Meet The Young Lady Bringing The Toads Back To Trade Street in Greer, SC

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When the City of Greer removed the popular Toads on Trade scavenger hunt to make way for the Center G improvement project, people were sad to see them hop away. But, one young lady decided it was time to bring back the Toads to Trade street in a new and improved way!

Meet Kelsi Kennemore and learn about the new Toads on Trade Scavenger Hunt rollout in Downtown Greer.

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new toads on trade

The History of Toads on Trade

In 2009 Jason Clark, owner of The Downtown Greer restaurant The Strip Club 104, brought the Toads on Trade scavenger hunt to Trade Street. The original search included ten toads based on a leggy-fella named Tater.

“Tater Toad wanted to see the world. He hopped a train and traveled far and wide. He saw the big city lights of Atlanta. He soared through the rolling hills of the Carolinas. He made his way to the coast to dip his toes in the salty waters of Myrtle Beach.  He even got so far as Vermont once but decided the North was not the place for his Southern soul. But it was in Savannah that he met his one true love, Tallulah. He spotted her bright green eyes and shiny skin from across a crowded pond. She was lying alone on a lily pad, gently paddling with a lazy leg. He swam up to her and it was love at first sight. They married in a romantic courtyard in Charleston and decided to head back east to meet the rest of Tater’s family.”

The Original Toads on Trade story (2009)

As is often the story, when the humans roll in with the big trucks, the wildlife has to find a new home. So when the city began the Trade Street Center G revitalization project, Tater and his family hopped away to places unknown. The toad migration might have signaled the end of this popular downtown Greer activity, but a young lady decided that Trade Street needed some toads again. Unfortunately, she could track down only five of Tater’s family members, but it inspired her to bring back the Toads bigger and better than before.

New toads on trade - greer
Jason Clark Helping Kelsi Kennemore Install a new Toad on The Strip Club 104

The Return of Toads on Trade in Greer

10- year-old Kelsi Kennemore was not even born when the original toads came to Trade Street. As a young child, her mother would bring her to Downtown Greer to find the Toads. When the Toads failed to hop home after the Center G project, Kelsi was determined to get them back. She consulted with Jason Clark, the original creator of Toads on Trade, and today he helped her install the 16th toad on his Business, The Strip Club 104.

She researched the history of downtown Greer, with the help of the Greer Tidbits (Jonathan Lovegrove and his family), The Greer Heritage Museum. Then, she used the info and applied it to the hints created for the new Toad locations. At just ten years old, Kelsi is a young lady who will truly make a difference in our community.

New Toads on Trade in Greer
Kelsi and Greer Mayor Rick Danner

Despite having the Mayor of Greer, Rick Danner as a cousin, Kelsi did most of the work independently. Kelsi plans to create a companion book to publish for the Toads on Trade in the new year. We promise to keep readers updated on that project and all the exciting things this inspiring young lady has planned.

Finding The Toads

There are 16 toads to be found on and near Trade Street. Along with the scavenger hunt, participants will get a mini-history lesson about the former occupants of the historic buildings that line the streets downtown.

Tater Toad and his wife have returned for more fun. But, the sweetest of the bunch Is Tallulah Toad and finding her will earn you a delicious reward. The rest of the hints to locate Toads can be found online.
Toads on Trade Scavenger Hunt Hints

If you are having trouble finding some, there’s also a list of locations. The list includes what historical relevance the clue mentioned. So even if you have to cheat a little, there’s still a lot to gain in a look back at the growth of Downtown Greer. See how many you can do without peaking, though. The Toads (off of) Trade might be a bit trickier.
Toads on Trade Cheat Sheet and History

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