Pick One of These Spots Next Time You Need to Study in Greenville, SC

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Need someplace to study outside the house? Luckily there are plenty of places to study in Greenville, SC that are perfect for teens, homeschool families, and really…anyone. And we have a list of ideas for you!

People sitting inside Junto Coffee
Junto Coffee


That just sent a shudder up your spine, didn’t it?

Even when it’s not yours to do, it can make you miserable. Sometimes a change of scenery can help with getting those brain waves flowing. We asked our readers where they like to study, and they had tons of great suggestions. We also threw some suggestions that can also be used for homeschooling families who need to get away from home or freelance remote workers who need an inspiring spot to get work done.

Good Study And Work Spots in Greenville, SC

Local Coffee Shops

These were popular with our readers, and fortunately, there’s no shortage of them in Greenville.

Methodical Coffee
With three very different locations, Greenville’s Methodical Coffee is far from a cookie-cutter corporate coffee chain. Instead, locally roasted beans and sourced ingredients for their menu have made them a favorite with locals.

Junto Coffee
Taylors Mill is now home to Junto Coffee. This spacious coffee shop offers everything you need in a good study spot. The tables and chairs are spread out, and they offer a plethora of indoor and outdoor seating options.

Scändi Tiny Coffee
This makes for a great study spot, in my opinion. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there at the grand opening, and you can read all about it in our review. Plenty of outdoor seating makes it easy to find a spot to settle into that homework.

Coffee Underground
This coffee shop, hidden away in a basement of a downtown business, is a perfect place to hide from all the noise and chaos of the street. They serve coffee, food, and even wine if you are inclined to sip while you study.

I love the Coffee Underground because of how private and quiet it is. I get a lot done because there are not many distractions! I also like Junto Coffee because of how open it is and I can find my own little corner there as well

Flying Fox at Cartwright Food Hall

There are lots more local coffee shops in Greenville. Find one close to you!

The upstairs section of the Cartwright Food Hall in Greer would be a great place to study and enjoy a coffee from Flying Fox.

National Chain Coffee Shops

Starbucks locations with outdoor seating are a great way to escape the noise of the coffee shop. Plus, if you are a rewards member, bottomless cups of hot and iced coffee are a perk.

Dunkin’ Donuts
With over a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts locations locally, these are always a nearby option.

Panera is a great place to grab a snack while homework gets done. Woodruff Road’s location has a generous outdoor seating area, perfect for finding a quiet corner to get things done.


Libraries are a traditional study favorite. Some locations even have little study rooms where you can find peace.

The Five Forks branch in Simpsonville is one of our favorites – it has plenty of spots to study, including an outdoor play area.

My local library. I prefer it to Panera or something because I’m not tempted to buy anything. And its quiet.:)

Interior of Five Forks Library
Five Forks Library

Parks To Get Some Work Done At In Greenville, SC

Greenville has no shortage of parks and green spaces where you can find a little peace. Chances are there’s one just around the corner from you. Our Guide to Greenville County Parks can help you see what parks are nearby.

Lake Robinson
2544 Mays Bridge Road, Greer SC 29651
This lake is a quiet place with picnic shelters, perfect for studying.

Falls Park
There are tables set up under the main street along the river, plus multiple other places to spread out and get school work done.

Falls park in the morning.. today I went to read a book and I was there all alone??


Study Spot Alternatives
One reader had a creative way to kill two birds with one stone!

In the car waiting for the older sibling’s school to release. I feel like I’m wasting away in the carline!!


Bookstores like Barnes and Noble were mentioned by readers also. Find a quiet corner to get things done. You can even grab a drink and snack inside since most have coffee shops inside them.

Barnes and Noble, it’s cozy to me


Several readers mentioned College Campuses. However, you don’t have to be a student there to enjoy the peaceful lake at Furman.

Black bench across the lake from Furman clock tower

Furman University library. Beautiful and great study rooms


Cooper Library at Clemson. It’s quiet, has wifi, has Starbucks.


Community centers like The YMCA, The Kroc Center, and others are great places to find a quiet corner to study.

The Caine Halter YMCA has plenty of tables in the concourse for doing schoolwork. Even a small outdoor patio on the second floor is quiet and, in cooler months, makes the perfect place to study, read, or take a break.

Study Spot Essentials

Finding the perfect spot to study is essential. But, once you have that, consider these other study essentials:

  • noise canceling headphones
  • water to drink
  • snack
  • sharpened pencils and paper for notes

Making sure you have everything you’ll need before you get started will help you stay focused.

Did we leave out your favorite spot to get studying done? Let us know in the comments.

parks with swings
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