Make a Pit Stop For The New Automotive Exhibit at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, SC

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Are you excited about the Wheels on the Ground exhibit at The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, SC? This brand new exhibit has been in the making for five years and is now open to the public. In an exploration of the automotive and racing industries, multiple physics themes are woven throughout several thrilling interactive stations. So, grab your pit crew and race down to TCMU to live the racing lifestyle for a few hours with the future car enthusiast in your family. 

Wheels On The Ground Exhibit at TCMU

Stations To Race Toward

With Greenville’s strong automotive presence, this addition to TCMU’s already expansive collection of over 21 interactive exhibits fits perfectly. Below are some of the stations that your family will find when visiting the new Wheels on the Ground exhibit.

Test Your Speed explores force and gravity by racing cars toward the finish line down a long and steep track. The racing tracks create friendly competition by having a wheel that creates a stop barrier to begin the race.

Duke Energy Ride The Bus is a lifesize bus with bench seats for passengers and driving wheels for the driver. Your kids can explore how cars impact the environment and how buses can be a cleaner way to travel. 

Test The Traction will test your child’s car (they have plenty to borrow) on different surfaces to see how they hold up to various surfaces. 

Engine Repair has kids working on a lifesize model engine! They will learn how to crank pistons, tighten bolts, check the air filter, and check the oil! Maybe they will be tuning up your car for you sooner than you think.

Pit Crew Experience at TCMU

Pit Crew Experience was my daughter’s favorite part of the exhibit. This interactive tire-changing experience has a tire gun (cool sound effects included), race car wheel, gas filling station, and pit crew jackets! See if you can do the steps in order as a team and beat your pit crew’s best time!

Test the Track is a two-person race station that will teach your child about momentum. Kids can race their cars quickly down and around the curved decline. My daughter LOVED watching the cars spin around and around the twisty turn to the finish line.

Build Your Car is a car station that will have future car lovers learning the critical parts of a car while building their own. There are different combinations you can try to create various versions of the car. You can then take your car to one of the race tracks above to test it out!

Electric Versus Fuel– This unique, vertical station explores the difference in torque for electric vs fuel-powered engines. Watch the cars race up vertical to the finish line as you push the lever to examine torque. 

When and Where to Find The Exhibit

Wheels on the Ground opened in early June 2022 and is located on the main floor of the museum. We are certain your kids will loop back to play with the cool automotive gadgets several times during your visit (we definitely did). You can purchase tickets online or at the museum, and tickets will be timed entry, though you can explore the museum for as long as you want.

The exhibition is sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education, Duke Energy, The William Bradshaw Family, ScanSource, F.W. Symmes Foundation, Jolly Foundation, Gaye Sprague in honor of Shelly Dezen, and Upstate SC Alliance Educational Foundation. 

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The Children’s Museum of the Upstate
300 College Street, Greenville SC
Open Tuesday – Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM
Open Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM
Closed Monday

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