18 Things to Know About Topgolf Greenville Before Your Fun Family Outing

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Have you practiced your putt and drive at Topgolf? Greenville golfers love Topgolf for the combination of entertainment venue, sports bar, and practice area. Though we aren’t golfers by any stretch of the imagination, we had a blast and we know you will too! The facility is incredible and we learned a ton of cool stuff about it, which we are sharing here because seriously, we can’t keep all this to ourselves. Perfect for a date night, or a family outing, Topgolf Greenville is the place to go if you are a golf lover!

Topgolf Greenville

1- Topgolf is for the entire family

You can bring your whole family for a fun time at Topgolf to hit balls around, eat, and enjoy the facility. They even have clubs for kids and toddlers, which are as adorable as you are imagining. Parents are encouraged to hang out on the lower level when they bring their kids.

2- Line Dancing was part of the interview process

This made us wish we had interviewed just to have fun and line dance. We heard it was a three-hour interview process and prospective employees had to line dance.

3- There are five huge TV screens at the bar/restaurant

The screens actually span from floor to ceiling in a two-story bar and restaurant. That’s 28-feet of video wall along with over 200 HDTVs throughout the facility. It’s amazing and perfect for anyone who loves watching their favorite team. Probably better than seats right on the field.

4- The golf balls all have microchips

Topgolf spared no expense to make sure their guests have a cool experience and microchipped all the golf balls so you can see on a screen how far you hit the balls and other stats.

5- The employees are ridiculously happy

They all seemed genuinely happy to be working at Topgolf and the smiles they all sported were contagious. We left happier than when we came. The Topgolf Greenville location is regularly hiring. Learn more about their careers at their site.

6- You don’t have to know how to play golf to enjoy Topgolf

They have instructors on-site if you want to learn how to play but the staff there can also give you a couple of pointers before you start whacking the balls. In fact, 51% of Topgolf guests aren’t golfers at all. Our editor, Bethany, can attest to this as her golf game is pretty terrible but she had fun!

7- Topgolf has other games you can play

They have an outside turf area where corn hole can be set up and they also have indoor foosball on every level of their bar/restaurant space.

8- Topgolf is an all-weather facility

It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny, raining, or snowing because you are sheltered when you play and they have heaters and fans to keep you comfortable.

9- There are 72 bays so a lot of people can play/eat

A bay is basically a separate place where up to eight people can hang out at a table and six people can golf. There is a turf launching pad and golf clubs at each bay and a hostess takes care of each bay so you can order drinks and food while playing.

10- The driving range is 215 yards long

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be hitting cars along I-85 with the huge driving range and enormous nets. And your car in the parking lot will be safe too.

11- There are more than 9 games at each bay

Scores are tallied through a touch screen at each bay and kept track of through membership cards (a one-time $5 cost for each golfer). Games can be played by anyone, novice to expert, and include 20 balls each.

12- You pay per hour for each bay, not per person

Pricing for Topgolf is done by the hour per bay, not per game or per person, and depends on the time of day. Before Noon daily, the cost is $30- $35/bay per hour, from Noon – 5 pm, it’s $40-$45/bay per hour, and after 5 pm, it is $50-$55/bay per hour. Friday – Sunday are always the higher of the price range, and Tuesdays offer half-price bay/hr deals all day!

13- Topgolf has summer camps for kids

Send your kid, ages 6-12, to summer camp at Topgolf for a week where they can learn how to play, or at least learn a respectable swing. It’s Monday-Friday from 9 am – Noon and costs $225/child.

14- Birthday parties are all the rage at Topgolf

You’ll probably be Parent of the Year if you have your kid’s birthday party at Top Golf.

15- Topgolf is three stories so you can see for miles when you’re golfing

Being up on the third level is pretty cool. You can see for miles on a clear day and it’s just a fun experience.

16- It costs nothing to rent golf clubs

Most of us non-golfers don’t have a full set of clubs in our garage. Thankfully all Topgolf bays have clubs you can use for free. You can bring your own though if you have them!

17- You don’t need to dress like a golfer to come to Topgolf

As long as you’re not dressed like you’re going to the beach, you’ll be fine. Bethany and I were both wearing cute dresses and we did just fine.

18- There’s an app for that

Topgolf has its own app, where you can track your score, reserve a bay, and even control what you watch in your bay (each one has its own TV).

About Topgolf Greenville

Topgolf Greenville
201 Clifton Court, Greenville


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