Roller Skating Rinks Near Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for local roller skating rinks near Greenville and Spartanburg, SC? For those of us that were born in a year starting with a “1”, chances are you have some kind of childhood memories involving a skating rink. Tik Tok is making the art of rolling around on skates cool again, and luckily there are roller skating rinks in Upstate, SC where you can show the young ‘uns how it’s done. 

This article includes:
Roller Skating Rinks Near Greenville, SC
Roller Skating Rinks Near Spartanburg, SC

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When I was in high school I could almost always be found at the skating rink. I was friends with the owner’s son, and the staff consisted mostly of my classmates. To this day when I hear ‎Lookout Weekend by Debbie Deb, my feet start crisscrossing like I’m shuffle skating around the rink floor.

As with everything else lately, Tik Tok is making the old new again. Some things we wish would stay gone. (Mom jeans? Really? Ok.) Other things we enjoyed and now watch a whole new generation discover, like roller skating. Search #Shuffleskate on any platform and you will see grown-folks having fun and zipping around skating rinks across the country! If you are new to “quad skating” here’s a tutorial for shuffle skating you’ll see people dong online and in the rink.

So dust off the skates, we are going to relive our youth at a local rink!

Roller Skating Rinks Near Greenville, SC

Roller Sports

328 W. Main Street, Taylors |864.268.7397

The Roller Sports Rink has been around longer than most reading this have been alive, and they are still around for new memories to be made. Parents that are only there to watch are allowed in for free with their child. The monthly schedule of sessions can be found on the Roller Sports Rink website. They have Homeschool Skate every third Friday of the month.

Roller Sports has drop-off events on Friday and Saturday nights from 7-11 pm for kids 10 and over.

Golden Lanes & Skate

108 Balcome Boulevard, Simpsonville | 864.967.8851

Both a bowling alley and skating rink. Skating is only open on weekends. Current hours for skating is Friday night 7-11 pm ($10), Saturday 1-4 pm ($6) and 7-11 pm ($10), and Sunday 2-5 pm ($5).

Skateland USA

414 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson | 864.224.8175

For the weekly event and session schedule, call Skateland USA. They update the voicemail message with the week’s info. Most sessions are $5 per person, and they are closed on Wednesdays.

Roller skating rink

Roller Time Family Skate Easley

719 Ross Avenue, Easley | 864.671.6433

Family Skate Night is every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm and it costs $5/person. Open sessions on other days range from $6-$8/person. Check their Facebook page to see their latest schedule.

Roller Time Family Skate Piedmont

2310 River Road, Piedmont, SC | 864.412.5333

Open Skate ranges from $6-$8/person. Check their Facebook page for latest schedule of sessions.

Roller Skating Rinks Near Spartanburg, SC

Sk8erz Family Fun Center

415 Sha Lane, Spartanburg | 864.585.1005

Sk8terz has drop-off events Fridays (7-10 pm) and Saturdays (5-9 pm) for just $15 per child. This includes the $2 rental fee. Event announcements and more can be found on the Sk8erz Facebook page.

Roebuck Skate Center

989 Old Georgia Road, Moore | 864.576.8550

The Roebuck Skate center offers family skate and open skate events. The hours are as follows:

  • Thursday Family Night
    6:30 -8:30 pm | $4 (Includes skate rental)
  • Friday 
    6 – 9 pm | $8 admission / $2 skate rental
  • Saturday
    2 -5 pm | $5 admission / $2 skate rental
    5-8 pm | $8 admission / $2 skate rental
  • Sunday
    2 -5 pm | $5 admission / $2 skate rental


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