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Kids Play and Cafe in Easley, SC is the answer to what many parents of small kids have been asking for in the Upstate, SC – a large, safe, and fun place for their kids to play indoors that also includes wifi, coffee, and snacks for parents and their kids. We visited and have all the details on Kids Play & Cafe!

A brand new indoor play place, cafe included, is now open in Easley, SC and we know our readers are absolutely going to love this place. Kids Play & Cafe was designed by parents and their kids for parents and their kids. It has all kinds of fun and interactive play structures and is perfect for indoor fun plus great coffee – what a great combination! 

We’ve got all you need to know about Kids Play and Cafe in Easley and how to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Play structures indoors at Kids Play and Cafe in Easley, SC

About Kids Play & Cafe 

Kids Play & Cafe started out of a dream a decade ago that Jennifer and her husband, Keith, thought about doing far in the future. Keith was in the military and settling in one place and creating an awesome indoor play place would have to wait. After their two daughters were born and started growing up, the girls got in on the dream and the family started to take steps to make it happen. 

And here they are. It’s obvious a lot of thought went into this place. The play structures were designed completely by the family themselves to maximize imagination as were the little tiny town structures. The setup was designed so parents can sit comfortably and pretty much see their kids all of the time yet chat with their friends if they want to. 

And coffee – good, local coffee – is available. High-five to Jennifer and Keith. 

The couple also asked for a lot of input on what parents would want to purchase for food and drinks at the cafe, which they took into consideration when figuring out what to offer. 

The Play Structures

There are two play structures connected by a bridge in the 5400 square foot space. They are soft play, climbing structures that allow not only kids to play on them but also their parents if they want. I tested it out myself and indeed, there is enough space for an adult to get up in there and play! 

There is a set of three slides plus a twisted barrel slide. There are tunnels, a little zip line, swing, ball pit, and climbing structures within each play area. And there is only one entrance which makes it a bit easier to keep track of the kids.

The Imaginative Play Areas

These little tiny town-inspired play areas are my favorite things in the entire place. Jennifer and Keith’s daughters’ fingerprints of imagination are all over these, which I think makes them extra fun.

The barber shop is adorable. There are a lot of dress-up clothes, play hair care and makeup items, a barber chair (very comfortable, I may add), hats, a mirror, and lots of other thoughtful and fun touches. 

The kitchen has all kinds of play pots and pans plus a little breakfast table with a menu. There are play fruits and vegetables in a pantry setup and an apron. 

Next door is the doctor’s office, which has all kinds of play items you’d find in a medical office plus charts and first aid kit supplies. It’s adorable. 

And lastly, there’s a supermarket complete with tiny shopping carts, reusable bags, grocery items, and a scanner for checkout. 

The Cafe + WiFi

Besides excellent coffee sourced locally from a vet-owned coffee roaster, the cafe has smoothies, lunchables, snacks, drinks, and some healthier items available. 

There are plenty of seating options available around Kids Play & Cafe where parents can even bring their laptop to work, get caffeinated, and let their kids run around and get out energy. 

Birthday Parties

Of course Kids Play & Cafe in Easley is offering birthday party packages because, really, this is a great place to hold a party. 

All parties include at least 75 minutes of play and 45 minutes of festivities in their private party room. Packages start at $309 and include a certain number of kids and add-ons like food and decorations as you need. Weekday parties are a little cheaper and all packages can be found on their website.

Tips to Enjoy Kids Play & Cafe in Easley 

Here are a few tips so you can enjoy your time at Kids Play & Cafe.

  • All kids will need to wear gripper socks, which you can purchase there. Bring them back every time so you don’t need to purchase new ones!
  • The play structures are designed for kids from crawling up to age 10.
  • Admission is an all-day pass so you can come and go as you like. There are some great local restaurants like Tropical Burger to enjoy if you want to get lunch and then come back or do nap time and come back for some afternoon play. 
  • Keep an eye on their social media as they will have times for special needs kids to come and enjoy the play area plus tot times and events for tweens. 
  • Save time when you get there and sign your waiver before you go.
  • Everything is sanitized multiple times a day and safety and health are of utmost importance to Kids Play & Cafe. 
  • There are gates around the play areas so kids cannot escape outdoors. 

Visit Kids Play & Cafe 

Admission for kids a year old and younger is free. Admission for kids ages 2-3 years old is $10.95/weekdays and $12.95/weekends. Admission for kids ages 4-12 is $12.95/weekdays and $14.95/weekends. Admission is good all day.

If Kids Play & Cafe announces membership options, we will post them here. 

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am – 7 pm 
Tuesday – Closed
Friday and Saturday from 10 am – 8 pm 
Sunday from Noon – 6 pm 

Kids Play & Cafe 
210 Fern Street, Easley 
Kids Play & Cafe Website | Kids Play & Cafe Facebook | Kids Play & Cafe Instagram

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