Check out Town Creek Bike Park in Pickens, SC

Looking for a bike park to visit now that the heat of the summer has passed? You might want to consider Town Creek Bike Park in Pickens, SC; here are the details on how to make your visit to this unique spot a success!

With the advent of cooler weather, the kids have been spending more time on their bicycles, not just in our neighborhood, but in numerous local bike parks. Today I want to share one of the boys’ favorite places to hit the trail on two wheels: Town Creek Bike Park.

Bike Park Pickens, SC

About Town Creek Bike Park

Located about 30 minutes from Greenville, the Town Creek Bike Park is located at 545 State Rd S-39-190, just north of Pickens, SC. You’ll see a sign for “Pickens Recreation Center,” and after making the turn, proceed to the far end of the parking lot. There you’ll see a kiosk with a map of the park, as well as a box for waivers; a second waiver station and the park rules are located just past the park entrance. The City of Pickens asks that you please fill out a waiver form before using the park, and riders under the age of 18 must have a parent’s signature. At the kiosk you can also see a map of the park, including the difficulty legend for the various trails.

The park is a large playground for kids on bikes. With single track, a pump track, half-log trails, earthen & wooden rollers, jumps and wall rides, the course is challenging yet offers plenty of choices for younger and less-experienced riders. We’ve visited with a kid who is still on training wheels, and have ridden on the 8’ wide paved trail called the “Appalachian Lumber Greenway” that follows the historic Appalachian Lumber Company railroad route from the Pickens Recreation Center around the bike park to a playground. Most of the intermediate and difficult features also have bypass trails.

A large portion of the park is forested, providing shade on hot summer days. This does affect visibility though, and the park is big enough that you can’t see from one end to the other – we utilize the buddy system for safety, keeping the younger riders paired with an adult or more experienced rider.

bike park in pickens, sc

Just like most of the bike parks in the Upstate, the course must be dry when used in order to keep it in good shape. To prevent the dirt features from being damaged and posing a hazard to the riders, the course is closed and cannot be used when wet. As a general rule, if there is an inch of rain, the course will remain closed for one day, and if there are two inches of rain, the course will remain closed for two days, etc. The course may also be closed for major holidays, extreme weather conditions, and for special events; you may want to call ahead if there has been rain.

To read a detailed list of the features available at Town Creek Bike Park, please visit the City of Pickens website. The course is only open during park hours. There is no cost to use the Bike Park, and there is no attendant on duty. Remember to ride within your abilities, respect all park rules, and have fun while staying safe.

Town Creek Park Pickens SC map

Before You Arrive at Town Creek Bike Park

  • Double check that the park is open. Check the calendar on the City of Pickens website, or call the Recreation Department at 864.898.8155 to get an update via the recorded message.
  • Bike Park riders need to sign a waiver and wear a helmet and other recommended protective gear. You may complete a waiver at one of the kiosks at the Bike Park or you may print a waiver and bring it with you. Once you get to the park, place the signed waiver in the designated slot in one of the kiosks.

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