10 Places to See Cute Baby Animals Near Greenville, SC

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Raise your hand if you love baby animals? We do! There are lots of great places in Greenville to not only see and cuddle with baby animals, but make it a learning experience for the whole family. Here are some great local farms and sites where you’ll find baby animals and a whole lot more!

You’ve seen our huge petting zoo list.

But, springtime means baby animals, and if you are looking to enjoy all the extra cuteness of baby animals, this is the list for you.

Split Creek Farm

Split Creek Farm has lots of baby goats in the spring and has self-guided educational tours, and tastings of their award-winning cheese and fudge. Don’t miss their Spring Means Babies festival, which usually happens in late April.

Winchester Creek Farm

This farm has mini-horses and sheep, pigs, mini-cows, and alpacas. They even have baby alpacas and baby goats. How can life possibly get any better than that? They are located in Waynesville, NC.

Famoda Farms

Head to Famoda Farms in Taylors, SC to get ice cream and visit with baby goats and cows. It’s so fun! Read our Famoda Farms review.

Feeding Rusty

Possum Kingdom Kreamery

This goat farm in Belton has various dates for adults and kids to sign up to cuddle baby goats and help feed and care for them. Slots fill up super fast though. Read all about them in our review of Possum Kingdom Kreamery.

Bethel Trails Farm

This farm in Gray Court, SC hosts local vendors throughout the year on certain Saturdays of the month (their Facebook page will tell you when those happen). In the spring, they’ve got lots of baby animals to see, like piglets, lambs, and baby goats. Awww!

Carl Sandburg Estate

You can play with the goats at the estate for free and they should be expecting several baby goats come early Spring! Plus at the Carl Sandburg Estate, you’ll also find hiking trails to enjoy, a fish pond, and so much more.

Hidden Pastures Farm

While primarily known as a unicorn farm, Hidden Pastures in Fountain Inn also has baby bunnies, goats, and chicks.

Whispering Pines

This farm, located in Seneca, has family farm days where they shear sheep, let the kids play with baby sheep and goats, and have tours. Their Whispering Pines Facebook page is the best place to get updated info on events.

Garden Gate Rabbit Park

Yes, a park just for bunnies. You can play with them, feed them, and learn all about them on an hour-long tour. Our contributor Anna visited Garden Gate Rabbit Park with her kids andā€¦.bunnies everywhere! Scheduled visits begin April 1.

Feeding a cow at Moo Cow Farms
Moo Cow Farms

Moo Cow Farms

This cow-cuddling farm in Simpsonville is a lot of fun to visit but you need to plan your trips months in advance since slots fill up fast. Check their website to see when they are expecting any baby cows.

Where is your favorite place to visit baby animals?

Petting zoos and farms in Greenville, SC

Looking for more animals?

Here’s our list of over 20 petting zoos and farms where you can pet and play with animals.

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