Escape Artist Is One of Greenville’s Best Places for Fun and Is Open

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Several years ago, some friends were visiting from out of town and wanted to meet up. When we asked them what they would like to do, they suggested that we meet up at one of Greenville’s newest attractions (at the time), Escape Artist Greenville. We are very glad that we said yes. In fact, we had such a great time we can’t stop recommending Escape Artist to all of our friends in Greenville.

We are excited to announce that Escape Artist is reopening on May 8th with special safety precautions!

  • All Escape Artist staff and customers will be required to wear face masks in the building at all times. As a customer, you will receive a complimentary cloth mask with your ticket purchase or you are welcome to bring your own. (Note: There is not an exception for small children, but this activity is one that is best for older children and adults.)
  • Your group will be private and groups will be limited to 6 people. Escape Artist encourages you to only participate with those that you are already in regular contact with.
  • Your group needs to enter the building together and no earlier than 15 minutes before your experience. This helps Escape Artist ensure that your group will not be likely to be near any other groups in the building.
  • Every space will be cleaned and sanitized between groups. If it’s touched, it’ll be cleaned.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in each room so that you can use it as needed in your escape experience.
  • Escape Artist is waiving their non-cancellation policy for illness. If you are sick, let them know and they will reschedule you.

From Escape Artist: “Right now every household in our community is making their own decisions on which activities they feel safe doing and when.  We hope that our policies will help you feel safe to come visit us again.  Hopefully as things improve we will be able to relax these policies in the future. Please check back to this page for policy updates.”

Escape Artist Greenville
Photo Credit: Eli Warren, used by permission from Escape Artist Greenville

What is Escape Artist Like?

Upon arriving, we were energized immediately by owners Will and Kim Rutherford’s enthusiasm. It was impossible to not catch the excitement about trying to test our group’s wits against the locked room.

After a short explanation of rules such as “don’t tear apart the ceiling” followed by a creepy story intro we handed over our iPhones and headed into  “Dr. Fratelli’s cabin”. Inside the mad scientist’s cabin, we quickly got to work looking inside and under the many objects in order to start finding clues. These clues then led to puzzles that had to be solved in order to find the special locked exit and escape the room where Dr. Fratelli had trapped us. Of course, the primary entrance remained unlocked so we weren’t actually physically locked in. It is just a game!

We were given just one hour to escape the room, but we the ability to ask for three clues during our hour. Will was watching us through his surveillance cameras and was quick to offer the exact help needed for each clue. The puzzles were challenging but still simple enough for a group to solve.

Did We Escape?

Of course, the first question everyone asks is “did you escape?” Actually, Will told us that only 20-25% of the groups that try the room “get out”. We made it though with only a couple minutes left to spare and we used all 3 hints.

Will greeted us after we finished and shared his own observations of how we solved the puzzle. We then were allowed to grab our phones again so that Kim could take a victory photo for us showcasing our time.

Escape rooms in Greenville
Photo Credit: Eli Warren, used by permission from Escape Artist Greenville

Is It Worth the Money?

Escape Artist is a little bit more expensive than most of attractions my husband and I visit at $30/person. It was worth every penny we spent. We had so much fun working together, laughing at our mistakes, and bragging over what we solved. The room was very well designed, all of the clues were clear and worked correctly, and Will & Kim executed everything wonderfully. It’s no wonder that they have received so many 5 star reviews.

Any hints?

Well, of course I can’t give any hints on how to solve the puzzle because that would ruin the fun, but here’s a couple tips to help you have the best chances of victory:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for a clue when you are stuck. It’s better to use them up than not get out!
  2. Get started quickly. Don’t be shy about looking around the room when you enter it. The sooner you find your first clues the better.
  3. Don’t overthink your clues. None of the clues will require knowing weird facts and you won’t mess up your clues by touching or moving objects in the room.
  4. Playing an escape room game on your tablet or phone ahead of time will help give you an idea of the types of puzzles you might encounter.
  5. Have fun! Don’t get too stressed out. This activity is all about having a good time.

What About Kids?

I visited Escape Artist with 3 other adults and I thought that it was a great adult activity but older children and teens would definitely enjoy it as well. Children under 16 are allowed to attend with an adult, and Will told us that he had even recently hosted a party of 11-year-olds. Will did tell us that he adapts the clues as necessary for children and that the children who have come through really have enjoyed the puzzle. All of the content in the story and inside the room was appropriate for any age audience and there weren’t any thematic elements that would scare a child.

About The Escape Artist

Be sure to book your time ahead of time online. Due to the nature of the event, space is limited and 3 hours advanced reservation is required.

This attraction is completely unique to Greenville. While there are other “escape rooms” in Greenville and in other cities, Will & Kim specifically designed this room and story making it a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The attraction can fit 2-8 people at a time. Your group may get placed with another group if you don’t purchase the entire 8 tickets.

In addition to Dr. Fratelli’s Cabin, there are four other escape rooms including our current favorite Starlight Motel (a spooky, interactive room for adults). You can read about Starlight Motel in our review.

The Escape Artist

209 E Stone Avenue, Greenville, SC 29609
[email protected]

Have you ever visited The Escape Artist or another Escape Room in Greenville? We would love to hear what you thought in the comments!

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