Draper WMA Sunflower Fields: Gorgeous and FREE to Visit

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Have you heard about the sunflower fields at the Draper Wildlife Area? If you are looking for a magical place to take family photos or just a place to visit for fresh air and a change of scenery, we found a place just south of Rock Hill that won’t cost you a dime to enjoy. The Draper WMA Sunflower Fields are only in bloom for a few weeks over the summer, but if you hurry you can see them in full bloom.

DNR Sunflower field

Why The DNR Grows Sunflowers

One of the questions I see all of the time in upstate mom groups and our own Kidding Around Community Groups is, “where can we go take photos with flowers?” In fact, in preparing to write this, I saw the question posted several times.

While other places in the Upstate are closer and available for photoshoots, I don’t think any are as big as the fields at Draper Wildlife Area. The 24 acres of sunflowers aren’t here to be photographed, though; they’re not even there to be harvested.

Draper: Managed for dove, quail, rabbit, and turkey

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has technicians that plant a massive amount of sunflowers and corn on several different fields at Draper. The reason sunflower seeds are planted is to ensure plenty of seed to attract doves in time for the opening of dove hunting season on Labor Day weekend.

Lots of other wildlife enjoy the seed as well, including white-tailed deer, turkey, quail, and other small game. Leading up to the hunting season though, the flowers are there looking glorious and they are free to enjoy and photograph.

How To Get To The Sunflowers

When we got to where the GPS led me, I panicked. There was just a locked gate. There were also several other cars with confused-looking drivers doing u-turns and sitting on the side of the road. I figured they were looking for the same thing we were. I drove around back and forth, not knowing what to do. In the process, we drove past something I’d like to go back to explore after the pandemic is over. Historic Brattonsville is a collection of buildings and a plantation from over 250 years ago. They have historical reenactments and other interesting things to see.

Once I found a call signal and did some googling, I realized I was just a few hundred yards from the entrance. Make sure when you are mapping your trip that you use the proper address.

USE – 1080 Draper Road, McConnells SC 29726
DO NOT USE – 1080 Brattonsville Road
(this will be the address if you search the land site in an APP)

Once you turn into the gated area, you’ll head straight back to the parking area and walk to two sunflower fields. There will be a sign and a path to the left side and the right side of the parking area. The right side has a smaller youth field. It has sunflowers but is a much smaller area.

It also has stocked fishing ponds! So If you have a fishing license, throw the poles in the car and go fishing while you are there. The fields at the end of the left trail are the large ones you came to see. You won’t be able to view them from the parking area, but it’s just a short hike on the path for a few minutes before you spot them.

Enjoying The Sunflowers: Draper WMA Sunflower Fields

Enjoying sunflowers at the Daper Wildlife Area

Once you find the flowers, you’ll want to wander around all day among them. Remembering a few things will ensure that everybody is allowed to continue enjoying the flowers:

  • This is not a park
    There are no restrooms or facilities to use, so plan accordingly.
  • Pack It In- Pack It Out
    Whatever you bring in with you needs to leave with you. Remember this is only open to the public as a courtesy. Having the fields open for spectators isn’t necessary, so it could be revoked if things become problematic.
  • Don’t Pick The Flowers
    Only TAKE photos.
  • Bloom Time
    Depending on rainfall and other weather, the flowers usually bloom from the end of June to mid-July. Peak blooming time is generally early July. Keep an eye on the SC DNR & Visit York County social media pages for updates.
  • Accessibility
    Though the path leading up to the fields is short, it is rocky and uneven. Be aware that it would be difficult to navigate with mobility aids and strollers not built for the terrain.
  • The Draper Wildlife Management Area is open from dawn until dusk to enjoy the flowers as well as hiking, biking and bird watching.

If you want to have professional photos taken here, the good news is there’s no extra fee! While commercial farms make money off the sales of flowers and the charging of photo shoot fees, you’ve already paid it in the form of taxes!

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Tiffany Breeden
3 years ago

We just did a photo session there! The flowers were amazing! I wish I could post a picture. The drive was worth it. We had the same problem with GPS. Took us 30m to finally find it. The path to the field is not good for anyone that is physically disabled, though. Hike their is short and mild., but is slightly uphill and uneven terrain. Not wheel chair accessible. But are pictures were great and the view was astounding!

Jennifer Butler
3 years ago

I know you said its not wheelchair accessible – do you think a stroller could handle it? I want to take family photos with our baby and prefer not to carry a car seat if I don’t have to lol