Snow Painting! One Simple Idea for Playing in the Snow

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It looks like snow might be headed for Greenville. Snow painting is one way to play in the snow even there isn’t a large accumulation, and you probably have everything you need in your cabinets already! Grab some food coloring, brushes and spray bottles, then read on for snow painting fun.

Looking for more snow day ideas?

Fact is our Greenville kids love snow. When your chances of a decent snowfall are >1 each winter, you learn to embrace every chance that you get to enjoy the snowflakes when they come. In fact, southern kids will go out and play in anything that is frozen, whether it’s ice pellets or a wet, melting .1 inch of snow barely dusting the grass. It’s not uncommon to see an entire yard stripped bare of snow just to make one tiny snowman.

But, in the south our snow is often very wet (because it’s in the process of melting) and sometimes our gloves, boots, and even coats aren’t really made to withstand the wet and cold for long. I’ve discovered one genius way though to keep the kids happy outside and even indoors on snow days!

too much snow

Spray Paint the Snow

Trick: Take empty squirt bottles and fill them with water plus several drops of food coloring. Then let the kids “spray paint” the snow! This will occupy kids for quite a while AND they usually walk around while doing it giving cold hands and bodies a break from being covered with snow.

water on snow

Are you wanting to convince the kids that it’s time to come in for a break from the snow? Sometimes, it gets so slushy or the wind is really cold and the kids need a break. It’s hard to convince kids of this, especially if the snow is melting right in front of their eyes.

Indoor Snow Painting

Trick: Set up a large, shallow plastic container in the kitchen or some other water resistant flooring in your house (maybe even the bathtub!). Fill the container with snow and set it on top of some towels to catch the drips. If you don’t have a large container just fill several small containers. Then fill several small plastic cups or containers with water & food coloring. Give the kids paint brushes and let them paint the snow.

painting snow

They can even build a miniature snowman! Toothpicks, orange play dough, and small black beads will make it look picture perfect.

play with snow

Warning: Using yellow food coloring will likely result in some inappropriate humor that only kids will think is funny, but you are a parent so you have likely already figured this out.

What ideas do you have for creative snow play?

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