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Denver Downs is the One Farm To Put On Your Don’t Miss List This Fall

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If you adore fall, you may be planning a visit to a local farm with activities your whole family will love. One of our favorite farms is Denver Downs Farm, which offers a huge corn maze, a jumping pillow, a zip line, and much more. We’ll give you the details of all the activities they will offer this season!

This article includes:
The Corn Maze at Denver Downs
Things to Do at Denver Downs
Plan Your Visit to Denver Downs
Fall Weekend Themes at Denver Downs


Take Your Family to Justus Orchard for Fun and Apple Picking

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Fall is just about here and you’re probably hunting the perfect activity to celebrate the season. Local mom Kristina loves Justus Orchard and is telling us why this is one fall road trip you’re going to make into your new family tradition. After all, Justus Orchard offers tons of fun activities for the kids and tasty treats too!

There are lots of great reasons to visit Justus Orchard in the gorgeous mountains of Hendersonville this fall: the apples are delicious, the scenery is peaceful and picturesque, the family who runs the business is very kind and have been running the orchard for four generations, and the apple cider donuts and slushies are delicious. I don’t even like donuts but put one of those in front of me and I’m not going to say no.

Justus Orchards is open every weekend for U-pick through mid-November. They have their delicious apple slushies, apple fritters, apple donuts, fried apple pies, and fruits and vegetables. They also have something new this year: an Apple Cider Float with Apple Crisp Crumbles on top! Yummy!

Their big playground is also open, plus all the farm activities like the cow train and a jumping pillow.

If you want to add on other activities in Hendersonville for your day trip, try the free train museum, the Carl Sandburg home, the Fairy Trail at Bullington Gardens, or the Team ECCO aquarium.

Apple orchards near Greenville, SC, U-Pick apples and apple farms near Upstate, SC

Looking for more apple orchards? Here are the best U-pick apple orchards near the Upstate.


Here’s How You Can Get Behind the Scenes at The Greenville Zoo

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Note: The Greenville Zoo is not currently offering behind-the-scenes tours. We will update this article if they begin offering the tours again.

Have you heard of Greenville Zoo’s Behind-the-Scenes Tour? KAG Contributor Anna Artz and her family attended a behind the scenes tour of the zoo. She’s written all about the experience here, so you’ll know what to expect if your bring your crew.

The Greenville Zoo is a well-loved downtown attraction in our family. Our kids will never get tired of walking around the zoo, from saying hello to the ant-eater and trying to spot the lions and leopards, to waving goodbye to the pigs and goats at the Farm section near the exit.  Whenever the sun is out, a trip to the zoo is always on top of our list. ~Anna Artz, KAG Contributor

What is The Behind the Scenes Tour?

If your family loves animals as much as we do, there’s a special way to visit Greenville Zoo.  The Behind The Scenes Tour of Greenville Zoo offers a rare chance to walk behind the zoo’s exhibits and visit to the zoo’s commissary. Ever wonder what it’s like to be a zookeeper? Or what the different animals at the Greenville zoo eat? Or why a giraffe’s tongue is brown? All of these questions and more can be answered by signing up for this tour.

Our family recently attended a Behind The Scenes tour of the zoo, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We learned a lot about the inner workings of a zoo and we also gained knowledge about the zoo’s wildlife conservation efforts. Below are some highlights of our visit.

The Commissary

The tour began with a warm welcome from our guide who was accompanied by a docent volunteer. We then proceeded to the zoo commissary. This part of the tour was learning about the contents and preparation of various animal’s diets. We learned that the zoo’s nutritionist feeds the animals organic vegetables and tries to get the best produce for them in the same way we shop for our own vegetables. We got a glimpse of the kitchen and the menus for each animal. We learned that some ate more frequently than others. While the alligators were known to go several months without eating, the orangutans ate four to five times a day. We were also shown the leaf-eater biscuits, a favorite giraffe snack, which was edible even to humans. We were offered a chance to taste a biscuit and my daughter gamely volunteered and ate the whole cookie! She said it tasted like grass.

The Animals

The next part of the tour was a visit to the giraffe barn. We entered from the back, where keepers would usually go. We had one of the zookeepers talk about the habits of the giraffe, and we met Autumn, a Masai giraffe, who came by to say hello. She was so close we could see her very thick eyelashes.

giraffe at Behind the Scenes Tour Greenville Zoo

As we walked behind the exhibits, we observed that many of the exhibits had an area where the animals can enter and be by themselves. Needless to say, we saw the multiple gates and locks for the lion cage. The zookeepers carry lots of keys!

We then moved on to the Asian animal section. One of the zoo keepers opened the gates for us, and led us  behind the leopard exhibit. As we stood next to Emerald, the leopard, we learned that these felines are very good climbers, and we were glad that their area had a steel net above. We were also reminded not to get too close to the cage since a paw could fit easily fit through the fence. We were surprised with how active the animals were. Usually, we find them sleeping in far corner of their exhibit. This time, we were in that far corner and eye to eye with a very awake Emerald.

Greenville Zoo Behind the Scenes Tour

Another set of gates were opened and we came to the last part of our tour, a visit to the two grand Sumatran orangutans, Kumar and Lana. Not only were we impressed by the size and beauty of the orangutans, we witnessed how the keepers trained the animals using sign language. The keeper showed us how they used sign language to ask the animals do things and in return, the animals received a treat.

Kumar, the male orangutan sensed a snack and approached the fence. The zoo keeper then made some signs with her hands and Kumar responded following her direction. This went on for a while, with Kumar, turning to his left, then his right, opening his mouth and so on and so forth. This gave his keeper a chance to  gave Kumar a full body check-up. Not satisfied, at the end of the check-up, Kumar wasn’t quite done.  He looked for more grapes, and expressed this by pushing his blanket through the fence. According to the keeper, he was trying to trade his blankie for more fruit!

Greenville Zoo Behind the Scenes Tour

The whole tour took an hour, but can be longer since the guides and the keepers are happy to answer all of your questions. It was quite a unique experience seeing the animals up-close and interacting with the keepers. Our kids left with much admiration for the zoo keepers and had lots of questions on how to become keepers themselves when they grow up. Our daughter has always talked of becoming a veterinarian. This experience showed her other interesting opportunities for kids who want to work with animals.

Tips for the Tour

  • Bring a bottle of water.
  • Bring a camera.
  • Wear a hat or cap since the tour is mostly outdoors except for the zoo commissary.
  • The tour will involve some walking and standing so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Be prepared to be licked by a giraffe!

Have you been on a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Greenville Zoo?

Bring on the Biscuits, Greenville’s Got a New Culinary Tour

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I’ve got 4 words for you: Breakfast Tour in Greenville. If there’s anything better than breakfast, it’s having breakfast three times in one morning. John Nolan, owner of Greenville History Tours, feels the same. He’s created a culinary tour of three breakfast-focused restaurants in Greenville that will leave you not only content and full, but yearning to schedule time to go back and spend an entire morning at any of them.

Kidding Around Greenville got to try this breakfast adventure and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Culinary Tours

If you are unfamiliar with John Nolan and his culinary tours, they are easily one of the best events in Greenville. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting town, have lived here for years, or just moved in. John has mastered the art of delivering the VIP experience to guests of some of the town’s best restaurants, all the while regaling guests with tales from Greenville’s past, complete with photos.

At the Chef’s Table Culinary Tour, chefs at the restaurant stops mingle with guests, take them into their kitchens, and share food and drinks. John points out the ruins of textile mills, explains how the town was named, and shows old photos of Main Streets. I got to go on one of these tours and it was incredible. I’ve since taken my husband and the experience was just as good.

So when John reached out and told us at Kidding Around Greenville that he was launching a breakfast tour, I was all in. Breakfast is my ultimate favorite meal of the day. Game on.

breakfast grits

Breakfast Tour

The restaurant scene is exploding in Greenville but the breakfast places aren’t getting much love. This tour highlights some of the best places in the area and wow, are they yummy.

The driving tour starts on Main Street and heads to Southern Pressed Juicery.

Founded and established in Greenville, Southern Pressed Juicery is focused on helping you take care of your health and well-being.

Their menu consists of fresh juices, acai bowls, smoothies, and salads. There’s even a Sweet Treats section with an assortment of doughnuts.

biscuit head greenville

Biscuits Next

We continued on… and before we knew it, John had stopped the van at our next destination, Biscuit Head.

Truthfully, this was the place I was looking forward to the most because…biscuits. I love them. I love making them and I love eating them.

Biscuit Head opened in 2013 and has been busy ever since. Their whimsical design and creative dishes keep guests coming back for more. They even have their own cookbook that patrons can purchase.

We had a divine dish of a poached egg with lime zest, a lime crema, and a grilled chicken biscuit with avocado and mango salsa. The biscuit was so good but what pushed this dish off the charts was the jam bar.

This jam bar was crazy. It was all kinds of homemade jam, like sweet potato chai, peach, and raspberry, plus butters like the s’mores butter. It was just as tasty as it sounds. I can still taste the flavors as I write this. This was my favorite part. I should have asked for another biscuit just so I could try more jams.

And Biscuit Head sells all of their jams to go. Winner.

Oh, and the owners surprised us with a little mimosa to round out the meal. As with everything else they served, it was excellent.

Tacos…or Croissants

The last stop on your tour will either be Papis Tacos or Le Petit Croissant.

Papi’s Tacos has delicious tacos with an incredible view of the Reedy River. Their menu also features nachos and burrito bowls. And for your sweet tooth, you’ll find churros and gelato.

Le Petit Croissant specializes in artisan chocolates and pastries, but they also have a breakfast menu featuring avocado toast, B.E.C. (bacon, egg, and cheese), quiches, and other breakfast sandwiches and croissants.

breakfast tour greenville

Want to go?

Tours take place every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9 am.

I’d do this again in a heartbeat… especially as a date. As a working parent, I’d also have no hesitation to reserve a spot for a client coming into town or as a breakfast meeting. It’s such an interesting idea for a creative outing in Greenville whether you are a native or just visiting.

It’s also a great way to begin a Girls Day Out or even a special Moms Morning Out or something similar. It makes a fantastic gift for friends as well.

Breakfast is underrated in my humble opinion. John Nolan and Greenville History Tours elevates breakfast the way it should be and delivers a memorable experience at the same time.

To sign up, go to the Greenville History Tours website (you can also register for John’s other great history and culinary tours as well).

Greenville, SC Tours

Want more tours?

We have a huge list of all the foodie, history, nature, and family tours (plus a few really unique options).

Check out the KA Guide to Greenville, SC Tours for more!

Does the breakfast tour sound like a fantastic way to spend a morning to you?

(2023) Fantastic Labor Day Events: Greenville, SC and the Upstate

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Are you looking for Labor Day events? Greenville, SC, and the surrounding area have a few special events to enjoy for the weekend. Labor Day is usually seen as the unofficial end of the summer, so make it count!

This weekend is the last chance to relax for many families before the busy school year gets underway in earnest. Check out these Labor Day events near Greenville, SC, including special events, festivals, and day trip ideas!

Free Things to Do in Greenville, SC

You will find tons of ideas for cheap and free things to do over Labor Day weekend in our KA guide!


Restaurant Week Is A Great Opportunity To Try A New Spot In Greenville, SC

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Are you ready for the second Restaurant Week in Greenville, SC of 2023? There will never be a better time to support your Greenville restaurants than right now! The whole state of South Carolina will holds its annual Restaurant Week in January, and Greenville also holds a mini-Restaurant Week in August. The South Carolina Restaurant Week provides diners with the perfect opportunity to support locals and try something new.

The 2023 restaurant week lineup includes over two dozen restaurants in Greenville for you to try on August 24-September 3, 2023

That’s a lot to choose from, so we will pick a few Upstate favorites and explain how to best take advantage of this special week for lovers of local restaurants.


Grab These Family Meals-to-Go Near Greenville, SC

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Need to pick up dinner tonight in Greenville? These family meals to go in Greenville, SC can help! Some nights there’s just not enough time to cook a home-cooked meal. When the days are tough, it’s helpful to grab a meal. You will also find some Spartanburg family meal deals listed to keep in mind. Here is a list of local restaurants where you can grab a meal for dinner tonight.

Family Meal Deals, Greenville and Spartanburg, SC

Complete Restaurant Guide to Greenville, SC

For more great restaurants in Greenville, SC, don’t miss our Ultimate Guide to Restaurants Near Greenville, SC!

This article includes:
Greenville Family Meal Deals
Spartanburg Family Meal Deals

Greenville Family Meal Deals: Take-Out Options

We do our best to keep this list updated, but as always – please call before you head out and confirm.

Anthony’s Pizzeria

Located in Simpsonville, grab a pizza, and make the whole family happy. Curbside pickup is available.

Arizona Handcrafted Fare & Drink Co. 

Have awesome family meals to take home ready to eat, or to grill at home.

Bobby’s BBQ

Family To Go Meal includes 1 pound of meat, 4 buns, 2 pints of sides (cheesy potato casserole, Ellie’s baked beans, coleslaw, green beans, sweet potato crunch, mac & cheese, and corn pudding). The full, printable Bobby’s BBQ To-Go Menu is available here.

Bobby's BBQ

Caesar’s Mediterranean Grill

Family meals for a family of four for only $34.99! They offer Lasagna meals, Calabash Chicken meals, Gyro Zorba meals, and Chicken Zorba meals. Each meal serves four and additional servings can be added upon request. This offer is available for carryout only.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Grab a family meal – or bundle as they call it – of chicken tenders, grilled salmon, or house salad. Prices range from $26.99 – $36.99. Bundles come with six honey butter croissants.


Get a Fajita or Taco Kit for four people, an enchilada kit, or a nachos kit. Need a drink to go with your family meal? Add on margarita mix, and just add your own tequila.

CityRange Steakhouse

Check their website for the latest family meal offerings for both Greenville & Spartanburg. Some recent offerings were braised short ribs, bourbon chicken, chicken tenders, and smothered beef. The menu is all a la carte so you can choose whatever you want to add.

Feed & Seed Co.

Feed & Seed Co. at Judson Mill right outside downtown Greenville has meals to go in its freezers daily. Sign up for their newsletter to learn about special deals!

Fork & Plough

The farm-to-table restaurant has a variety of offerings for family meals that are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Be sure to call in your order by 4 pm. Their menu on the Fork and Plough website.

Good to Go GVL

You can choose from various family meals and weekly specials at Good to Go GVL for your family. Get on their email list to stay updated on their latest offerings. This is also a great option for sending a meal to someone as they deliver!

Mike & Jeff’s BBQ

A family meal at Mike & Jeff’s BBQ comes with pulled pork, three sides, bread, and sweet tea.

Moe’s BBQ

Lots of delicious options for family “Haul it Home” meals that include pulled pork, chicken, and typical sides like baked beans, potato salad, and bread.


Family meals feed four people and are $55 – and come with a bottle of wine.

Smokin Wings & Things

Their family meal consists of 20 traditional wings (2 flavors), large fry, and gallon of tea for $30.40.

Smoky Dreams BBQ

Get a big BBQ family dinner with pork/chicken, sides, buns starting at $44.

Smoky Dreams

Kids eat free deals near Greenville, SC

Don’t forget about our Kids Eat Free list for lots of places to dine around town and still save money!

More Family Meals-To-Go in the Upstate

Here are a few more family meal options we’ve seen in the past that our readers have recommended that are available all the time.

Viva Chicken

This new Peruviuan Rotiserie Chicken restaurant in Greenville, offers families a great deal on their signature chicken with 3 family-size side dishes for $28.95.

Viva chicken

Tropical Grille

This place was the one that readers recommended the most. They have a family meal for either four or eight people that is really awesome. I personally love Tropical Grille, which is a Cuban fast-food restaurant with a healthy twist. Their perfectly seasoned chicken and pork pair well with rice and steamed vegetables – and don’t forget their sauces, which are all amazing and delicious. A few readers even said that the family meals give them leftovers (yay!). No need to call ahead. Because of the suggestions of our readers, I did my own “research” and tried this out one night and did not disappoint – I had leftovers for the next day.

The family of four meals is approx $28 unless you substitute pork and then it’s a little more and comes with chicken plus four sides and sauces and a half-gallon drink. The family of eight meals is $50, the same stipulations. It comes with two drinks instead of one for a family of four. You can walk in and order these but they suggest calling ahead of you want the pork instead of chicken. See their website for locations.

  • $27.99/four person
  • $49.99/eight person
Tropical Grill


This place serves up healthy, Mediterranean cuisine that is fast and affordable. Everyone in the family will find something they love here. Taziki’s offers fresh take-home dinners for four people that include a Greek salad, basmati rice or roasted potatoes, and pita chips. You have to call two hours in advance though (or order online) and pick-up after 2 pm so plan ahead. They offer mostly meat options but do have a grilled vegetable option. Prices range from $42.99 up to $71.99 depending on your entrée of choice.

New York Butcher Shoppe

You can either sign up for the New York Butcher Shoppe email, which will give you the week’s menu, or call ahead. The email I got displayed mouth-watering bacon and cheddar stuffed pork chops, which came with french bread and a house salad.

Sun Belly Cafe

A haven for the vegetarians and vegans among us – and really, just those of us who love great food – is the Sun Belly Cafe in Greenville. Follow their Facebook page for their latest menu items and call or text them 24 hours ahead of when you want to pick up.

Henry’s Smokehouse

With three locations spread through Greenville and Simpsonville, Henry’s Smokehouse makes the decision to not cook a breeze. You order what you want online, including bulk items, pick a time and location for pickup, and you’re done. Super easy and very tasty.

Dani’s Delectables

Dani is a local chef who makes amazing family meals. We got to try some of her dinner entrees plus dessert and were totally blown away. She delivers for a fee or you can choose pickup. You must order by Wednesday for the following week.

Silver Bay

This primarily seafood restaurant in Greenville has affordable family pack meals. One of the meals that feeds 5-6 people has 10 pieces of Alaskan white fish, a box of baby shrimp, and six chicken tenders for $42.99. All family packs come with hush puppies, french fries/baked potato/rice, vegetables, and coleslaw. There are lots of options so check out their menu.

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

Rocky’s offers several family-style chicken platters and family-style sides. And of course, you can grab a gallon of tea and either pint or quart-sized dips to go along with your family meal to go.

Olive Garden

At the time of this writing, the Olive Garden on Laurens Road offers a dinner-only Family Style lasagna meal to go that serves 4-12 people and includes Lasagna Classico made with Italian sausage and pan-seared beef, their Famous House Salad, and breadsticks. The price is $60-90 and you can order online for same-day pickup.

Spartanburg Family Meal Deals

Tropical Grille

  • Deluxe Classic Tropical Bowl Meal
    $27.99 (4 people) $49.99 (8 people)
    Includes Chopped chicken (or sub another meat for additional cost), yellow rice, lettuce, tomatoes, sauces, a side dish, and drinks

Online ordering can be done for all their locations, including the Spartanburg one.

City Range

The family meal deal serves 4 people and comes with the entree and sides. You choose 2 classic sides (steamed broccoli, blistered brussels, grilled asparagus, house salad, mashed potatoes, Citychips, fried okra, or brown rice) Entree items include:

  • Bourbon Chicken: $39
  • Chicken Tenders: $35
  • Shrimp and Grits: $48
  • Smothered Beef: $59
  • Garlic Romano Table Bread: $4

Online orders can be placed for both the Spartanburg and Greenville locations

Cayla’s Catering

Cayla is a private chef who creates lots of amazing meals for families. She posts menus every Friday and you must put your order in by Sunday. She delivers to Inman, Spartanburg, and Boiling Springs. Look to pay between $30-$60 for meals plus you can add on sides and desserts.

Dray Bar and Grill charcuterie board

Looking for somewhere new to eat in Spartanburg, SC? Check out the KA Guide to Spartanburg Restaurants

Make the Most of Your Family Meal

Make the most of your family meal time together and get talking to your kids and family. Grab these free table talk cards from Girl Scouts Mountains to Midlands to get you started. Make it a fun game, and you’ll be talking to each other about everything before you know it.

A Full Day of Excitement Awaits at Six Flags Over Georgia

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Do you have a family adventure to Six Flags planned for this summer? local dad, Chad Bredderman visited Six Flags Over Georgia with his family and shared the highlights with us (complimentary tickets were provided)!

Six Flags Over Georgia is a traditional regional theme park with thrill rides, coasters, water rides, games, and more. If you haven’t been to Six Flags Over Georgia lately (or ever) you won’t want to miss this review! His review focuses on park features for families with young school-age children.

Recently my wife, six-year-old son, and I had the opportunity to visit Six Flags Over Georgia. We were provided admission and parking vouchers for the purpose of writing this review.

Getting to Six Flags Over Georiga

The first thing to remember, fellow locals, is that the park is just west of Atlanta. If you want to be there when the park opens, which was 10:30 am on the day we went, you will need to plan on, roughly, a three-hour drive. We followed the directions from the Six Flags site; and they recommend taking 85S to 285W, then 20W, which takes you right to the park.

My phone’s navigation system recommended staying on 85 and going into Atlanta as it said that was a faster route. There were two accidents on 285, so perhaps my phone was right. That being said, we were more interested in testing the Six Flags directions, and they were super easy to follow and brought us easily to the park.

Entering Six Flag Over Georgia

Parking was a breeze!  They have banners on many light posts in the parking lot with a number and a cartoon/comic character so it is very easy to remember where you park. If you’re a forgetful type, snap a photo with your phone of your nearest sign, so you can remind yourself later!

There are also three tram pick-up locations in the parking lots that will shuttle you to the front entrance. We walked and were to the entrance before people that we saw waiting for the tram.

Now it’s time for what is likely going to be my best recommendation/tip you’ll find. Lines were LONG to get in the park, at 11 am. However, all the way to the left of the entrance lines we saw a separate entrance area with NOBODY in line.

Coming from the parking lot, you’ll actually see this entrance area first, and it is only for people with a Discover card. All you have to do is show them your Discover card and give them your tickets and you get an express entrance!

Gotham City

Once in the park, we quickly got a map, and Caleb decided we should head to the Gotham City section right away. The majority of the park is all connected to each other part, but it seems that Gotham is not, so this seemed like a good strategy to get in and out of this area and then hit the rest of the park. There were plenty of rides and lots of carnival-style games (for an additional cost) as well as shops and food vendors. We rode some rides here and then decided to get some drinks.

The Food at Six Flags Over Georgia

This was where we encountered our biggest difficulty. Six Flags has two special drink mugs for purchase, one that provides free refills for the season, and another that will offer free refills for the day, with the cost being based on how many are being purchased. We waited in line at four separate locations before finally being able to purchase a single-day mug as everywhere else was sold out. This process took us close to an hour, and we spoke with some other people that had been looking for more than one hour.

Once we got our drinks, we decided that it was close enough to lunchtime so we set off in search of food. We enjoyed a good lunch; pulled pork bbq for my son, chicken strips for Mrs. Chad, and a foot-long hot dog for me. All came with fries, and with our special mugs, free refills on the drinks! The meals were all quite good, however, I did not get the chili and cheese on my hot dog, as gut full of chili and roller coasters aren’t always the best of friends.

Dahlonega Mine Train roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

Rides at Six Flags Over Georgia

We then took the Six Flags steam train to another part of the park and continued our quest for fun! My son, who has ridden small and medium-sized roller coasters before, and is tall enough to ride most of them at Six Flags, was a bit intimidated by the size of the coasters. Therefore we choose to stick with the smallest of the roller coasters, the Dahlonega Mine Train.

We rode in the front car, and really enjoyed it! This coaster is perfect for younger kids who are not quite ready to try the big ones, and has a height requirement of 42 inches. Our wait was a little less than 30 minutes.

We met back up with mom, who had been exploring while we waited, saw some costumed characters walking about, and went to the Monster Mansion. This dark boat ride was a nice break out of the heat, and a fun animatronics break from the heat of the day. As we headed towards the water park (which is included in your ticket admission) we went on the bumper cars, and had a blast! They move pretty quickly and you get a pretty long time to drive.

More Six Flags Parks Ride Favorites

Popular rides you might want to check out on your trip:

Water Park at Six Flags Over Georgia

At Hurricane Harbor, the water park found inside Six Flags Over Georgia, we rented a large locker. There are small, large, and jumbo, with the bigger the locker, the higher the cost. Then we headed for the wave pool to cool off. There are plenty of life jackets for kids that may need them and they have multiple sizes. My son had a great time in the wave pool, but the large Paradise Island structure was calling his name, and we went there to watch him play.

Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia

Now, anyone that has lived around this area for a while knows that the weather is VERY unpredictable in the early evening hours. And while the entire day had been virtually cloudless to this point, all of a sudden a thunderstorm came through. The water park was immediately shut down, so we changed back into our regular clothes.

Unfortunately, in the time, we were changing a severe storm warning was issued, and ALL of the rides in the park were turned off. We quickly left the water park area and stopped in a t-shirt shop for about 15 minutes. When the weather broke, we took off again, and got ice cream while the rain started again.

Ultimately it was getting rather on into the evening, with no indication that rides would start up again anytime soon. From the time they shut down the water park at 5 pm, and we got back to our car at 6:30 pm, no rides were running. It was a nice cool down, though.

Six Flags Over Georgia’s rain policy according to their website is: “There are still a ton of activities that are amazingly fun in any kind of weather––including indoor shows, restaurants, shops, games, and arcades. If rain, wind, or electrical storms force us to close certain rides for your safety, they will re-open as soon as safe operations can be assured. Refunds or rain checks for inclement weather are not offered.”

So, our day was cut somewhat short. We had a great time prior to the storm, and my son said he really liked Six Flags a lot. I think we will probably wait until he’s a bit older to go again, however, as the biggest attractions at Six Flags Over Georgia are the roller coasters. There are a LOT of them.

Six Flags Over Georgia Roller Coasters

They have traditional seated coasters, feet-free coasters, one where you stand up the whole time, and one where you are held so that it is like you are laying down and flying face-first like Superman! At 6, my son was a bit apprehensive of riding on these, but said he would like to “in a couple of years.” They have a small area for kids 6 and under, but he was in that perfect age where he was too adventurous for that, but not enough for the big rides.

Parent Tips: Six Flags Over Georgia

This was our first trip ever to Six Flags Over Georgia, and I think it really showed in our preparation. I would very much recommend downloading a park map before your trip, and planning out exactly what you want to do. The staff was very helpful and gave us great directions, and we did enjoy ourselves.

The park was quite a bit bigger than I was expecting, and even with a map, we sometimes got a little lost. I think this park is best for kids that are closer to 10 and older, unless they are both very adventurous AND tall enough to ride the roller coasters, 42 inches for the smaller rides, 48 for medium coasters, and 54 for the biggest. The next time, we’ll have a better idea of where we’re going, and what we want to see and ride.

Roller Coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

Visit Six Flag Over Georgia

275 Riverside Parkway SW, Austell, GA

See Six Flags website for days and hours of operation.

Has your family ever visited Six Flags Over Georgia?

Georgia Travel Guide

Planning a trip to Georgia? We’ve got your Ultimate Guide to Family Trips to Georgia.

Walk Under Sharks at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN

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If your kids love fish and ocean life, a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee should be on your list. The attraction is a super neat experience. You’ll see live shows, learn about creatures in the touch tanks, walk under sharks swimming above you in an underwater tunnel, and so much more. We have everything you need to know to plan your trip to this family-friendly and educational attraction.

Thanks to Ripley’s for the media tickets so we could do this review.

This article includes:
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What to See and Do at Ripley’s Aquarium in Gatlinburg
Ripley’s Aquarium Live Shows
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Tips for Visiting Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies
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