Head Out on an Upstate Mural Driving Tour

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Have you noticed that murals are gracing the walls of buildings all over the Upstate? We’ve listed out where you can find Greenville, SC murals (and more mural locations in the Upstate). Make an afternoon out of it and go on an Upstate Mural Driving Tour!

We’ve put together six driving tours of murals in Greenville, Travelers Rest, and Spartanburg. You can combine routes as well if you’re in the same area (Google won’t let us add more than ten destinations to each route).

Special thanks to reader Amanda for letting us use one of the photos she took during her driving tour with her family (where they got milkshakes for extra fun during this current coronavirus crisis).

Smiley's Greenville SC mural

I had no idea just how many murals the Upstate had until I started researching them and hunting them down for this article.  I was surprised by just how many I found, and I’m sure there are some I missed! I’m not sure why I was surprised, after all, we do dedicate an entire weekend celebrating artists in the form of Artisphere

I found murals celebrating nature, businesses, history, people and more. There are murals that you can use for selfie backgrounds and murals that you can only admire from a roof top. Some murals were painted by students, and there’s even a mural that was painted by an artist who was recently honored by Forbes magazine. 

Spartanburg SC mural

There seems to be no slowing down to the murals popping up around town. In fact as I’m writing this, two more are popping up just in time to be included in this article.

Find These Murals in Upstate, SC

I’ve tried to group these be location, so you can easily make an afternoon of visiting them. I hope you enjoy these works of art as much as I did.

The Stone Mural Project

This initiative’s goal is to create 12 murals on Stone Avenue in 12 years. They have made it more than half way past their goal in six years, with the help of students from Furman University and Stone Academy.

217 East Stone Avenue

  • “Live Big” –  Jean Wilson Freeman & Stone Academy students
  • The third and largest piece for the project.

1 East Stone Avenue

  • “Sunday In the Park” – Eric Benjamin & Stone Academy students
  • The first mural completed in the project.
  • Do you see a famous person from Greenville’s history relaxing in the park?
  • “The Bohemian” – Annie Koelle & Stone Academy students
  • The sixth mural completed in the project.

7 West Stone Avenue

  •  Untitled – Michelle Jardines
  • The fifth mural completed in the project
  • A memorial to a local artist who passed away in 2017, Mike Mecklinburg.

109 West Stone Avenue

  • “Goldfinches” – Joseph Bradley & Stone Academy students
  • The eighth mural in the project.

214 West Stone Avenue

  • “Be The Change” –  Calista Bockenstette & Stone Academy students
  • The second mural completed in the project.
  • Do you notice something special about the paint used for this mural?

223 West Stone Avenue

  • “Every Day Is A New Beginning” – Sunny Mullarkey, Furman students & Stone Academy students
  • The fourth mural completed in the project.

328 West Stone Avenue

  • Untitled – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko, Furman students & Stone Academy students
  • The seventh mural completed in the project.
  • Can you see the hidden number in the mural?
Mural in Greenville SC

Murals Near Stone Avenue – not part of the official project

2 West Stone Avenue

  • “Southern Sounds” – Ross McClain, Charles Tyre & Furman Students
  • Replaced another mural by Furman students, that was aging and needed replacing.
  • Can you figure out the connection to meatballs in the mural?

641 North Main Street

  • “Volumes of the heart” – Vantage point marketing
  • Mural can be viewed from Stone Avenue parking lot of Bombshell lounge.

103 Wade Hampton Boulevard

  • “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous” – Paula Rallis Home
  • This mural is a tribute to a famous one in Amsterdam.

603 East Stone Avenue

  • Half Moon Outfitters

Murals In Downtown Greenville

525 South Academy Street

  • Project Host – Sunny Mullarkey Studios

126 Augusta Street

111 Augusta Street

  • Smiley’s Acoustic Cafe

1021 South Main Street

  • West End Coffee Shoppe – Anonymous Charlestonian artist
  • The mural is on the backside of the building. This mural was commissioned by the property management from an artist who was going to paint this very mural at the Mother Emannuel Church in Charleston.

912 South Main Street

  • on the building that was formerly the Old Cigar Warehouse

307 East McBee Avenue

  • Yee Haw Brewing Company

148 River Street

  • Textile Mural – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

Falls Street

  • “City Of Altruism” – Andrew Pisacane
  • Just a year after this mural was painted, the artist was named on Forbes magazine’s best of “30 under 30 Art & Style” list.
  • When visiting this piece I suggest going during non-work hours. The construction crews at the adjacent site are using the lot as a parking lot, and this makes it hard to photograph.

128 East Broad Street

  • Hyatt Place hotel

250 Riverplace

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton – Up On The Roof Bar
  • You need to go to the top floor restaurant and look out the window and down to see the mural.

722 South Main Street

  • Husk Restaurant – Sunny Mullarkey
  • This is an indoor mural, visible from inside the restaurant only.

2 Burns Street

  • Juanita Butler Community Center – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer
Greenville SC mural

Murals Near Downtown Greenville

Haywood Mall

  • “Iconic Greenville” – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

12 Andrews Street

  • The Artistry Gallery

210 Shaw Street

  • “Human” Poe Mill – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

1410 Buncombe Road / 1500 Buncombe Road

  • Poe Mill Gateway – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

2901 Old Buncombe Road

  • “San Souci” – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

1704 Poinsett Highway

  • Stax Original Restaurant – Kate Furman & Furman University Students

1801 Rutherford Road

  • Ally Coffee – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

1320 Hampton Avenue

  • “Be A Voice” at Birds Fly South – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

1320 Hampton Avenue

  • “Hampton Station” at Lion’s Roar Crossfit – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

25 Delano Drive

  • El Thrifty – Sunny Mullarkey
  • There are murals inside and outside the restaurant.

921 Poinsett Highway

  • Expressions Unlimited – John Donald

586 Perry Avenue

  • “Village Harvest” – Elizabeth Kinney

501 Verdae Boulevard

  • Palmetto Family Ortho Smile –Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

South Of I-85 in Greenville County

29 Ridgeway Drive

  • Quest Leadership Academy – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

101 East Butler Road, Mauldin

  • Mauldin Cultural Center
  • As a high school senior, Celine Crum approached the Mauldin Cultural center with the idea for the mural.

104 North Main Street

  • Avon Store and Training Center – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

2200 Woodruff Road – Suite 400A , Simpsonville

  • Bishops Hair Salon – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer
  • Indoor mural
mural on brick in greenville sc

Murals in Travelers Rest

26 South Main Street

  • “Escape from Prohibition”  at Swamp Rabbit Brewery – Brigitte Selby

164 South Main Street

  • Travelers Rest Mural at Farmhouse Tacos – Emily Clanton

3 South Main Street

  • TR Makers Co
  • “Spoke mural” – Elizabeth Kinney
  • “Do What you Love” – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

327 South Main Street

  • Hare & Field – Elizabeth Kinney

 Pinsley Cirlce @ Berea Station Swamp Rabbit Trail

  • “We Rise By Lifting Others” – Blank Canvas/Adam Schrimmer

109 South Main Street

  • “Locomotive” at The Whistle Stop at the American Cafe – Brigitte Selby

Spartanburg, SC Murals

130 East Daniel Morgan Avenue

  • Speed Factory Indoor Karting
  • There are murals all over this business. Inside and out, murals by different artists cover the walls.

187 North Church Street, Montgomery Building

  • Sidewall Pizza – Sunny Mullarkey

226-A West Main Street

  • RJ Rockers – Frank Zombie

397 Highland Ave

  • The Bethlehem Center – Frank Zombie
  • Love Where You Live – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko
  • The Beacon Restaurant – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko

373 East Kennedy

  • “Yonder” at Nu Way Restaurant & Lounge – Aimee Wise, Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko

101 East Main Street

  • There’s Only One Spartanburg – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko

149 South Daniel Morgan Avenue

  • “Ishmael” – Ishamael & Rob Yamabushi
  • “The Offering” at Hall Street Parking garage – Peter Ferrari

512 East Main Street

  • USC Upstate 50th anniversary – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko

964 South Pine Street

  • Wades – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko

288 Magnolia Street

  • Train on Daily Basics Restaurant

176 North Liberty Street

  • Hub City Co-Op – Russell Bannan & Eli Blasko

575 Fairground Road

  • Piedmont Interstate Fair


We told you there was an infinite amount of murals in the Upstate! Despite all the work that went into this list, I wouldn’t be surprised if some pop up overnight! If we missed any, be sure to tell us where in the comments. 

We hope you enjoy going around and visiting all the works of art in person!

If you share the photos on social media, use the hashtag #KAGMuralTour. That way we can see which murals are our reader’s favorites!

Which is your favorite mural?

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