10 Great Ideas for Next Time Dad Has the Kids in Greenville, SC

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Planning some mom time but not sure what Dad can do with the kids in Greenville? We’re here to help! Local mom Lindy Wilson has a list of places in Greenville that would be perfect for Dad to enjoy with the kids. She has lots of free ideas and some low-cost options, too! 

First off, let me say I think barring spa days or makeovers (and even then maybe so for the more open-minded guys), dads pretty much can interact with their kids the same as mom. However, there are certain activities and venues that may appeal more to male parents than mommies. So after brainstorming with my husband, here are a few suggestions we thought of. Some are free except for optional refreshment purchases and while others do cost a little, they’re something well worth the fee. Many are indoors so no worries about the weather turning bad! Hopefully, you’ll be able to check them out soon for a little paternal bonding.

Miniature Golf

The course at McPherson Park is free but you need your own clubs. Frankie’s Fun Park has mini golf in addition to video games, miniature bowling lanes, laser tag, and more.

Or, check out the new Take-Off Mini Golf by the Downtown Airport Park.

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There’s the fish tank, tons of displays, video games, archery, etc. Cabela’s also has a little cafe inside and give out samples of their homemade fudge as well as occasional other items such as nuts or jerky. Dads love the wide variety of outdoor merchandise; kids love having such a cool place to go with dad!

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate

The main floor at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate seems almost specifically designed for dads! There are car racing games, paper airplane folding stations, spaceship video games, a wind tunnel, just to name a few. There’s the body exhibit where dads can test their strength and chase kiddos down the digestion slide. Then the dads can chill while watching them go up and down the giant climber! The third floor features a seasonal exhibit as well as the display on the physics of light. There is an architecture/construction zone, garbage/ecology, the toddler play area complete with tree house slide, and robot game. Then the bottom level features painting, a water works splash system, the cafe, garage band music room, and A/V studio.

Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s has a lot going on, including a bar and grill with TVs showing all the sports games, plus an arcade full of video games. Wednesdays are half-price game night, and there’s a rewards program with a free birthday gift, appetizer specials, and various other deals.

Pittman Park

Pittman Park has a nice playground, walking trail, and soccer fields, which are also suitable for kite flying. Plus this park is centrally located between Woodruff Road and Pelham Road, as well as being near I-385 and I-85. It’s one of our favorite spots to get out our wiggles!

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The Mall

Do some shopping at all the cool stores mom passes by or just chill at the play area then hit the food court. The Haywood Mall is always a nice fall-back for rainy or cold days when having somewhere to roam is essential.

Car Shows/Air Shows

Cars & Coffee has free monthly car shows but there are various other shows throughout the year. In addition to various special events, the Greenville Downtown Airport has special planes flying in all the time. You can catch a few most days while playing at the Runway Park or grabbing a burger (beer optional) at the Runway Cafe.

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Cars and Coffee

The Swamp Rabbit Trail

Bike, hike, jog, even geocache, whatever your heart desires but then take a pit stop at Swamp Rabbit Cafe or Sidewall Pizza or any of the many other spots along this fabulous trail.

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Chick fil-A

Chick-fil-A hosts various family events. Find the location nearest you and look up their happenings. Daddy has found them to be a good way to pass the time when he’s on his own with the kiddos and they’re usually free as well as weatherproof.

Travelers Rest

Downtown TR is a great place for Dad and the kids to stay busy. Visit the driving range in Downtown TR so Dad can teach the kids how to hit golf balls. Then head to TReehouse Art Cafe for coffee or lunch plus an art project for the kids.

BONUS! Bowling!

While this may a bit tough with toddlers, the bowling alley is a fun spot to hang with dear old dad. Remember to request bumpers for your lane if you have some very young or just inexperienced bowlers.

Also, be sure to check our Greenville Calendar for even more ideas!

Do you have an outing for Daddy to add to our list?

This article was originally written by Lindy Wilson and has been updated by the Kidding Around Team.

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