and providing students with early learning education that will make sure they are ready for elementary school.

Private School Foundations

Primrose School of Simpsonville at Five Forks checks the boxes of a host of different opportunities that parents are looking for in a private kindergarten setting:

Low student-to-teacher ratio: Teachers are enabled to work more closely with small groups of students, tailoring their instruction to individual needs with the low student-to-teacher ratio of 1:14.

Spanish instruction: Children who attend Primrose receive daily Spanish classes called “Mucho Mundo,” which immerses children into the culture, customs, and songs of the language.

Thumbs Up! physical activities: Plenty of outdoor time, in the morning and afternoon, is allowed for students to take advantage of both organized activities and the state-of-the-art playgrounds at the school.

Character development: It’s never too early to teach children about generosity, compassion, and gratitude and set the foundation for good character development. Primrose has a program called Happy Hearts Character Development, which focuses on internalizing these traits in a way that small children can understand.

Music classes: Rhythm & Notes is a program that is unique to the Primrose curriculum that not only engages students on a daily basis with music time but also has an app for parents so that they can continue to enjoy musical lessons at home.

Literacy and Math development: Primrose uses the Houghton Mifflin Reading Program to build solid foundations for reading and writing skills while the Math Expressions Math Program helps students to learn about major mathematical ideas. Both programs are crucial to the kindergarten education program at the school.

Parent partnerships: This is so key for any school, but Primrose puts a priority on this aspect of their program by making their Leadership Team available at any time for parents as well as making sure that parents have the opportunity for face-to-face conversations with teachers during morning drop off and afternoon pickup.

Late bloomers and birthdays

Another reason why parents may consider private kindergarten over the public is if their child misses the cut-off date for the public school system or barely makes it and would be the youngest in the class by nearly a year (which makes a difference at that age).

By choosing Primrose, these children won’t have to miss anything or repeat a certain class. They can attend private kindergarten and be even more prepared to enter either public kindergarten or first grade.

Primrose mom, Maria, said “We chose Primrose for private kindergarten for our five year old. We picked Primrose over the other schools in the area because of the smaller classes, the educated teachers, the curriculum and everything they have to offer (gardening, life skills, Grandparent program, etc…) The teacher was wonderful. My daughter warmed up to her right away even though she is very shy. I am so glad we chose Primrose for our daughter! I think it is worth every penny. (BTW- We pass 3 schools to get to Primrose every day.)”

Personally, this is what I did with my own daughter, who’s birthday is extremely late in the year,” said Meggie Bradberry, the owner of Primrose of Simpsonville in Five Forks. “Rather than repeating a class or “holding her back,” she attended our Private Kindergarten program.

Meggie would know all about this. Her parents began Primrose Schools! Primrose Schools enroll children ages six weeks to six years and employ a unique Balanced Learning® program that incorporates all of the above aspects of private kindergarten plus a balanced meal and snack program organized by a certified dietician and prepared by a chef on-site. They also have an Adopt-A-Grandparent program where they get to experience regular visits with local senior citizens and developing special friendships.

What about COVID-19?

The over-sized Kindergarten classrooms provide a modern, safe, clean, and open learning environment for students to socially distance properly.  This space allows for flexible learning spaces, seating, and guided small group spaces designed to capitalize on meeting each child’s needs.  

Primrose has also implemented additional safety protocols like temperature checks and hourly sanitation of common spaces. Drop-off and pick-up procedures are also strictly followed.

Want more information?

Don’t wait! Space is limited.

Primrose School of Simpsonville in Five Forks
2255 Woodruff Rd, Simpsonville
[email protected]

Are you considering private Kindergarten for your child?

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judy wilson
6 years ago

I liked that you mentioned how private kindergartens can help with character development and how they have good parent partnerships. Having regular face-to-face conversations with my son’s teachers is really important to me. That will allow me to feel that I’m playing a larger role in my son’s education.

Megen Dosh
2 years ago

If a parent enrolls their child for the private kindergarten program. Will the child be able to go to first grade and be ready for first grade?

2 years ago
Reply to  Megen Dosh

We recommend discussing this question with Primrose but their program should provide a great foundation for first grade!