Adventure for All Skill Levels at Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park in Spartanburg, SC

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Did you know Spartanburg, SC now has its own bike park? The Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park is located along Spartanburg’s Mary Black Rail Trail. The park has features for bikers of all skill levels from beginners to advanced including a pump track, easy street and advanced skill features like table-top jumps, a vertical wooden bridge and more. Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy some time at Spartanburg’s bike park.

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Getting to the Vic Bailey Bike Park

You’ll find the Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park along the Mary Black Rail Trail at the Rail Yard. The easiest place to park is the lot off of Glendale Road near the Flock Shop. Google maps set with the park as the destination brought my family to this parking lot. From the parking lot you’ll come to a dirt area which is at the end of the three main bike trails. You’ll have the option of two wooden bridges or a split log bridge to cross the swale and get to the main path. 

Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park Trails

Pump Track: You’ll find the pump track at the back of the park, furthest away from the parking lot. This is intended for younger and more inexperienced riders. It is still a great warm-up for older riders, and offers a variety of terrain.

Stick Track: Alongside the main path, which parallels the Rail Trail, is a stick track. Constructed of split logs and various paths, it is a challenge to balance your way across. This is an excellent exercise to learn how to better balance your rides.

Trails off the Platform: To the left from the main path is a wooden platform. It is quite a climb to get to the platform. From the platform facing back towards the parking lot you have three trail choices. To your left is Easy Street, a moderately difficult track with plenty of smaller jumps and bowls. Down the middle is Straight Rhythm, which features tall tabletop jumps, multiple jumps in a series, and a near-vertical wooden bridge turn. To the right is Jump Line, for advanced riders. This features the tallest and biggest jumps, and a curved cambered bridge near the end.

Bike Park platform Spartanburg SC

Is My Child Too Young for the Vic Bailey Bike Park?

We’ve seen young children at the bike park, especially on the pump track. Children should be mature enough to be aware of their surroundings and parents should closely watch younger riders. This is not a park to let your young children wander. Bikers can move through the trails quickly and a sudden stop for a child running across the trail risks injury to both the child and the rider. All that to say, our youngest child is 8 years-old and she was able to safely enjoy many parts of the park. 

Here’s what my nine year-old had to say about the park:

“The bike park has a beginner track and tons of other tracks, too! Every track has a level, the first is not so bumpy, the second is a little more, then the third is even more bumpy. The track is near a playground, and there is a little stream by the bike park, too. You should start at the pump track and then move to Easy Street, then onto the Straight Rhythm and then to Jump Line. I highly recommend this park to you and I hope you like it.”

Trails at the bike park in Spartanburg, SC

Things to Know Before You Go to Spartanburg’s Bike Park

Restrooms: There is a port-a-potty at the parking lot but no permanent restroom facilities.

Facilities: The park has an excellent bike washing station and area with tools to make quick adjustments or repairs.

Directions: There doesn’t appear to be a street address specifically for the bike park. We put Vic Bailey Subaru Bike Park into our Google Maps and it brought us to the parking lot for the bike park. The location plus code is W4P2+82 Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Where does your family like to ride bikes in the upstate?

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