Brewmiceter Hops Hunt: New Mice-Themed Hunt at Local Breweries in Greenville, SC

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A brewery take on the popular Mice on Main downtown hunt, Brewmiceter seeks to encourage people to find little dressed-up mice at eight local breweries.

I met Darcy at the Toaster Farmer, a wonderful indoor winter farmers market in Greenville, and was drawn in by her super cute apparel that showcased her love of Greenville. But there were also little mice on the table, which piqued my curiosity  – and as we got talking, I learned all about a brewery take on the popular Mice on Main downtown. It’s called the Brewmiceter Hops Hunt and it’s very much geared towards supporting local businesses while having fun.  

Brewmiceter Hops Hunt

Remember back when COVID hit and our community rallied around the restaurant industry, ordering take-out and family meals and trying new restaurants to do whatever we could to help? Well, Darcy Rourke jumped on board as well, and with two of her friends, Deb and Jerry, tried to come up with their own idea of how to help struggling breweries when they were able to open back up, even in a limited capacity. 

As the team brainstormed, they were aiming for a way that would encourage people to try new breweries but also to have some fun and maybe even an incentive to seek a new spot out. If you’re not familiar, Mice on Main is a fun hunt for small, bronze mice throughout downtown Greenville. Families love doing this and it’s a great way to keep little ones entertained. Darcy and her team wanted to use that same concept and eventually settled on finding cute, dressed-up mice in eight local breweries. 

Finding Those Mice

There are eight mice at eight different breweries – but you have to use clues to figure out which breweries are home to these little mice. Find the Brewmiceter Hops Hunt Clues here. You can cheat if you get stuck!

The mice you need to find are: Grandpa Mouse, Blanch Battles Mouse, Funky Fun Fretta Mouse, Trevor Mouse, Godfather Mouse, Local Lyle Mouse, Peter Prost Mouse, and Gaspar Mouse. The mice are made of felt and are dressed as the character of the descriptions on the clues – i.e. Godfather Mouse is in a black tux with a red rose on his lapel, a mustache, etc.

The clues are tied into each brewery’s history, like: 

1. Let the hunt begin at Greenville’s oldest brewery. You will find Grandpa Mouse here down by the Creek. He is old but has been around the brewhouse and hides like no other, so look hard.


6. Time to hunt for Local Lyle Mouse. His farmhouse attitude loves locally sourced ingredients and his Belgian brewing techniques create beers that range from approachable saisons to challenging barrel-aged sours.

It’s obviously best to do the Brewmiceter tour over a number of days and of course, drink responsibility. 

All the breweries are family-friendly (you may even find some of them on our Family-Friendly Breweries list) and all but one are dog-friendly. 

Monthly Prizes

You can enter to win a monthly prize from Brewmiceter, which varies month to month, but hey, prizes are always great! 

Enter to win the Brewmiceter monthly prize.

Loyal to Greenville Brand 

Remember I was drawn into Darcy’s table at the farmers market because of the cool apparel? They sell pretty cute stuff for both kids and adults. I love showing off my love for Greenville and Loyal to Greenville has fantastic shirts, hats, bottle openers, and other cute gear for you to do the same thing. 

All their clothing is locally designed and screen printed, which is another bonus. 

You can shop at the Loyal to Greenville website or even better if you catch them at a local market!

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