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Five Playgrounds in Spartanburg, SC Your Kids Will Beg Not to Leave

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Ready to get outside and play? These playgrounds in Spartanburg, SC are perfect for playtime! You’ve read about the wonderful playgrounds that Spartanburg and the surrounding area have, but after a long winter of planning indoor activities, here is a reminder of some of the best playgrounds in Spartanburg you can revisit, or check out for the first time.

5 excellent playgrounds in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Feeling at Home at Happy Hollow Park

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One of Spartanburg’s lesser known parks, is also one of its best.  Tucked away in the historic neighborhood of Converse Heights, Happy Hollow Park spans one block at the corners of S. Fairview and Glendalyn Avenue.  Small and secure, Happy Hollow Park provides a safe and shady place for children of all ages to play.


Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve: Take A Garden Walk in Spartanburg, SC

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Have you enjoyed Hatcher Garden in Spartanburg, SC? Just a couple miles off of I-26 in Spartanburg, among shopping and restaurants on the busy main thoroughfare of John D. White, Sr. Blvd, is a 10-acre botanical garden and woodland preserve. 

The beautiful space is full of ponds, waterfalls, wildlife, trees and gardens with a wide variety of leafy and flowering plants. Hatcher Garden is open free to the public and should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Spartanburg.

Hatcher Gardens
Things to do in Spartanburg, SC

Here’s your guide to all the fun things to do in Spartanburg, SC!


Lemongrass Kitchen Is Where You Find Authentic Vietnamese Flavors in Spartanburg

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Have you been to Lemongrass Kitchen in Spartanburg, SC yet? Growing up with a love of flavors and spices, I am in constant search not so much for fusion restaurants but more authentic dining experiences, places that are about celebrating their heritage and remain true to the characteristics of each dish.

Lemongrass Kitchen Spartanburg SC

There’s nothing like discovering a family-run restaurant who boldly share their home-grown recipes to share with the public. The Lemongrass Kitchen is such a place. It’s run by husband and wife team Tony Nguyen and his wife Thang Bui. Transplants from California, Tony used to run a kitchen in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Now they are adding to the growing list of fun dining options in downtown Spartanburg.

Spartanburg SC Restaurants

Hub City has GREAT restaurants! Here are some of the best restaurants in Spartanburg, SC!

About The Lemongrass Kitchen

Just a block off Main Street, The Lemongrass Kitchen mostly serves Southern Vietnamese dishes. Just as if you were in Saigon, the restaurant specializes in Pho, a good-sized noodle dish, sometimes served in chicken or beef broth and paired with fragrant condiments of basil, mint leaves and bean sprouts, a definite Southern Vietnam touch.

Some visitors might be surprised with the limited menu, but if you were to visit Vietnam, this is actually typical. Restaurants specialize in specific dishes and have about multiple variations of the same dish. So goes with The Lemongrass Kitchen. On our visit, hubby had the “dry” noodle dish, Bun Thit, a combination of vermicelli rice noodles, fresh vegetables, spring rolls, and sliced pork. I was feeling cold and ordered the beef Pho, Pho Tai cooked with a deep sweetish broth and served with thick flat noodles. If you noticed, both dishes had noodles, veggies, and meat.

But the variations come in broth options, type of noodles, and protein of choice (they also have tofu on request). I also ordered a pearl milk tea, just because they had it and I was glad I did. It was a nice addition to the savory dish I had.

The Lemongrass Kitchen Spartanburg SC

One thing we love about Vietnamese food is its freshness. We found the same experience at The Lemongrass Kitchen which sources their produce from the local farmers’ markets. The broth was crystal clear, probably from simmered bone marrow cooked for hours and strained with love. Compared to Japanese Ramen, it is much lighter and the noodles are made of rice, not wheat (though we do love our fair share of Ramen).

Before you add any Sriracha (the now ubiquitous Vietnamese chili sauce)  to your dish, make sure to taste the broth first and savor it. Every kitchen has its signature Pho flavor. Then proceed and make it your own, with a squeeze of lemon, a bite of basil, a handful of bean sprouts for crunch, and maybe a splash of more fish sauce.

Another thing we ordered was the Cha Gio or the Vietnamese egg roll. It was a delicious appetizer and quite reasonable. Altogether, our bill was roughly $25, though if you didn’t order all the other things I did, a meal here would cost $10 per dish. A bowl of Pho can easily be shared with your littles. If you’re not up to having soup or a baguette sandwich (Banh Mi), I would suggest trying a couple of the appetizers for a meal.

The restaurant is casual dining, decorated with a bamboo theme. They mostly cater to the office lunch crowd but open for dinner till 8 pm.

Vietnamese food at Lemongrass Spartanburg

Plan a visit for yourself

The Lemongrass Kitchen
121 Dunbar Street (a block from Main Street)
Monday-Thursday 11 am to 8 pm
Friday and Saturday 10 am to 9 pm
Closed on Sundays

Do you love a great Vietnamese restaurant?

Roller Skating Rinks Near Greenville, SC

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Are you looking for local skating rinks to go roller skating? Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC are lucky enough to have a couple of rinks! For those of us who were born in a year starting with a “1”, chances are you have some kind of childhood memories involving a skating rink. The art of rolling around on skates is cool again, so go and show the young ‘uns how it’s done. 

Roller skating rinks near Greenville, South Carolina

When I was in high school I could almost always be found at the skating rink. I was friends with the owner’s son, and the staff consisted mostly of my classmates.

As with everything else lately, TikTok is making the old new again. Some things we wish would stay gone. (Mom jeans? Really? Ok.) Other things we enjoyed and now watch a whole new generation discover, like roller skating. Search #Shuffleskate on any platform and you will see grown folks having fun and zipping around skating rinks across the country!

So dust off the skates, we are going to relive our youth at a local rink!

Roller Skating Rinks Near Greenville, SC

Roller Sports

328 W. Main Street, Taylors |864.268.7397

The Roller Sports Rink has been around longer than most reading this have been alive, and they are still around for new memories to be made. Parents who are only there to watch are allowed in for free with their children. The monthly schedule of sessions can be found on the Roller Sports Rink website. They have Homeschool Skate every third Friday of the month.

Roller Sports has drop-off events on Friday and Saturday nights from 7-11 pm for kids 10 and over.

Golden Lanes & Skate

108 Balcome Boulevard, Simpsonville | 864.967.8851

Both a bowling alley and skating rink. Skating is only open on weekends. Current hours for skating are Friday night 7-11 pm ($12), Saturday 1-4 pm ($6) and 7-11 pm ($10), and Sunday 2-5 pm ($5).

Skateland USA

414 Clemson Boulevard, Anderson | 864.224.8175

For the weekly event and session schedule, call Skateland USA. They update the voicemail message with the week’s info. Most sessions are $5 per person, and they are not open on Wednesdays.

Skateland USA roller skating rink in Greenville, South Carolina

Roller Time Family Skate Easley

719 Ross Avenue, Easley | 864.671.6433

Family Skate Night is every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm and it costs $5/person. Open sessions on other days range from $6-$8/person. Check their Facebook page to see their latest schedule.

Roller Time Family Skate Piedmont

2310 River Road, Piedmont, SC | 864.412.5333

Open Skate ranges from $6-$8/person. Check their Facebook page for the latest schedule of sessions.

Roller Skating Rinks Near Spartanburg, SC

Sk8erz Family Fun Center

415 Sha Lane, Spartanburg | 864.585.1005

Sk8terz has drop-off events on Fridays (6-9 pm) and Saturdays (5-9 pm) for just $15 per child. This includes the $2 rental fee. Event announcements can be found on the Sk8erz Facebook page.

Roebuck Skate Center

989 Old Georgia Road, Moore | 864.576.8550

The Roebuck Skate center offers family skate and open skate events. The hours are as follows:

  • Thursday Family Night
    6:30 -8:30 pm | $5 (Includes skate rental)
  • Friday 
    6 – 9 pm | $8 admission / $2 skate rental
  • Saturday
    2 -5 pm | $6 admission / $2 skate rental
    5-8 pm | $8 admission / $2 skate rental
  • Sunday
    2 -5 pm | $6 admission / $2 skate rental

Guide to things to do indoors near Greenville, South Carolina

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The Perfect Spot for a Book, Coffee, & Treat in Downtown Spartanburg

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Local mom Jennifer Curry reviews the Hub City Bookshop and Little River Coffee Bar in downtown Spartanburg. These two wonderful businesses are conveniently located right beside each other and provide the perfect place to read, drink coffee, and eat a treat! For more ideas of things to do in downtown Spartanburg see our guide.

Located in the heart of downtown Spartanburg in the historic Masonic Temple resides three thriving businesses. Anchored by the award-winning Hub City Bookshop, these local businesses have become a focal point for the booming downtown movement by creating a spot for local residents and families to gather, share ideas, and shop.

Hub City Bookshop Spartanburg SC

Hub City Bookshop

Hub City Bookshop is more than just a local independent bookstore. They are known for the wide range of regional books and creative nonfiction titles published through Hub City Press. Known for supporting local authors as well as quality pieces, Hub City Bookshop has gained quite a reputation in the literary community.

It all started 20+ years ago, when three local Spartanburg writers (John Lane, Betsy Teter, and Gary Henderson) met to discuss the area’s struggles since the close of the textile mills. Rather than dwelling on the current difficulties, they formed the Hub City Writers Project (modeled after the Federal Writers Project). Together, they published the Hub City Anthology. The book was a success.

After, Hub City Writers Project continued to publish works specific to place – by people in the region about the region under Hub City Press books.

Hub City Bookshop Spartanburg SC

In the meantime, the only local independent bookstore in Spartanburg closed, so the three founders approached the mayor to see about forming a local independent non-profit bookstore (with all the proceeds going to support creative writing education and independent book publishing). He agreed. A location was decided upon, and two other local businesses joined alongside the Hub City Writer’s Project to create a space for local events, coffee, and desserts. They made history.

Now that you understand the history and significance of our local bookshop, you should know that it is truly a wonderful store that offers a diverse range of books and book related products. In addition to featuring the Hub City Press works, they also sell popular bestsellers, new releases, children’s books, young adult books, regional authors, and more. If they do not have it in the store, they can order it for you.

Hub City Bookshop Spartanburg SC

Little River Coffee Bar

Another unique local business in the Masonic Temple is the Little River Coffee Bar. The establishment is known for selling Little River Roasters coffee – a local business that is socially and ethically responsible. From knowing the farms where the beans come from to roasting it locally, Little River Roasters is a Spartanburg favorite.

Since this coffee shop not only serves the best local coffee and cold brew, the fact that it is attached to a bookshop and bakery makes it stand out. The Coffee Bar has several different sitting options – perfect for individuals working or for groups of friends wishing to chat. In addition to serving excellent coffee, they also host open mic nights and other events.

Looking for more great coffee in Spartanburg? Here are some of the best coffee shops in Spartanburg, SC.

A Great Place for Parents and Kids

Hub City Bookshop and Little River Coffee Bar are great local businesses your family will enjoy supporting. Families can take time to peruse the outstanding collection of children’s books and young adult books at Hub City Bookshop. They applied and received a grant from the James Patterson Foundation for $6000 allowing them to increase the size of their children’s section (guaranteeing there will be a book your reluctant reader will love).

Families can purchase a book knowing they are supporting a local nonprofit, and then head next door for coffee and treats. These businesses are what make Spartanburg special and more reasons for you to love where you live.

What’s your favorite local business in Spartanburg?

Books on Broad

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Check Out This Scoop – Hub City Scoops, that is!

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“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  If you’re a parent, never have truer words been spoken.  Going to an ice cream shop is one of the hallmarks of a happy childhood.  There is just something about staring at vats upon vats of delicious frozen possibilities and colorful toppings that makes a kid scream with delight, and let’s face it – parents have their own inner shout of glee, too.  If you are looking for a sweet treat and that iconic ice cream parlor feel, check out Hub City Scoops on Main Street.

Here’s the Scoop

Located downtown in a bright cheerful space, Hub City Scoops atmosphere is clean and inviting. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the products and happy to answer questions and provide samples and suggestions.

Hub City Scoops’ menu provides plenty of tantalizing choices.  Rotating about 28 flavors of super premium ice cream, options include traditional cups, cones, milkshakes, coke floats, and sundaes.  There are also unique offerings, such as their ice cream flights with a side of waffle cone chips, ice cream cookies, and dessert nachos.  The Hub City Scoops Facebook page and Hub City Scoops Website, list the hours of operation and a complete menu with photos of specialty treats, and the flavors of the day allowing you to make a mental list of must-try samples.


So, the next time you’re in the market for a sweet treat or special outing, don’t hesitate to give this family-friendly shop a try!

Hub City Scoops also offers birthday party options! Beginning at just $125 for a party with 10 people, they include set-up and clean-up, ice cream, and more!

Try a Scoop for Yourself

Hub City Scoops
138 E. Main Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Monday – Saturday 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday 12 – 8 pm
Hub City Scoops Facebook

Have you visited Hub City Scoops yet?

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Go Fly a Kite at Spartanburg Soaring!

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Do you love free fun outdoor festivals? Spartanburg Soaring is the perfect event for the whole family. You’ll find kites of all shapes and sizes, live music, free activities, vendors, food and so much more! We can’t wait to see all the kites at Spartanburg Soaring this year!