Does Your Family Love Hunting for Mice On Main in Greenville, SC?

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Have you found the Mice on Main in Greenville, SC? Downtown Greenville’s little bronze mice are a familiar sight along Main Street. But have you seen all of them? KAG Writer, Shannon, shares her family’s search for the mice along with her tips and tricks for a successful hunt!

What are the Mice on Main in Downtown Greenville?

If you’ve noticed the little bronze statues of mice in Downtown Greenville, you’ve already seen some of the “Mice on Main.” There are 9 in total, and a list of free clues to help your find them all, as you enjoy being out and about in Downtown Greenville.

One Family’s Mice on Main Hunt

I grabbed my 15-month-old daughter, sister-in-law, and 5-year-old niece one morning recently, and told my niece we were going on a mouse hunt in downtown Greenville. I giggled a little watching her confused reaction but explained to her that we were going on a scavenger hunt to find bronze mice sculptures. She looked a little relieved after that explanation.

Mice on Main Clues

I printed a list of Mice on Main clues that I found online (I also had a backup list because I had heard that some of the clues may have changed during all of the downtown Greenville construction and renovations).

Start the Mice on Main Hunt

We started at the Hyatt and after a little searching, found the first mouse. My niece was pretty proud of herself for finding it.

Mice on Main

We wandered on down the street, criss-crossing here and there, to find the other 8 mice. Some of them were easy to find and others were really hard. We would look and look for some of them, and—because we love a good challenge—kept at it until we found them.

One of the mice even had a tiny sombrero on him.. it was super cute! (We went the day after Cinco de Mayo.)

Mice on Main

Tips for Mice on Main

If you are planning on going on the mouse hunt downtown, my biggest hint is to print the scavenger hunt clues, but also—be open and willing to ask shopkeepers and restaurants for help if you need it. There were also some other locals out and about who caught on to what we were doing and were offering their help, as well.

Take the time to look at a map of the downtown area before you go. It will help you to know where the landmarks in the clues are.

Read Mice on Main: The Book before going on a hunt. It will give your children some background information on the mice. (P.S. You can check Mice on Main out from the Greenville Library or buy it from any of these stores.)

You may spot a mouse long before your kids do. If they are getting close to one, you can let them know that they are getting warmer or hotter to it… we played this little game with my niece once or twice… it just made her grin a little wider as she got “warmer”.

Mice on Main

Be sure to look up and down when searching for the mice. Most of them are on the ground or at least close to the ground… but there’s at least one that may stump you.

Bring a camera to take pictures of your children and the mice they find. It will give you a visual diary of your mouse hunt that you all can look over later.

You will need to cross some busy streets. Remind your children of the need to look both ways before crossing the street and wait for the walk signal. I know they already know those rules, but they will be excited about looking for mice and might forget them.

If you decide to offer a reward for finding some or all of the mice, make it something small. You can always head to the candy section at the Mast General Store or find something small at O.P. Taylor’s.

Wear comfortable shoes. You won’t be walking too much, but walking on concrete can be hard on your feet.

Have you taken your kids to search for the Mice On Main yet?

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Did you have fun with Mice on Main?

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