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How many of you pass by Clemson University on a daily basis and look out at the college kids roaming the campus reminiscing to yourself about the “good old days?” Did you know that Clemson’s campus is not just for college kids? There are so many kid-friendly activities to do on campus for your entire family. Check out this great list of fun things to do at Clemson University for kids.

I had no idea that Clemson University had so many great things to do with kids. This list is great!

 1. The Underground: Clemson University’s Bowling Alley

Located on the ground floor of the Edgar A. Brown university union building, the Clemson bowling alley provides affordable fun for the whole family. They are able to accommodate to children with small shoe sizes, small bowling balls, and bumpers for their ten lanes. The bowling alley also has pool tables available at a cost, as well as free arcade games.

2. ’55 Exchange: Clemson University’s Ice Cream Shop

Located in the Hendrix Student Center, the ice cream at Clemson’s Ice Cream Shop is produced by the students. There are a variety of flavors, and also the “tiger slab” that you can mix ingredients into your ice cream. There are tables outside when it is warm enough to eat outside. There is also metered parking directly across from the ice cream shop.

3. Bowman Field

Bowman Field sits right along Route 93 below Tillman Hall, the beautiful building with the bell tower. This is a great place to picnic with friends, throw a Frisbee around, or get a game of football together. Throughout the year, Clemson University provides activities for kids on the field.

Bowman Field is a great place to take your kids for a picnic in Clemon, SC

4. LaMaster Dairy Center

This is a 677-acre dairy farm and center for dairy research with approximately 150 cows run by the students. The farm is open to the public daily. Be sure to stop in to the main office to get your large boots to protect the cows (and your shoes). This is a great place to take the kids. My son loves to stop and say hello to every cow, but his favorite are the calves. The cows are milked daily at 2 PM in case you want to plan your trip accordingly.

 5. Clemson University’s Tiger Band Practice

On the eve of every home Clemon Tigers football game, the Tiger Band opens up their practice to allow families to come and listen at their practice field. The kids love to listen to the instruments and dance along to the beat. Also, ninety minutes before the start of every home game the band practices at the Clemson Outdoor Amphitheater on campus near the library. There is so much spirit in the air at these events that it will give you goose bumps.

things to do in clemson with kids

6. Clemson University Equine Center

The Clemson University Equine Center provides riding lessons for community members, from beginning to advanced levels. They also provide therapeutic riding lessons for individuals with special needs. The Center also offers equestrian camps for high school students.

 7. Death Valley

Take a stroll through campus and visit the tiger statues in front of Clemson’s Memorial Stadium, nicknamed Death Valley. Be sure to check out Howard’s Rock while you are there. Bring your camera for this adorable photo op with the kids! There are tiger statues and paw prints scattered all around campus. See if you can find them all!

8. South Carolina Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens consist of 295 acres of gorgeous flowers and landscapes. There are duck ponds for the children to visit, as well as an adorable children’s garden that encourages them to play in the dirt. My son’s favorite is the red caboose that children can climb on and pretend to steer. The gardens provide a variety of classes for children throughout the year.

children's garden at clemson botanical gardens

9. T. Ed Garrison Arena

The T. Ed Garrison Arena on Clemson’s campus is home to many bull riding events and horse shows throughout the year. The large arena also host dog shows, poultry shows, and rodeos for children to enjoy.

10. Clemson Experimental Forest

The Clemson Experimental Forest is a 17,500-acre area designed for use as a natural resource management “living lab.” It is open to the public and includes hiking trails–including several that lead to waterfalls! Don’t forget to download your trail map before you go exploring.

11. Bob Campbell Geology Museum

The Geology Museum, located inside the Botanical Gardens, is an extraordinary museum for children to visit. Filled with collections of gems and fossils, this an affordable way to educate your children without them even knowing it. They offer children’s programs and tours as well.

museum at clemson
Where is Clemson University located?

Clemson University is about 45 minutes west of Greenville and just about 30 minutes from the Georgia state line.

Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina 29634

Where are these buildings on Clemson’s campus located?

You can find a great map of Clemson’s campus on their website: map of Clemson University.

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Marissa McFarland is a stay at home mom of an adventurous four year old boy. Their family enjoys venturing out together and exploring the great outdoors. She was a registered nurse prior to becoming a full time mommy. Marissa is also the former president of the MOMS Club of Clemson. She is an avid reader and has developed a book blog,, for fellow book lovers.

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Karen Mummert
8 years ago

Way to go!! What a great blog for finding good family activities! So proud of you!

8 years ago

Love it! I had no idea some of these things were even an option. My only request would be to include an idea of where these buildings are on campus. I didn’t go to Clemson, so “ground floor of the Edgar A. Brown university union building” and “Hendrix Student Center” don’t mean anything to me!