Three Parks in Boiling Springs Your Kids Will Love

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Do you live in Boiling Springs or travel there often? If so, there are three great parks in Boiling Springs you are going to love. Read below to find out which of these Boiling Springs parks is the right one for your family to visit today.

Living in Boiling Springs, I often put the kids in the car to escape the confines of the house by venturing to one of the local parks. Within the fast-growing Boiling Springs community, there are three outstanding parks just a few minutes of one another for the locals to enjoy. No matter what part of North Spartanburg you live in, these parks are all worth the short drive it takes to get your family out of the house. Each park is perfect for playdates with friends, picnics with families, or even quiet solo walks.

Three Great Boiling Springs Parks You Should Visit

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Boiling Springs Community Park

Location, location, location! The Boiling Springs Community Park is located right in the center of town – conveniently located behind the Fire Station, Lowe’s, and beside Walmart. Parents can easily reward their children for shopping with them with a stop at the park on the way home.

This park includes swings, a playground for big kids, and a playground for little kids. It also includes a paved walkway that is great for young ones learning to ride bikes or roller skate. There is a lovely gazebo and covered picnic tables for families wanting to pack a picnic.

Another great thing about this park is that it is not as crowded as some of the larger parks in the area as it is not connected to any sports fields. One thing to keep in mind when you visit is that the only restroom is a porta-potty and there is little shade.

Boiling Springs Community Park
182 Rainbow Lake Road, Boiling Springs

Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park

If you want an outdoor space that has several options, head to Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park. This is a large recreational park that hosts soccer fields, tennis courts and a disc golf course, all in addition to a huge playground for the kids. There are covered picnic tables here as well.

McMillan Park’s playground area is fenced in, which is nice considering the size of the entire park. When you arrive with your children, you can feel safe knowing they are within a confined space with plenty of room to roam and explore. The playground includes a giant playset for big kids and a smaller playset for toddlers. It has several swings, slides and climbers. It also has a musical section. Even on the busy days, your children will find something to play on and areas to run and play.

If you are in the mood to explore nature, you can head over towards the disc golf area. This wooded section has disc golf goals along a marked trail, and it also has a creek with some sitting areas. My kids love to hike through the woods, walk over the bridges and visit the creek.

This park does serve as a sports complex, so some days may be more crowded than others. However, on these busy sporting days, the park is still a safe place for kids to get out their energy. Keep in mind that while this park does have restrooms, they are located by the concession stand (which is a bit of a walk). Additionally, the playground has no shade, so pack your sunscreen!

Va-Du-Mar McMillan Park
591 McMillan Boulevard
Boiling Springs

North Spartanburg Park

If you have little ones who are just starting to walk or a child with disabilities, this is the park for you! The playground section of North Spartanburg Park (Miracle Park) is a fully-accessible park that includes a soft-surface playground and amenities.

This brightly colored playground is a big hit for younger children because the playset is made of ramps. Even the most hesitant climbers will be able to make their way up to the top of the playset using the ramps. It also includes fun imaginative areas such as a theater and a musical ensemble set.

Another reason this playground is a hit is because it is fenced in. Between the fence and the soft surface, you will feel comfortable letting your children explore independently. There are a few benches to sit on within the fenced-in area as well.

In addition to the playground, North Spartanburg Park is also the home of a BMX track, baseball fields, and a walking trail. The complex can become crowded, but there is plenty of parking. There are also restrooms located by the concession stands. Just remember to pack sunscreen as the playground area is not shaded.

North Spartanburg Park
1160 Old Furnace Road
Boiling Springs

What’s your family’s favorite Spartanburg park?

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