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Making Life Easier: Resources and Services For Families in Upstate, South Carolina

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Are you in need of services in Greenville, SC to help your family and you live your best lives? Maybe you are looking for resources to help you navigate a particular issue. We have compiled a multitude of lists and guides that will help you navigate your daily life a little more easily. Peruse our growing resources and services page as we work to help make life a little easier. 

Resources and services guide to the Upstate of South Carolina

Who Has KABOOM? Top Resources Voted By Our Readers

The KABOOM Awards are our annual best-of contest. The results give our readers a list of Greenville’s best resources and services.

Services and Resources for Upstate Families:
Reader-recommended and Researched

We have asked our readers and researched some of the best places for various services near Greenville, SC. Many of these services are things you would need during your daily life, and hey, we are all just trying to make life easier! Check out these reader-recommended reviews of services throughout the Upstate.

Reader-recommended places for kid’s haircuts.

Reader recommended nail salons near Greenville, South Carolina

Reader-Recommended Nail Salons in Greenville, SC & Spartanburg, SC

Where to do grocery pickup or delivery in Greenville, SC

Grocery Delivery Services in Greenville, SC

Services Near Greenville, SC

Get mommy and me manicures and pedicures at these upstate nail salons.

You can get free school supplies near Greenville, SC at one of these back-to-school events.

These local retailers are the Where to Buy School Uniforms That Fit Your Child.

These piercing studios in Greenville, SC are a safe place to get your kids ear’s pierced.

Growing your family can be expensive, but our information about parenting on a budget can help save you some money!

If you have a newborn, money can be tight! These 11 tips on Budgeting for Your Baby may be useful.

Have a little water lover? These recommended places are the Best Swim Lessons in Greenville, SC.

Have it all! Connect with your kids with ideas in our Working Parents Guide to Greenville, SC.

Women's consignment stores in Greenville, South Carolina

These women’s consignment stores will keep you on budget while staying in style!

Kids Consignment shopping in Greenville, SC

Buy or sell gently used clothing at these reader-recommended Kids Consignment Stores Near Greenville, SC.

Where and how to shop to save in Greenville, SC

Here is where to shop to save while you budget shop at these local retailers.

Family Resources & Guides To Greenville, SC

If you are new to the Greenville area or are in need of information about the Upstate, these guides and resources can help you navigate the Upstate a little better. Listings in these guides offer contact information, the services the company or facility offers, and links to their business page. These guides and resources are organized to make it easier for you to navigate, saving you a little time during your research!

The Ultimate Homeschool Guide to the Upstate, South Carolina.

Kidding Around’s Ultimate Homeschool Guide.

Special needs resources in Greenville, SC

Our Special Needs Guide for resources and services near Greenville, SC.

Guides and Resources for Upstate Families

Help your parents retire comfortably with Dan Hamilton’s Guide to Retirement Communities.

Use our KA Ultimate Birthday Guide to plan every aspect of your child’s birthday party

Need a reputable photographer? Our Ultimate Guide to 30+ Photographers near Greenville, SC will help you choose the perfect photographer for any occasion.

The KA Ultimate Guide for New Parents includes information on baby, maternity, and postpartum care near Greenville, SC!

Our Guide to Private Schools near Greenville, SC has over 30 schools that will give your child a premium education for your child that aligns with your values.

Looking for Charter Schools? Our Guide to Charter Schools near Greenville, SC has information about all of the charter schools in the Upstate.

Are you thinking about moving to Greenville, SC? Then our Guide to Moving to Greenville, SC has tons of information to help you find a great place to live, including things to do once you get here!

You will also find the best suburbs to live near Greenville, SC and why in our list of the Best Suburbs Near Greenville, SC.

Here is where you can buy local, farm fresh eggs near Greenville, South Carolina!

Have a kid who turns 6 this year? You HAVE to check out the Pepsi Party Pack your child will get for free from Pepsi of Greenville.

Church Street Choral Academy: FREE Kids’ Choir Program Begins at Christ Church Episcopal

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The Church Street Choral Academy is an entirely free choral and music education program for kids, coming to Greenville, SC this fall! The program at Christ Church Episcopal happens after school and is accepting kids in 3rd through 5th grade. We have all the details on this amazing new opportunity and the people behind it. Plus, we’ll tell you how to register and set up an audition for your kids.

Church Street Choral Academy in Greenville, SC

Few things in life are free, and extra educational opportunities rarely are one of them. But, that’s not the case at the Church Street Choral Academy.

Church Church Episcopal organ in Greenville, SC

About the Church Street Choral Academy

“The Church Street Choral Academy (CSCA) was formed with a mission to inspire and positively influence
the lives of young people through arts enrichment and academic support.”

No student or family will pay any tuition or fees to participate in the Choral Street Academy. In fact, students will actually be able to earn money through attendance in rehearsals and performances.

Why? Donald Duncan, Director of Liturgy & Music at Christ Church and CSCA Choirmaster, explains:

“Often the students who would benefit the most from extra support or arts enrichment are the students whose families can’t afford the costly price tag associated with those activities. We don’t want money to get in the way for anybody. We’ve worked hard to eliminate this barrier to participation so that any interested student could join us, not just those who could afford it.”

Donald Duncan, Church Street Choral Academy
Donald Duncan, Church Street Choral Academy

The Church Street Choral Academy is housed at Christ Church Episcopal on Church Street, and is funded through community support.

Typical Rehearsal and Performance Schedules

What will rehearsal days look like at the Church Street Choral Academy?


  • 3:45 pm Arrival and Snack
  • 4:00 pm Rehearsal
  • 5:00 pm Small group piano lesson
  • 5:30 pm Homework and tutoring
  • 6:40 pm – 7 pm Dinner and Pick-up


  • 3:45 pm Arrival and Snack
  • 4:00 pm Rehearsal
  • 5:00 pm Theory or Voice class
  • 5:30 pm Homework and tutoring
  • 6:40 pm – 7 pm Dinner and Pick-up

Performances are the first Sunday of each month at a service of Evensong at Christ Church Episcopal, plus additional performances as announced.


  • 3:00 pm Arrival and Snack
  • 3:30 pm Warm-ups and rehearsal
  • 4:30 pm Uniform change and final rehearsal
  • 5:00 pm Evensong
  • 6:15 pm Pick-up
Christ Church Episcopal in Greenville, SC
Christ Church Episcopal, home of Church Street Choral Academy

Want to Get Involved?

Spaces in the first year’s program are limited to 30 choristers in 3rd through 5th grades. If your family is interested in participating, you should visit Choral Academy Website as soon as possible to schedule an audition. No musical training is necessary to audition. According to the Church Street Choral Academy, the only requirements are that students “should possess a love of music and a commitment to attendance.”

Kids at Christ Church Episcopal
Children at Christ Church Episcopal

“We will teach children to sing, no doubt, but that may be the least important thing this organization does,” said Duncan. “This program is unlike anything in Greenville and will have a tremendous impact on kids and families in this city.”

The program is currently auditioning 3rd through 5th grade students. The first rehearsal date is on Monday, October 16th, 2023.

For more information or to schedule an audition, visit the Choral Academy Website.

5+ Best Candy Stores in Greenville, SC

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Craving candy and sweets and searching for the best candy store in Greenville, SC? We’re going to save you some time by giving you 5 of the best candy stores you’ll find in Greenville, SC. All of these are sure to give you your sugar fix, no matter if you like chocolate, gummies, sour, or hard candy. Some will make you reminisce about your childhood. Some will awe you with their homemade confections. But no matter what, you’re going to find some of the best candy stores in Greenville on this list.

Candy stores Greenville, SC

This article includes:
Mast General Store
River Street Sweets
The Chocolate Shoppe
Candy & Chronicles
Olde Time Holiday Bake Shoppe
Candy World


These Kids’ Consignment Stores Are Where Our Readers Shop in the Upstate

Posted on | 24 Comments

Searching for ‘children’s consignment shops near me’? Which children’s consignment shops near Greenville, SC are the best? Here’s what Kidding Around Greenville readers said when we asked them where they shop for the best deals on kids’ clothes. This list includes shops all over the Upstate that stock everything moms and moms-to-be need!

This article includes:
Kids Consignment Stores
Consignment Stores for All Ages
Affordable Retail for Kids Clothing
How to Make Money Selling to Consignment

kids clothes shopping

Admittedly my kids are not the cleanest and really, I don’t have the time or patience to keep them out of the mud or from spreading avocado all over their shirts at lunchtime, which is why I rarely ever buy new clothes for them.

Besides the fact that new clothes aren’t cheap, I know I can get cute apparel for my messy kids at a really good price, which makes it easier on my sanity when they get them dirty and easier on my budget.

Must-Visit Kids Consignment Stores In Upstate, SC

Whippersnappers Kids & Maternity Resale Boutique

Whippersnappers makes good use of their smaller space, where you can find clothes for mom and baby and kids, plus baby carriers and infant gear, shoes, books, and puzzles. I’ve been there during one of their sales and everything was affordable and in good shape.

Whippersnappers Kids and Maternity- Greenville. April and her crew are friendly and the clothes are always in great condition

India A.

Whippersnappers is my favorite both to buy and sell. They pay cash on the spot for equipment and store credit for clothes/toys

Carrie R.

Whippersnappers is by far my favorite. I bought 75% of my maternity wardrobe there. The store smells great and is well organized. I can get in and out wit what I need easily.

Jaimy S.
  • 96 Orchard Park Drive, Greenville | 864.239.2266

Once Upon A Child

One thing is true — Kidding Around Greenville readers love Once Upon A Child. I was hooked on this place during one of their semi-annual blowout sales. Almost all their clothes are in great condition and everything is organized neatly.

They have clothes, toys, books, puzzles, shoes, baby gear, winter coats, and even a play area for kids. During one of their recent sales where everything marked clearance was a dollar, I walked out with a huge bag full of clothes for two kids for less than 20 bucks. Big win.

They also sell locally made, cute hair bows and hats.

They have locations in both Greenville and Spartanburg!

it is superfast and they pay cash. They usually take a good chunk of stuff and help me clean out quickly. I wouldn’t say they pay a ton but when you have bins and bins of stuff, it’s a nice way to clear out.

Megan W.M.

I had luck buying for my son up until about size 5t. If you have a daughter(s), I’d say it’s great at least for buying, for all ages. I’ve tried several times to consign there with very nice clothing, quite a bit with tags on. I’ve maybe sold 5 things there, for pennies basically since I’ve had my son.

Tracy B.
  • 1451 Woodruff Road, Suite M, Greenville | 864.234.9201
  • 1450 W.O. Ezell Blvd. Suite 900, Spartanburg | 864.574.0002

Kakalaki Kids

Kakalaki Kids located in Anderson is raved about by Kidding Around readers! They have a large selection of quality clothing as well as essential accessories, shoes, socks, and more, including name-brand and new items.

Kakalaki Kids in Anderson for sure!!! Lots of selection-both new and used! And they are super nice and helpful!

Lindsey T. B.

Kakalaki Kids!!! Hands down! They go above and beyond to get the perfect little things for our littles. Nice quality name brand consigned clothes. Not stuff you can just go and get at Once Upon a Child. They have a great mixture of both consigned and one of a kind items in Anderson. They carry some brand too that no other store in Anderson Carry!

Keri T. W.

Kakalaki Kids has such a great selection of great quality pieces from high end brands but not the high prices! They also have neat items to help you find the perfect baby shower gifts!

Kayla S.
  • 1405 North Main Street, Anderson | 864.760.0988

Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid is located behind Haywood Mall and offers a great selection of gently used items. They have clothing, toys, shoes, and even some new items to purchase such as dish wear and accessories.


Kid to kid because they give cash or credit on the spot!


Kid to Kid, behind the Haywood mall. Great selection and great service from the staff.

Christie K.

Kid to Kid! Upscale and amazing prices and customer service!!

Sarah D.
  • 1175 Woods Crossing Road, Greenville | 864.603.1325

Kids & More Consignment

A massive shop at 20,000 square feet, Kids & More Consignment is a deal-lovers dream. You can find clothes for the whole family. They also have furniture, houseware items, DVDs, activity tables, learning toys, and super cute hair bows for little girls.

Kids and More in Mauldin is a good one too


Kids&More in Mauldin beside Tractor supply… great selection, clothes in new to lightly used condition plus they have clothes for all ages no just the kiddos.

Tara C.
  • 206 New Neely Ferry Road, Suite E, Mauldin | 864.675.9609

Consignment shops also carry gently used baby gear, strollers, toys, books, and all kinds of stuff that kids use once and then never look at again. And if you’ve got barely worn Christmas dresses or a Halloween costume your eight-year-old suddenly changed his mind about or a nursing chair in great shape or shoes your kid grew out of way too fast, many consignment stores will give you credit or cash for your items. Also, sign up for emails from your favorite shops and like them on Facebook so you can stay updated on their latest sales.

Kristina Hernandez, KAG Contributor

Switch-A-Roos Children’s Consignment

Switch-A-Roos Children’s Consignment is a fan favorite among Kidding Around readers. Rather than having a brick-and-mortar store, they host children’s consignment events across South Carolina a few times per year. Events are held in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Charleston, and you’ll find everything from clothing to toys to equipment and more!

Switch-A-Roos Children’s Consignment ALL the way!! They have tons to choose from and have everything you need to last all season long. They also have everything you need if you are a new mom or grandparent and you are in need of everything. They have cribs, bath tubs, carriers, toys (tons and tons) kids, teen, and adult clothes galore, and so, so much more!! The list of endless of what they have and it’s all in excellent condition. It is all so organized and efficient! Their workers are helpful and the line moves fast! I go nowhere else because they have everything needed in a one stop shop!

Katie H.

We LOVE Switch-A-Roos Children’s Consignment!! The only place I get my son’s clothes! I can clothe him for a whole season in one shopping trip. They have everything you need!

Mandy A.

Switcharoos Consignment Sale is the best!!! I clothe both my girls for an entire season in one Sale for a fraction of the cost of retail! I get boutique and beautiful smocked clothing for both my girls. It’s the only way I shop for my girls!!!

Jill N.

Consignment Stores for All Ages in Upstate, SC

Lil Savvy Sister

Lil Savvy Sister is located in Anderson and offers women’s and kids’ clothing that are gently used and in style!

Lil Savvy Sister, All About Children. I prefer these because they each have great selections and clean stores but also very friendly staff!

Gloria C.

3102 North Main Street, Anderson | 864.760.1123

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet has locations in Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg, and is a great place to find high-quality, gently used clothing for all ages. They are a great place to find those pieces you need for older children that may be harder to find in the children’s consignment stores.

…for teens/tweens, I love Platos Closet…

KA Reader
  • 621 Haywood Road, Greenville | 864.676.0522
  • 106-A Franklin Avenue, Spartanburg | 864.576.4750
  • 112 Station Dr, Anderson | 864.224.8839

New 2 You Consignment

New 2 You Consignment located in Inman offers a large selection of literally everything, including clothing, electronics, toys, children’s items, baby items, and more. They are currently taking appointments to shop.

  • 39 North Main Street, Inman | 864.599.8024

Retail Stores with Affordable Children’s Clothing


Though not consignment, H&M has a large selection of brand-new clothes that are very inexpensive. They have a great selection of children’s clothes. They have locations in the Westgate Mall in Spartanburg and Gaffney at the Outlet Marketplace.

H&M has adorable clothes and they’re really inexpensive. We love the pants because they have adjustable waistbands

  • 205 West Blackstock Road, Spartanburg | 855.466.7467
  • 1 Factory Shops Boulevard, Gaffney | 855.466.7467

The Children’s Place

This is one of my favorite places to buy children’s clothing. If you subscribe to their mailing list then you will regularly receive coupons. When you combine these with sale prices and rewards credits, the prices are less than consignment stores.

I like that I can shop from home and return items to the store if something doesn’t fit. Nearly all of the pants come with an adjustable waistband, which really helps clothes last longer size-wise.

  • 205 West Blackstock Road, Spartanburg | 864.587.2882
  • 700 Haywood Rd, Greenville | 864.284.6733

How to Make Money Selling Clothing to Consignment Stores

How many of us have bought an item for our child, only to have them outgrow it while the tags are still on? It’s so frustrating, I know! The good news is, depending on what brand it is and what you paid for it, you may be able to make more for it than you paid in the first place!

Preparing Your Kid’s Outgrown Clothing to be Sold

Regardless of how you plan to sell your items, it should start with the same process. First, you must sort through your items, being critical and honest about the condition of items when giving them a thorough inspection.

Things like stains, rips, holes, damaged elastic, pulls, pilling, and missing fasteners should automatically eliminate garments. Unless it looks practically new, the effort that will go into selling it yourself will not pay off, and if you’re trying to consign it, it will not be accepted.

The next step is trying to group any matching set pieces. This holds especially true for girl’s clothing. You will almost always get more for completed sets,  for example, three-piece outfits or dresses with bloomers. If you have matching accessories keep them together with the outfits. Whether or not you plan on selling the accessories, they will come in handy if you plan to take photos.

Now it’s time to make sure everything is ironed and looking it’s best. I know, I know – you’re thinking “ohhh man, I have to iron stuff we’re never going to wear again?”

The simple answer is yes. Trust me. I’ve tried skipping this step once or twice and do you know where those items are? Still in a box, in my house. No one wanted to buy the super cute Ralph Lauren toddler dress shirt that was all wrinkled – and neither would you.

Take Awesome Photos of the Clothes

They can be the difference between an item being sold or getting donated. Well-lit photos on a plain white background allow the focus to be on the items. Everybody already has the best lighting at their disposal – the sun is usually my preferred light source.

I like to use a whiteboard panel I purchased at the hardware store as a background, however, a white poster board from Dollar Tree will work well also.

Carefully lay the items on the board and take photos making sure to include different angles. On shoes, always include photos of the soles and insoles. With pants, I always include closeup shots of the knees to show wear, or lack of it.

Including a photo of the garment tag will probably save you questions being asked later. It will also help you remember the info for that particular garment as you post the items.

Be sure if you’re accessorizing your items in photos, you include whether or not the extras are included, listed separately or not for sale.

Abbreviations Used When Listing Your Clothing For Sale

There are abbreviations and notations that are very commonly used. If you plan on listing things online you’ll need to know the following.

NWT – new with tags

NWOT – new without tags

EUC – excellent used condition (absolutely no signs of wear)

GUC – good used condition (well cared for, with slight signs of wear)

Play condition – means that it still has life in it but definitely shows signs of wear (think pants with worn knees)

BST – buy, sell & trade (Facebook groups)

NS – non smoking home

Pet free – listing if a pet is in the home and if pet hair is on the clothing

Pricing The Clothes to Sell

This can be tricky. Let’s say you paid $18 for a pair of jeans from The Children’s Place. However, if a brand new pair can be purchased during frequently run sales for $7.99 you’ll be lucky to get $5 for those jeans.
And that’s only if they are new with tags.

Don’t let sentiment cloud your pricing judgement. Just because an item holds special memories doesn’t mean you can charge more! Try to keep your pricing consistent. Decide ahead of time what you’ll charge for different types of clothing items and brands. It will speed things up, too, as you list them!

Laurie J.

Often times a little research can pay off. Those cute toddler Converse you got on clearance for $12, could easily sell for twice that if in excellent used condition and shined up with a magic eraser type sponge.

Some value brands of clothing would probably be better priced as a lot. The return on effort invested wouldn’t be worth it to list each item individually.

I hope you will visit these stores soon. If so be sure to let them know Kidding Around Greenville sent you! Would you add any local children’s consignment stores to this list?

Shopping in Spartanburg

Looking for other local shops near Greenville, SC? Here’s your Ultimate Shop Local Guide!

Birthday Party Fun: No putter, no problem!

Posted on |

Searching for mini golf birthday parties near you? Do you want to have a birthday party at McPherson Park in downtown Greenville at the mini-golf course but don’t have putters or balls? Now you can rent them!

We love ideas for inexpensive birthday parties and McPherson Park has always been on that cheap birthday party list for it’s free mini-golf course. But you did need to provide your own putters and balls if you wanted to have a birthday party there – until now.

mini golf birthday parties greenville sc
Courtesy of the City of Greenville Parks & Rec

Easy Peasy Services for Grocery Delivery: Greenville, SC

Posted on | 2 Comments

Can’t make it out of the house and in need of a service for grocery delivery? Greenville, SC has several options that offer delivery or curbside pickup, making it easier to get your groceries quickly. Many of these grocery retailers offer home delivery or curbside delivery in Greenville and Spartanburg.

That helps to get a home-cooked meal on the table when you don’t have the time. All you need is internet access and you’ll have what you need in no time! So, if you need a service for grocery delivery, Greenville, SC retailers have you covered!

Since each retailer and service operates a little differently, we’re going to explain how each works so you can make a decision that is best for your family’s needs. We’ve updated the info to include curbside delivery options.


(2023) Where You Can Find Free School Supplies Near Greenville, SC

Posted on | 4 Comments

Did you know there are a number of community events giving away free school supplies in Upstate, SC? Do you know of a family who needs help purchasing school supplies this year? A new school year is almost upon us. For most families a trip to the store for new supplies is imminent. These events will distribute free back to school supplies, so you have one less thing to worry about this school year!

A recent study revealed that most families of school-age children in the US spend between $500-700 on new school supplies. This amounts to a whopping estimated 80.7 billion dollars! That’s a lot of composition notebooks!

This article includes:
Free School Supplies Events in Greenville, SC
Free School Supplies Events in Spartanburg County
Free School Supplies Events in Anderson County


Budget Shopping: Greenville, SC Shops and Deals to Save You Money

Posted on |

If you are budget shopping, Greenville, SC has plenty of places with discounts, deals, and savings programs to help you keep more money in your pocket. Use these lists of consignment shops to help with clothes shopping, tips for saving money on food, and lots more.

This article includes:
Budget Shopping for Clothes
How to Save Money on Groceries
How to Save Money: School and Education items

Where and how to shop to save in Greenville, SC

Dan Hamilton’s Guide to Greenville Retirement Communities

Posted on |

Are you a retiree looking for retirement communities in Greenville, SC? Or maybe you and your family have just moved to Greenville and have parents eager to follow you to the area? In this article, our Real Estate Partner Dan Hamilton shares some of the best retirement and age-restricted communities in the Upstate, comparing amenities and explaining buying and leasing options.

Dan Hamilton and his team of real estate professionals at Hamilton & Company offer unparalleled customer service to their real estate clients and free advice on living in Greenville to their community.

Hamilton 2023

Interested in buying or selling real estate in the Upstate? Contact Dan today to learn more. New to Greenville and want to learn more about the area? Check out Dan’s YouTube channel where he shares weekly real estate advice and Greenville news.


Best Places To Get Ears Pierced Near Greenville, SC

Posted on | No Comments

Are you or your kids wanting to get an ear piercing? Greenville, SC has some phenomenal piercing shops to go to. If you’ve got a little girl, chances are you’ve talked about piercing her ears or if she’s old enough to ask, she’s asked you about getting her ears pierced.

When we asked our readers where to get ears pierced around town, most of them said either the pediatrician’s office or a tattoo/piercings shop. I never would have thought of a professional tattoo or piercings parlor but after doing some research, I will likely consider them when my kids want their ears pierced.