Escape Artist’s Starlight Motel Creep Experience Reopens May 8th!

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If being stuck in a dingy, roach-infested motel room with your family and trying to escape is your idea of a fun night, then definitely head on over to Escape Artist in Greenville. It’s actually a lot of fun, especially when Starlight Motel Night Manager, Lou, joins your group and you find out that more than just a few people have been missing from this fine establishment. 

We just found out that this top notch local experience reopens its doors on May 8th with safety precautions!

  • All Escape Artist staff and customers will be required to wear face masks in the building at all times. As a customer, you will receive a complimentary cloth mask with your ticket purchase or you are welcome to bring your own. (Note: There is not an exception for small children, but this activity is one that is best for older children and adults.)
  • Your group will be private and groups will be limited to 6 people. Escape Artist encourages you to only participate with those that you are already in regular contact with.
  • Your group needs to enter the building together and no earlier than 15 minutes before your experience. This helps Escape Artist ensure that your group will not be likely to be near any other groups in the building.
  • Every space will be cleaned and sanitized between groups. If it’s touched, it’ll be cleaned.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in each room so that you can use it as needed in your escape experience.
  • Escape Artist is waiving their non-cancellation policy for illness. If you are sick, let them know and they will reschedule you.

From Escape Artist: “Right now every household in our community is making their own decisions on which activities they feel safe doing and when.  We hope that our policies will help you feel safe to come visit us again.  Hopefully as things improve we will be able to relax these policies in the future. Please check back to this page for policy updates.”

The elaborate, and extraordinarily creative, escape room adventure of the Starlight Motel was dreamed up and executed by husband and wife owners Will & Kim. The lengths they and their team have gone through to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience is pretty amazing. Escape Artist is a must-do date night, team-building outing, girls night, or just a unique adventure for friends looking to have a memorable time. 

A few of us at Kidding Around had done an awesome escape room at Escape Artist last year and have been dying to go back because we had so much fun. So when we got the chance to do the Starlight Motel, the newest room at Escape Artist, it was only a matter of coordinating schedules and trying not to psyche ourselves out for what we imagined would not only be fun, but a bit scary and creepy. 

It didn’t disappoint! Thankfully no one peed their pants. We did have a couple screams and let’s just say no one wanted the black light to be turned on in the Honeymoon Suite at the Starlight Motel. This escape room is offered year round at Escape Artist, which also has a 10-minute elevator puppet-themed escape room as well as a mad scientist adventure and others you can see here.

You have an hour to figure out all the clues and escape the room. Shared bookings tickets are $27/each and private bookings are $30/each.

Kidding Around Team Member Reviews of Starlight Motel

Instead of writing about what the Starlight Motel escape room adventure was like from just one writer’s perspective, here’s what Bethany, Melanie, Kate, and Kristina all thought:

“I’m a wimp when it comes to scary things so I was nervous going into the escape room but once inside and trying to put together the different clues and puzzles, I was hooked. The background music, dim lights, cackling ghost noises, and Lou, the night manager, were so thoughtful that it turns off everything else in your mind and allows you to really enjoy the moment and the people you are with. I had to apologize to Kate because I ended up holding her hand for longer than was probably appropriate and Bethany is really good at solving puzzles! Melanie is just as good an actor as the one they had in the room with us and the stories she came up with to go with the theme were hilarious. I’d do another adventure at Escape Artist in a heartbeat.” ~ Kristina 

“This was my first experience in an escape room, so I had no idea what to expect. I absolutely loved it. I was afraid the puzzles would be too hard for us to solve and we’d be lost to the outside forever. The puzzles were tricky, but not so hard that you become discouraged. Luckily you have Lou there to “help.” I must say, he was my favorite part of the escape room. I love interactive experiences where I can try to trip up the actors with my interactions. Lou was a worthy opponent and made the escape room all that much more fun. If you love puzzles, mysteries and fun – Escape Room is a must do for you and your friends and family. This would also be a great team building exercise for your office. I can’t wait to go back and experience the other rooms. We beat the Starlight Motel Escape Room with just 13 seconds to spare. Now that I know (I think) what to expect, I want to try and improve that time in other rooms!” ~Melanie 

“Starlight Motel wasn’t just my favorite escape room experience so far, but I also would put it on my personal list of “the best things to do in Greenville” for adults (and teens). When we arrived, we learned that the Starlight Motel actually has an actor in the room (Lou, the night hotel keeper). Instead of asking a video camera for clues when we were stuck, we had to talk to Lou and convince him to help us. This required us to jump right into the story and act alongside Lou. Starlight Motel truly immersed you in the story. We may have screamed a couple times and had a bonding moment hiding behind a curtain but the memory that remains is the laughter that lasted long after we ran out with our lives.” ~Bethany

“My heart was racing before we even got in the door. We had heard excellent reviews about Starlight Motel and the experience did not disappoint! It is a unique outing indeed when you are laughing, screaming, your heart is racing, and your brain is working in overdrive to solve mysteries…all at the same time. I will say it was one of my favorite experiences I’ve had so far in Greenville (as a new transplant from NYC!), and it is a must-do for a date night with girlfriends or a double-date with your significant other. I would also recommend this experience for businesses who need fun, team-bonding activities outside of the office, as you really must rely on one another to escape. I was lucky enough to go on this scary journey with my fabulous friends & colleagues on the Kidding Around team and have my (very willing) boyfriend join along who LOVES puzzles, and even at one point, had to don a disguise to help us solve a mystery! The atmosphere of our team solving these mysteries together, within the context of this CREEPY hotel room set, complete with a live actor (Lou, the night hotel manager), was both hilarious, fun, and strangely…heartwarming?! We were going to escape together, by hook or by crook. We hear that the (brilliant) Escape Artist owners Will & Kim are currently concocting a Holiday escape room, and we can’t wait to come back.” ~Kate “the screamer”

Escape Artist Greenville
209 E. Stone Avenue, Greenville

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