Make These “You Rock” Valentines

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Need an idea for school Valentines this year? The time-honored tradition of handing out small cards with a little candy, stickers, pencils or other small trinkets to the class is one school children look forward to year after year. Who doesn’t like receiving nearly 2 dozen little presents and notes? If you’re looking for something a little different this year, check out these homemade “You Rock” Valentines.

You Rock Valentines

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The Creation of “You Rock” Valentines

I’m so excited about these easy but unique valentines made out of rocks. They are funny and perfect for boys, especially who don’t want to exchange a bunch of mushy valentines. Actually, though, the story of how I came up with these You Rock Valentines starts way back with 100 Day at school.

My kid came home before 100 days with the instructions that “it was really, really important that he bring 100 of something that was REALLY heavy and something NO ONE else would bring.” Okay? Well, what about rocks. They are heavy. “Mom, someone else might think of that!” Well, then we will glue eyes to ours. (I am a firm believer in googly eyes. They make everything better.)

So, we spent a couple of minutes gluing eyes on rocks a couple of days before the deadline, but all the eyes fell off. So, we glued all the eyes back on with another type of glue. They turned out so cute, and my kid won the prize for the heaviest object. (Later I found out that there was also a prize for the “lightest” object. That might have been a little bit easier, but of course, my kid didn’t mention that.)

Looking at the extra rocks though, I had an idea. Why not make the rest into cute little Valentines for friends and family, or even just as a fun act of kindness to leave at the playground for another kid to discover.

rock valentines

What could be a better way to say “You Rock” than with a rock valentine?

How to Make “You Rock” Valentines


  • Rocks, be sure you pick large enough rocks and realize that more polished surfaces will be more difficult to glue to. We found our rocks at The Dollar Store
  • Googly Eyes
  • Tacky Glue or Craft Glue – don’t attempt Elmer’s Glue or a hot glue gun. It doesn’t work.
  • Permanent Markers (a thin marker would be great for writing messages)

Putting Together Your “You Rock” Valentines

  1. Glue the eyes on. I think it’s fun to have a couple one-eyed and three-eyed monsters thrown in.
  2. Let the eyes dry overnight. (This step is very important).
  3. Test the eyes. Give the eyes a little resistance to see if they pop off. In my experience, several of the rocks surfaces did not allow the glue to set well. Of course, the eyes will come off regardless if your kids start picking at them but they shouldn’t fall off when barely brushed.
  4. Draw smiley faces on the rocks.
  5. Write “You Rock” and a little note on the back.
you rock valentines

Hand out to all your friends. I think that these would be fun to leave on neighbors’ porches or somewhere unexpected. What do you think!

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