The Noodle Lady Food Truck Is Bringing Asian Street Food To Greenville, SC

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Looking for the Noodle Lady food truck in Greenville, SC? If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine and haven’t paid The Noodle Lady a visit, you are in for a treat! This husband and wife team brings Asian street food to their loyal, hungry fans in Greenville, SC.

The Noodle Lady food truck is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and if you’ve not partaken of these delicious noodles and other offerings, we have all the info you’ll need to get that taken care of! Here are some menu suggestions and how you can find the Noodle Lady in Greenville! 

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Noodle lady fried rice

The Noodle Lady Food Truck in Greenville, SC

If you’ve never eaten a skillfully crafted meal courtesy of The Noodle Lady, you have no idea what you are missing. If you have, then you know that a meal prepared by Jo, aka “The Noodle Lady”, isn’t just something you taste.

One of the unique things about The Noodle Lady’s set-up is that she prepares the orders outside of the truck with a huge steel wok over an open flame. You get to watch, and smell your meal being prepared! It’s really a treat for the senses.

Her dishes are prepared using huge chunks of fresh meat and produce. The pay-off of using high-quality ingredients is in the loyal fan base she has in the Upstate. Our readers love The Noodle Lady, and you can read some of what they think down below.

This definitely isn’t the combo #9 with an egg roll kind of Chinese food that is most common, but once you try it you’ll be hooked. While I’ve been known to partake of Americanized versions of cuisines, I wholeheartedly believe that authentic is always best.

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Noodle Lady truck

Getting To Know The Noodle Lady and Her Food Truck

Bob & Jo 

What is the most popular item on your regular menu?
Pepper Steak Noodle, Spicy Beef Noodle, Pork, and Chinese Chive Dumplings

What made you choose the kind of food your business serves? 
Our chef, Jo, has both the talented skill and the heart to pursue perfection in cooking. By cooking every dish like creating artworks, she brings out the fantastic taste in authentic dishes.

What menu item are you most proud of? 
We are proud of every item. As a small business with a limited menu, we strive to provide our best dishes to customers.

What makes your business unique from others? 
The type of food we serve and how it’s prepared on-site. The Noodle Lady cooks under a tent using a large wok so everyone can watch her cook their food.

What local spot do you like to eat at when you’re not working? 
We enjoy going to the local breweries and restaurants

The Noodle Lady - Owners
Photo Credit: The Noodle Lady

The Noodle Lady Menu & FAQ

  • Cash or Credit?
    Both cash and cards accepted 
  • Kids Menu:
    No – But kid friendly
  • Do you offer vegan/plant based options?
    The Fried Noodle is vegetarian. Noodles with carrots, green and purple cabbage
  • Does your menu change regularly?
  • Do you cater private events?
  • Where can hungry folks find you?
    Locations posted weekly on The Noodle Lady Facebook and The Noodle Lady Instagram
The Noodle Lady pork noodle dish

What Locals Are Saying About The Noodle Lady in Greenville, SC

One of our favorites!!

Ashley Brooke Martin

The Noodle Lady is amazing! Some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

Lexie Franklin

We love the Noodle Lady! We have tracked her down many times

Mary- Bane Boggs

Noodle Lady is awesome! Their food is so good!

Rachel Menillo Cohee 

Best Chinese food around! Always fresh. And super nice people!

Collette Groves

The Noodle Lady is the best food truck I’ve ever been to. Fast and delicious. I stalk her every week to see if she’s going to be close to my home!!

Jackie Gardella

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