Marvel At What Is Being Called “The World’s Largest Drive-Through Light Show”

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Are you looking for a really memorable way to celebrate the holidays this year? We sent our newly crowned Christmas Light Aficionado over the state line last year to Marietta, Georgia to see what all the fuss was about at World Of Illuminations.

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World Of Illumination’s Candy Rush

This is definitely the year of the Christmas Light Display! These attractions allow families to enjoy a fun experience from the safety (and warmth) of their cars. I was excited to see a new offering, and even more, intrigued by the media coverage I was seeing. *I had to go see for myself if “Candy Rush” was worth the trip.

(Spoiler Alert – My kids and I say YES!)

The mile-long drive-through attraction boasts nearly two million lights, all synchronized to music on a dedicated radio station. It will have you feeling like a kid, no matter how old you are! It will also have you feeling a bit in awe of all the work that must go into doing this. I’ve still not figured out how the Williams’ Family, Worden Family, and the other local displays look so awesome!

If you’re looking for more places to see Christmas lights, check out this list of where you can view Christmas Lights in Upstate, SC.

Things To Know Before You Go To A World of Illumination LIght Display

Before you make the trip to Georgia, you’ll need to reserve and pre-purchase your tickets online.

The rotating tour of light display boasts over two million lights synchronized to music and has been named to the Forbes magazine list of Best LIght Displays in the US. Last year we experienced the Candy Rush show, and this year there are two new shows in Atlanta.

Try to book as close to opening as possible. We arrived on a Saturday night at approximately 7:30 pm and only had to wait about thirty minutes in line. When you enter the line, you will see overhead signage for two different options. To the left is ticketed, and on the right is non-ticketed. DO NOT get in the non-ticketed line. This will loop you around the cue and spit you out at the exit; if the line going into the attraction is long, this would add a significant time to your wait. Stay to the left, and if you haven’t purchased tickets yet (not recommended) you can do so in line from a smartphone. (This is specific to the Marietta Attraction, in 2020 – the lines may be set up different now)

Enjoying the Show

Once all of the logistics are out of the way, sit back and enjoy the millions of blinking lights from the comfort of your car! Bring some blankets in the car to throw over the kids if they decide to open the windows to get a better view. Turn the radio to 87.9 FM, crank it up and enjoy the ride. Depending on the flow of traffic, the experience lasts about thirty minutes from start to finish. My favorite part of the display was the middle tree that sprayed out artificial snow; I thought that was a really unique addition. (This is specific to the Candy Rush Show, which is currently in Tempe, Arizona right now)

Speaking of unique, just a few blocks up the street was an eye-catching place to grab dinner or a snack. The Big Chicken is a landmark in Marietta and one of the coolest-looking KFC locations I think I’ve ever seen.

*World of Illumination provided Kidding Around Media with tickets for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are those of our writer and genuine.

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