Disc Golf is a Perfect Fall Family Activity

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Are you curious about the disc golf signs you see posted at local parks? If so, we are here today to tell you all about disc golf in Spartanburg and disc golf in Greenville. If you are looking for a fun outdoor family activity, we’ve got all you need to know about playing disc golf in the Upstate.

disc golf at Spartanburg parks
Tyger River Park

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What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf (also known as frisbee golf) is an outdoor sport involving plastic discs, metal baskets, and an outdoor course. Players try to throw their discs into the metal baskets in the least amount of throws possible. For instance, whoever ends up with the lowest number of throws is the winner. Basically, disc golf follows the rules of golf.

Why Disc Golf is a Great Family Activity

Disc golf is a great family activity because it is a sport that families can play and enjoy together! It is also an easy way to encourage your family to be healthy as the game requires walking and other physical efforts. Plus, it can only be played outdoors – making it a unique way to get some Vitamin D.

My family of four includes two adults, a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old. We like to play disc golf because it is something we can play together, and it gets us out of the house. My 4-year-old is not quite old enough to play the game, but she still benefits from exploring nature while we move from one hole to the next on the disc golf course. While we play, she looks for leaves, sticks, and bugs.

Meanwhile, my 7-year-old is learning how to play the game and not feel defeated when it takes him more throws to land his disc in the basket than his parents. Since it is a game where you must wait your turn, it opens up many teachable moments and leaves room for plenty of conversations. We talk and joke as we walk from hole to hole and as we wait for our turns.

Disc Golf

Where You Can Play Disc Golf in Greenville and Spartanburg?

Greenville and Spartanburg have many places to play disc golf. Even better – you can play disc golf for free at most of these parks! As long as you have some discs on hand and see a course, you can play.

Where to play disc golf in Greenville:

Where to play disc golf in Spartanburg:

You can find out specifics at Disc Golf Course Review by searching for the course location.

My family enjoys playing disc golf at Tyger River Park the best. It is a very family-friendly course with the first nine holes being shaded, and we only play the first nine holes rather than all 18 holes. This means it does not take as much time, which is important when you are playing with children. Plus, it is also at a park that is familiar to us.

Holmes Park

Where You Can Purchase Disc Golf Supplies

One of the best reasons to play disc golf as a family is because it is budget-friendly. As long as you have the basic disc golf supplies (i.e., discs), you don’t have to spend any more money! However, disc golf should be played with disc golf discs – not standard frisbees. Disc golf discs are designed for the sport and to fit into the baskets.

Just like the game of golf has many different types of putters, disc golf has many different types of discs. But, beginners only need a starter set that includes a driver, mid-range, and a putter. For the first few times, you really only need a driver disc.

Thankfully, you can buy these at local sports stores such as Academy and Dick’s. We’ve had a lot of luck finding used discs in excellent condition at Play It Again Sports in Spartanburg.

Things to Remember

If you are new to disc golf, here are some things you need to know:

  • Have a bag that can hold water, bug spray, and discs.
  • Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
  • Always stand behind the person throwing the disc.
  • Disc golf follows basic golf etiquette (such as waiting your turn and allowing faster teams to play through).

Has your family played disc golf? What is your favorite disc golf course in Spartanburg? Let us know in the comments!

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