Create a Special Birthday Bear with the Build-A-Bear ‘Count Your Candles’ Offer

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Have you visited Build-A-Bear Workshop? There’s something special about selecting a furry body and stuffing it just right to create a furry friend that kids enjoy. Kids love their custom furry friends, but it can get a little pricey. One of the great things about Build- A- Bear is their birthday treat bear offer through the Count Your Candles program.

Your child can build a birthday bear for a fraction of the cost, which can give you a pretty great deal on a birthday bear for your child. Use the program to make your child’s special day or mark a milestone like giving up that pacifier!

Build a Bear Birthday treat bear: Count your Candles Program

Even before having children of my own, I would mark special occasions for children in my life with things from a Build-A-Bear workshop. Some of the most special times that Build-A-Bear comes in handy is during your child’s birthday month. Through the Count Your Candles birthday offer, your child can celebrate with a new furry friend, at a fraction of the cost.

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Making a Build-A-Bear Birthday Bear, 1st birthday

What is Included in the Build-A-Bear Count Your Candles Offer?

Children ages 1-14, receive a special edition birthday bear during their birth month with the Build-A-Bear Count Your Candles offer. With the offer, you child can get a bear for the cost of their age. This offer is open to members of the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club. The club is free to join and offers rewards for purchases made.

After creating your bear, you can purchase outfits and accessories that are sold separately to customize your new friend! Be prepared, because your $5 birthday bear can quickly turn into a much more expensive companion if your child has plans to deck them out in accessories and gear.

As part of the in-store celeBEARation, your child will receive the following (subject to availability)

  • Special edition birthday treat bear
  • Special heart ceremony
  • Birthday cake photo prop
  • Birthday Sticker
  • Party hat
  • Special birthday edition heart for their bear
  • Announcement to the whole store that there is a birthday being celebrated

The birthday treat bear promotion cannot be combined with any other offer.

Build a bear birthday bear, Count Your Candles, 1st birthday bear

How do you Participate in the Build-A-Bear Birthday Offer?

Before heading to the local Build-A-Bear, you’ll need to sign up for their free rewards program called The Build-A-Bear Bonus Club. As a Bonus Club member, you will also receive additional special offers and promotions through your email that are only offered to members.

Then during the month of your child’s birthday, just bring them into the workshop and let the associate know it’s your child’s birthday. You don’t need to bring a birth certificate or proof of age.

Putting in the heart on a Build-A-Bear Birthday Treat Bear

Your child’s birthday year will indicate the Build-A-Bear birthday price you’ll pay for their treat bear. For example, a child turning five the offer would be $5. This offer is valid in-store only, and can not be combined with any other discount or offer. The bear would regularly cost $14 if purchased outside of the promotion.

Have a Budget for Accessories

Remember that outfits and accessories are sold separately unless otherwise noted. So, the big parent tip here for saving money is to decide how much you’re willing to spend on accessories before you step into the Build-A-Bear store.

Consider smaller accessories and prepare your child for exactly what they will be able to choose between in the shop. For example, let them choose a special hat, or maybe one pair of shoes, rather than getting bear a whole outfit.

Use a Build-A-Bear to Celebrate and Encourage

A visit to Build-A-Bear workshop is a special experience for kids. Parents can use the experience to encourage and celebrate the many milestones their child will encounter as they grow, especially with their new furry friend by their side!

For parents looking for a way to get your toddler to let go of their pacifier, this is a perfect opportunity. Prepare them in advance for the trip by telling them the pacifier is going to be placed inside the bear, next to its heart.

In the event that this doesn’t work and your child needs more time with the pacifier, no worries! The workshop will sew the bear back up for you. Actually, we’ve needed several of our Build-A-Bear furry friends who need emergency surgery. The Build-A-Bear workshop is always ready and willing to help.

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