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South Carolina Children’s Theatre: 10 Marvelous Things to Do

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Have you heard about all the marvelous things that the South Carolina Children’s Theatre in Greenville, SC has to offer? Maybe you are excited about an upcoming theatre performance. Or, perhaps you are curious if there are theater classes and camps for your children to immerse themselves in. Spark a little magic and wonder in your child’s life with a kid-friendly play, musical, class, or camp at SCCT! You will find all the information you need about the South Carolina Children’s Theatre below in our handy guide.

south carolina childrens museum

Theatrical Productions at the South Carolina Children’s Theatre

The South Carolina Children’s Theatre is pretty special, and their professional theatrical productions are a great way to entertain your children.  Productions are all family oriented and designed to elicit wonder and excitement in your child (and you!) The SCCT events calendar is the best way to keep track of what’s to come. Below, you will find information we gathered about their Bell Stage and Younts 2nd Stage Performances, Weekday School Performances, and the SCCT Flex Pass.

Bell Stage and Younts Stage Performances

These are the big performances from the South Carolina Children’s Theatre held on the Bell Stage or the Younts Stage. These theatre productions are detail-oriented, bursting with color and costume, and bring to life and reimagine a popular story or play. Theatre productions run by season, with each season having around 8 performances spread out over several months. Each production has multiple showings, so you can plan a date night out with your kids! Both stages are also accessible, so productions can be enjoyed by everyone.

Bell Stage performances use large set designs, costumes, puppets, and anything else needed to help bring the story from the pages of the book or script onto the stage. You can find big musicals and plays on this stage. Bell Stage productions have longer run times with intermissions, some upwards of 2 hours or more long. So, plan accordingly. There are also assigned seating for Bell Stage productions, so make sure you purchase tickets early if you have large groups that want to sit together.

Younts 2nd Stage performances also offer the pop, color, and costumes that the Bell Stage productions do, but performances are more intimate and held on a smaller stage. This allows performers to really engage with the audience. These productions are shorter, approximately 45 minutes to an hour long, so they are an excellent choice for younger (with shorter attention spans) audience members. Tickets for Youths Stage are also cheaper than Bell Stage productions, so that’s great on the budget! 

All theatre productions at SCCT have an age range recommendation, so be sure to check to see which performance best suits your child. SCCT does recommend that most productions are for children 3 and older. The majority of these theatre productions are held on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with daytime and evening showings available, so they make an excellent parent/child date day! To find out more information about the upcoming Bell Stage and Younts Theatre performance season and ticket information, head to the SCCT website.

Cat in the Hat riding
The Cat in the Hat at SCCT 2021-2022 Season

Weekday School Performances

Want to see a stage performance for a field trip? If you’re a teacher or homeschooling group, you can check out performances at SCCT through their weekday school performances on the Bell Stage and the Youths Stage. All students, teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers will need a ticket to view the performance. 

SCCT Flex Pass for Performances

Looking to save some money while also seeing all of the amazing upcoming shows at the South Carolina Children’s Theatre? The SCCT Flex Pass program offers first-priority seating, unlimited free ticket exchanges, discounts on classes, and discounts to downtown stores. There are three price points to choose from, Blue, Green, or Orange, that allow for a specific number of tickets per package.

Free Performances at the South Carolina Children’s Theatre

One of the best things about SCCT is that they offer free performance events through their Tell-Me-a- Story Theatre and Once Upon an Orchestra programs.

Tell Me a Story Theatre is a high-energy telling of a popular children’s story or book that is engaging for younger children, think PreK to early elementary students.  The event is completely free, and is located in the Prisma Health Lobby. The performance and story reading lasts around 30 minutes, great for squirmy kids. You can check out Tell-Me-a-Story once per month.

Once Upon an Orchestra is a partnership between SCCT and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra that brings children’s literature and music together through storytelling. Your child (and you) can enjoy Once Upon an Orchestra three times per year, for free! Performances last around 30 minutes and are perfect for children age K3 through 5th grade.  You can find upcoming performances of Once Upon an Orchestra on the SCCT website.

SCCT Tulane

Theatre Classes at the SCCT

Support your child’s interest in the performing arts with classes at The South Carolina Children’s Theatre! SCCT’s Theatre Arts Conservatory offers a variety of classes for kids interested in learning about acting, drama, stage management, directing, musical theater, and so much more! Classes use a lot of fun activities to strengthen your child’s imagination, self-expression, confidence, and self-discipline. These classes also build a foundation for theatre arts concepts. Classes build onto one another, so SCCT encourages parents to not rush their child through the classes, but to allow them to make natural progress. Classes are grouped by age, so even your budding three-year-old Broadway star can enjoy these immersive classes!

  • Ages 3-6: Children in this age range will play games, sing songs, explore characters, and engage their imagination in a low-pressure environment. Classes are typically once per week for one hour. Multiple classes are offered, with classes in theatre exploration, singing, and stage production available. 
  • Grades 1-6: Children in this age range will explore theatre training through improv activities and high energy games. There are several classes available for this age range where they can learn about process acting, singing, musical theatre, or improvisation.
  • Grades 6-12: Classes for this age range become more technical and build on their knowledge of the performing arts. Kids can learn about process acting, singing, musical theatre, solo singing, and improvisation.
  • All The Colors of the Spectrum: For children in 2nd through 12th grade with developmental or processing challenges, SCCT offers All The Colors of the Spectrum! Through modified activities, children with special needs can engage in theatre arts through immersive storytelling, sketch creation, collaboration, and more.
  • Acting for Adults: SCCT offers FREE classes for adult’s college age and up! Classes are for both beginner and seasoned actors to engage in the theatre arts. 

Workshops at the South Carolina Children’s Theatre

Sometimes you need a date night, or a morning out. Sometimes you even need some extra help when your kids are out for holidays. SCCT can help you out with through their workshops!  

  • Workday Workshops occur during school break days when children are out of school on a random Monday or Friday for a teacher workday. These workshops engage children in group-based activities but are not usually themed.
  • Kids Night Out happens once per month, where parents can drop off their kids for a few hours. Kids Night Out is a fun night of themed activities, with theatre games followed by a movie and snack. Kids Night Out is from 6 pm to 10 pm, with pre-registration required. 
  • Saturday Morning Mania is when parents can drop off their kids for a few hours of shopping or a fancy brunch in Downtown Greenville. Saturday Morning Mania happens once per month. There are themed drama games and activities with a picnic lunch. Parents should preregister ahead of time.
SCCT Summer camp picture collage
Summer Camp at SCCT

SCCT Summer Camp

SCCT’s Summer Camps are an excellent way to keep your kids busy over the summer! Summer camps are offered for ages K3 through high school. Each camp is designed to boost confidence while having fun learning about theatre. Parents can pre-register their kids for a variety of theme camps. Camps explore musical theatre, creative drama, improv, and more in a fun and engaging way! Camps are typically half day, with full day options available for older children by combining camps. Learn more about summer camps at The South Carolina Children’s Theatre on the SCCT website.

Have you visited the South Carolina Children’s Theatre?

2023 KABOOM Winner and Finalist: South Carolina Children’s Theatre

Did you know the South Carolina Children’s Theatre was a 2023 KABOOM Family Favorites 1st place winner for both the Family Theatre and Performing Arts and Theatre Program? SCCT was also a KABOOM finalist for Indoor Family Fun and Youth Organization! Check out all of the finalists and winners in Kidding Around’s 2023 KABOOM Awards Guide.

Looking for more kid-friendly classes and activities in Greenville, SC?

The Ultimate Guide to
Kids’ Classes & Activities

Class and Activity Guide

U-Pick Tulips at Thompson Family Farms in Landrum, SC!

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Have you always wanted to pick fresh tulips from a flower field? Thompson Family Farms in Landrum, SC will let you live that dream at The Flower Patch, their u-pick tulip farm! Picking blooming tulips is delightful, and Thompson Family Farms is one of the only farms near the Upstate that offers this unique experience.

The small family farm’s tulip field opens March 10, 2023 through March 18, 2023 [UPDATE: THEY SOLD OUT ON MARCH 16, 2023] for their u-pick tulip season. Thompson Family Farms also plans to have u-pick sunflowers in the mid-summer, so be sure to check back in for more information.

As some of the first pops of color to emerge from the ground, tulips are a welcome sign that spring is here. Fresh-picked tulips make excellent gifts, centerpieces, and decor. Plus, it is so much fun going out to a u-pick patch and selecting the flowers yourself. It’s pretty joyful.

Let Thompson Family Farm add some delight to your home by picking your own bouquet! You can even rent the space for private photography sessions, enjoy a picnic during your visit, and take tons of adorable photos. 

A special thank you to Thompson Family Farms for having us visit for this review!

Looking to make a day trip out of your adventure? Check out Campbells Covered Bridge located just a few miles’ drive of the Thompson Family Farms. You can also find other fabulous things to do in our discovery guide to Landrum, SC!

Scenes from the tulip farm

Check out some of the beautiful scenes waiting for you at Thompson Family Farms.

Arriving at Thompson Family Farms in Landrum, SC

Located just 25 minutes from Greer, you will find Thompson Family Farms in Landrum at the base of Hogback Mountain. The Flower Patch can easily be found by following the signs off of Arledge Road. You can park in the gravel area, and head down to the tented shelter. The fields are not hard to miss, as they are busting with color from the blooms. Down at the welcome tent you will be greeted and shown baskets, buckets, and scissors to use for picking your tulips.  

The Flower Patch at Thompson Family Farms is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm beginning on March 10, 2023. The length of time the patch is open is depending on weather and bloom time, and the season is very short!

The Flower Patch at Thompson Family Farms, SC

U-Pick Tulips in The Flower Patch at Thompson Family Farms

Tulips are synonymous with the cool, breezy weather of early Spring. This is Thompson Family Farms first year opening The Flower Patch, and they went all out with over 30,000 tulip bulbs planted. You can u-pick from 9 varieties of tulips. They have multiple colors, including pink, red, yellow, white, and variegated orange/red, and more. 

The tulips will be in bloom at different times throughout the month of March, so you will be able to find tulips just about to open their blooms or ones that are in full bloom.

Be sure to stay on the paths when walking through the flowers. In addition, if you cut the flower, you buy it. Be sure it is the flower you want before taking your scissors to the stem.

The Thompsons recommend cutting the flower at the length that you want, and we found cutting low on the stem to be best for us. Most importantly, make sure to not dig or stomp on the bulbs, as they will be left in the ground to bloom again next year! 

Once you have all of the tulips you would like, you can head back to the tent to have them wrapped in bouquets. If you plan to pick a large number of tulips, I recommend bringing something sturdy like a box to take them home in, so they are safe from damage. 

Photo Opportunities at The Flower Patch

Other than the obvious photos of you and your children amongst the flowers, The Flower Patch also has two lovely photography setups on the property. If you head to the far ends of the fields you will find a red tractor set up with a rustic farm vibe of window panes and flower buckets that make for some adorable photos!

There is also a pallet-style backdrop with a chair and blooming flowers to take pictures with. The property itself is situated in a field that is surrounded by trees, so there are many opportunities to get that perfect spring picture. 

Photographers that are interested in renting the space can contact Thompson Family Farms directly through their sign-up link to book private sessions. There are a limited number of sessions available due to the short season for tulips. Private sessions occur from 5 pm until sundown.

Price of Admission and U-Pick Tulips

Admission is $5 per person for ages 12 and older. Children under 12 are free to attend. If you want to participate in u-pick, Tulips are $1 per stem. The farm does take cash, card, and Venmo.

It is important to protect the tulips and their bulbs, so please do not stomp or dig up the bulbs. Also, follow the farms guidance for cutting and watch your step to ensure that the other tulips are safe for other people to enjoy their u-pick experience.

Tips to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Sara Thompson, the owner of The Flower Patch, recommends making a fresh cut before putting your flowers in their water vase once you arrive home. You should then display your flowers out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will cause the flowers to open up more quickly. She also mentioned the fascinating fact that tulip stems continue to grow once placed in water, so they may appear to be longer after a few days in the vase. Be sure to change out your water regularly to elongate your bloom time. And most importantly, enjoy! 

Tulips at Thompson Family Farm, SC

Key Things to Know Before Visiting Thompson Family Farms

  • There are no dogs allowed at The Flower Patch.
  • There is only one porta potty for emergencies, so be sure to take a potty break before arriving.
  • You can pack a picnic and enjoy the view. There are two picnic tables located by the creek, and plenty of grassy space to lay down a blanket. If you picnic, please pick up all trash before leaving.
  • It can be muddy on the u-pick tulip field, so wear appropriate shoes. 
  • The farm is accessible but is bumpy because of the gravel parking lot. If you plan to bring a stroller, ones with wheels made for rough terrain are highly recommend. A soft body carrier for baby may be easier. 
  • Reservations are not required. However, you should follow the Thompson Family Farms’ Facebook for updates and information before heading to the farm.
  • The u-pick tulip fields are open in light rain but be prepared for mud in that scenario.

Thompson Family Farms
328 Arledge Road, Landrum
Hours: Monday – Saturday
10 am – 5 pm

Everything you need to know for spring in Greenville, SC

Are you ready for spring?
Find all the wonderful things to do in our Ultimate Guide to Spring. You can hang out with baby animals, visit gardens in bloom, and explore spring festivals throughout the Upstate!

3 Helpful Babysitter Services Near Greenville, SC

Posted on |

Are you looking to find the perfect babysitter? Greenville, SC offers several options. We know the process of finding trustworthy childcare for your little ones can be stressful. Because of this, babysitting and nanny services are emerging that require strict background checks. These extra security steps are helping eliminate many parents’ fears about who exactly is caring for their children.

This list includes babysitter services that pride themselves on providing top-notch caregivers that are ready to help your family thrive!

Babysitter Services in Greenville, SC

Find the Perfect Babysitter Near Greenville, SC

Jovie: Childcare Reimagined

Services Greenville, SC; Nationally

Jovie has reimagined childcare to meet the needs of today’s families. Meet the Jovie squad, your team and companion in childcare. Jovie has over 20 years of experience and expertise as college nannies and sitters. Jovie offers in-home childcare for work, date nights, or whenever you need it. Jovie has you covered.

Platinum Sitters

Platinum Sitters Website
Services Greenville, SC

Platinum Sitters require sitters have a clean background check, a clean driving record, and multiple years of childcare experience. Most importantly, caregivers must love working with children! Platinum Sitters offers occasional care, recurring services, and special group event rates. Check out their website for more information.

Smartsitters South Carolina

Smartsitters South Carolina Website
Services throughout Upstate, SC

Smartsitters South Carolina conducts one-on-one interviews and several security checks on all caregivers. Some services offered include on-demand and overnight care, nursery staffing, and recurring services. Excitedly, Smartsitters offers concierge service! Request a sitter directly through their website.

Reading with children

More Child Care Options

For more childcare options, check out our list of Parents’ Night Out/Kids’ Night Out Events hosted by local kids’ venues in Greenville, SC. You may also want to scroll through our Ultimate Guide to Daycare in Greenville and the Upstate and our Guide to Preschools and Day Care.

Create Art at These Women-Owned Art Studios in Greenville, SC

Posted on |

Do you or your children enjoy creating art? These women-owned art studios throughout Greenville, SC offer classes, special events, and maker spaces for people to explore their artistic side while bringing a little color into their lives. These Greenville area artists are carving their name into the art scene by helping develop the next generation of young artists by providing a creative space to play, learn, and thrive with art!

TR Makers Travelers Rest
TR Makers Co, Travelers Rest, SC

Find the Spanish translation of this article below.

Women-Owned Art Studios in Greenville, SC

TR Makers Co

3 South Main Street
Travelers Rest, SC

Kristin LaRoy of TR Makers Co is a multi-disciplinary arts integration teacher who created a maker space for children and adults to create art.TR Makers Co. offers playdates, mini-maker events, summer camps, after-school programs, and parties!

TRee House Cafe & Art Studio

27 South Main Street
Travelers Rest, SC

Make art and enjoy some coffee with Kristin Coward, owner of TRee House Cafe & Art Studio. Guests will find an art bar down the center of the cafe, offering a space to color, paint, and create while sipping coffee and eating panini’s. What a win-win!

TReehouse Cafe Travelers Rest
TReehouse Cafe & Art Studio, Travelers Rest, SC

Open Art Studios

14 South Main Street
Greenville, SC

Ashley Brickner, owner of Open Art Studios in Downtown Greenville, has created an immersive art experience with the combination Greenville Fine Art Gallery, DIY Space, and Event Space. Drop in to paint, join a Group Drawing Class, or explore the gallery during art crawl the first Friday of every month.


1320 Hampton Avenue Extension, Studio 697
Greenville, SC

Lauren Runion, owner of YellowBobbyPins, is guiding young children to explore their inner artist and strengthen their creative confidence through art classes, summer camps, online art classes, and even parties! Parents can sign up their child for classes through the YellowBobbyPins online portal.

Art for kids at Artisphere

Looking for more art studios?

Check out our list of 13 places Where Kids Can Make Art Near Greenville, SC!

Are you ready to create some art?


¿Usted o sus hijos disfrutan creando arte? Estos estudios de arte propiedad de mujeres en Greenville, Carolina del Sur, ofrecen clases, eventos especiales y espacios para que las personas exploren su lado artístico mientras aportan un poco de color a sus vidas. Esta área de artistas de la localidad está grabando su nombre dentro de las artes escénicas, ayudando a desarrollar la próxima generación de jóvenes artistas, al proporcionar un espacio creativo para jugar, aprender y prosperar con el arte.

Estudios de arte Women Owned en Greenville, SC

TR Makers Co
3 South Main Street
Travelers Rest, SC

Kristin LaRoy de TR Makers Co. es una maestra de integración de artes multidisciplinarias que acondicionó un espacio para que niños y adultos creen arte. TR Makers Co. ofrece ¡citas de juego, eventos de minicreadores, campamentos de verano, programas extracurriculares y fiestas!

TRee House Cafe & Art Studio
27 South Main Street
Travelers Rest, SC

Haz arte y disfruta de un café con Kristin Coward, propietaria de TRee House Cafe & Art Studio. Los huéspedes encontrarán una barra de arte en el centro de la cafetería, que ofrece un espacio para colorear, pintar y crear mientras toman café y comen panini. ¡Qué ganar-ganar!

Open Art Studios
14 South Main Street
Greenville, SC

Ashley Brickner, propietaria de Open Art Studios en el downtown, ha creado una experiencia artística inmersiva con la combinación de Greenville Fine Art Gallery, DIY Space y Event Space. Pasa a pintar, únete a una clase de dibujo grupal o explora la galería durante el recorrido de arte el primer viernes de cada mes.

1320 Hampton Avenue Extension, Studio 697
Greenville, SC

Lauren Runion, propietaria de YellowBobbyPins, está guiando a los niños pequeños a encontrar al artista en su interior y fortalecer su confianza creativa a través de clases de arte, campamentos de verano, clases de arte en línea e incluso fiestas. Los padres pueden inscribir a sus hijos en clases a través del portal en línea YellowBobbyPins.

¿Estás listo para hacer algo de arte?

Shop the Greenville Christmas Market at the Grand Bohemian Lodge

Posted on |

Have you visited the Greenville Christmas Market at the Grand Bohemian Lodge in Downtown Greenville, SC? Beautifully decorated with a merging of a southern Christmas with a micro version of a traditional European Christmas market, this open-air market is certain to spark holiday joy. The holiday market hosts a dozen local vendors, live music, serves holiday-themed food and beverages, and even offers the opportunity for your little one to visit with Santa to give him that very special list. You can explore the Greenville Christmas Market in Downtown Greenville on select dates from November 25th, 2022 until January 1st, 2023.

christmas market greenville
The Greenville Christmas Market

The Greenville Christmas Market at the Grand Bohemian Lodge

Located in the heart of Downtown Greenville at Falls Park, the Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville is hosting the first Greenville Christmas Market from November 25th, 2022 through January 1st, 2023. You know you are close when you smell the gorgeous Christmas tree near the exit of Liberty Bridge. Located outside on the lawn in front of the hotel, the market is open rain or shine. The market features local vendors, offering the perfect Christmas gifts, decor, and maybe even something special for yourself. Local vendors include:

  • Cook’s Station
  • Savannah Bee Company
  • Lumineux Chocolate
  • Greenville Goods
  • Bridge City Coffee
  • Charleston Candle CO.
  • Hollowed Earth Pottery
  • Oren Moon
  • Grand Bohemian Art Gallery
  • Sawyer Naturals
  • Grand Bohemian Treats

Along with all the wonderful shopping opportunities, guests can enjoy the decorations that adorn the already impressive architecture of the hotel. Vendors serve holiday-inspired food and beverages that complement the Christmas decor, making the market more of a holiday experience rather than a shopping venture. Be sure to check out the live music offered throughout the month, with musicians providing entertainment for guests as they shop. The Greenville Christmas Market is even open on Christmas Eve, in case you need to pick up a few special gifts before Christmas Day.

Shopping at the Greenville Christmas market
The Greenville Christmas Market

Meet and Greet with Santa

There is no better place to meet Santa than at a gorgeous ski lodge while sipping hot chocolate and relaxing under the mesmerizing lights of the Christmas decorations. The Grand Bohemian Lodge offers just that, but a little closer to home than European mountains. Santa will be meeting children on select dates throughout the month. Parents can snap the perfect photo to capture that special memory with the big man before doing some shopping. Don’t forget your camera during your visit, there are many holiday photo opportunities, especially in front of the brilliantly decorated Christmas tree on the market lawn.

Santa will be at the lodge on November 25-26, December 2-3, December 9-10, December 16-17, and December 19-24. The hours vary, with most dates having a meet and greet with Santa from 1 pm – 3 pm or 6 pm- 8 pm. Be sure to check the times before heading to the market so you do not miss him!

Greenville Christmas Market scenes
The Greenville Christmas Market

Other Holiday Happenings in Downtown Greenville

After checking out the market, there are a lot of other Downtown holiday happenings to enjoy! You can walk on over to Ice on Main, located at the Courtyard Marriott near the Peace Center. There is also the wonder-filled Festival of Trees found in Embassy Suites, Courtyard Marriott, and The Hyatt Regency Greenville which features festive trees decorated by dozens of organizations throughout Greenville County. While you are walking down Main Street, be sure to look for all of the delightful window wonderland displays. You can even vote for your favorite holiday display. You will also find dozens of free holiday things to do in Greenville, making the season a little more merry and bright!

When You Can Visit the Greenville Christmas Market

The Greenville Christmas Market at the Grand Bohemian Lodge will run from November 25th, 2022 to January 1st, 2023 on select dates from Thursday through Sunday each week. The market is open on Christmas Eve. Hours are 12 pm to 8 pm Thursday through Saturday and 12 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. The week of Christmas, the market is open Sunday, December 18th, 2022 through Saturday, December 24th, 2022.

Greenville Christmas Market
Grand Bohemian Lodge Greenville
44 East Camperdown Way
Greenville, SC

Kidding Around WNC: A Guide to Things to Do in Western North Carolina

Posted on |

Are you looking to explore Western North Carolina? From the foothills and the Smoky Mountains to the High Country, WNC is packed with family-friendly things to do. Whether you are looking for hiking recommendations, unique towns to spend the day, or waterfalls to awe over, WNC has something for everyone. Our list of places to explore, seasonal happenings, and educational adventures will help your family plan the perfect day trip, or a weekend getaway, to Western North Carolina.

Kidding Around WNC: things to do in Western North Carolina towns

This article includes:
Cities to Explore in WNC
Seasonal Things to do in WNC
Educational Adventures in WNC

Cities to Explore in WNC

Hendersonville, NC

Located just north of the SC state line, Hendersonville has an abundance of things to do. Home to dozens of orchards, snow tubing adventures, and even a fairy garden, this WNC town is worth the day trip! Find everything you need to have a wonderful trip in our guide to Things to Do in Hendersonville!

Brevard, NC

If you’re interested in basking in nature while breaking out the binoculars to search for Blue Ghost fireflies or observe white squirrels, then Brevard North Carolina is the place to go. Check out our handy guide to spend a beautiful Day in Brevard, NC, with recommendations for dining, shopping, and more!

Clyde, NC

Head to Buffalo Creek to stay in a decommissioned caboose on a buffalo ranch! They also have an amazing model train buseum, playground, luxury cabins, and lots of animals. Definitely an awesome family trip.

Caboose rentals in North Carolina
Caboose rentals

Bryson City, NC

Home to the Smoky Mountain Railroad, this historic town offers train rides and rich history to explore while dining, shopping, or hanging out in a yurt! This small town even has one of the most memorable winter events a child could ask for, the Polar Express!

Polar Express Bryson City, NY

Cherokee, NC

In tune with the natural world, Cherokee is rich in Native American history and culture that can be experienced firsthand. Situated just west of Maggie Valley, the natural beauty carved by the Oconaluftee River makes Cherokee a top WNC destination. Plan a Day (or More) in Cherokee with this handy article, including places to eat, stay, and visit as you immerse yourself in the Cherokee and Oconalufee culture.

Visit Cherokee, NC

Cashiers, NC and Sapphire Valley

Full of natural splendor, the Cashiers area of Western North Carolina offers breathtaking views, hiking, swimming, and waterfalls. It is the Land of the Waterfalls for a reason! We have everything you need to know to have an epic adventure in our Ultimate Guide to Sapphire Valley and Cashiers, North Carolina.

Asheville, NC

Asheville is one of the most popular destinations in Western North Carolina, and for good reason! A day trip can instantly turn into a weekend getaway due to the vast amount of fun activities to explore. Asheville is both family-friendly and romantic, just in case you are looking for a weekend away from the kids. Our Ultimate Guide to Things to do in Asheville has everything from holiday festivities to day trip and date night ideas!

Front of Biltmore castle

High Country Region

This mountainous region located just north of Asheville is home to Grandfather Mountain and towns such as Boone and Blowing Rock. The region offers otherwordly landscapes, mountainous adventures, and more. If you are an adventurous spirit, the High Country is the perfect place for you!

Ladders at Grandfather Mountain

Seasonal Things to do In WNC


Visit the NC Arboretum Holiday Lights from November through December
Be amazed by the beauty of Christmas at Biltmore
Be tempted by prize worthy Gingerbread Houses at Grove Park Inn at Christmas
Ride on the Craggy Mountain Jingle Bell Trolley
Search for the spirit of Christmas on the Polar Express 
Glide down the mountain at Wolf Ridge Snow Tubing
Go snow sledding at one of these places in WNC

Snow Tubing at Wolf Ridge


Take a ride down the French Broad River with Zen Tubing
Get lost in the botanical gardens at Biltmore Estates Gardens

Walking to the water with tubes
Zen Tubing in Asheville


Be amazed by the colors of fall foliage throughout WNC
Get lost in the Elida Corn Maze
Pick pumpkins right off the vine at Nix’s Pumpkin Patch in Hendersonville
Check out the Shadow of the Bear in mid-October every year
Grab a bushel of apples and some cider doughnuts at one of these WNC orchards
Fall tubing at Black Bear tubing

Pumpkins at Nix
Nix Pumpkin Patch in Hendersonville

Educational Adventures in WNC

Learn and visit with native species at the WNC Nature Center
Pan for gold at Lucky Strike in Marion
Enjoy these Home Schooling Ski Deals
Visit a bonsai garden at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville
Learn about free verse poet Carl Sandburg at his WNC home in Flat Rock
Be amazed by historic planes at the Western North Carolina Air Museum in Hendersonville
Explore one of the largest estates in the US at Biltmore Estate in Asheville
Excite your senses at KidSenses Children’s Interactive Museum in Rutherfordton
Play while learning at the Hands on! Children’s Museum in Hendersonville
Learn about chocolate production while tasting at French Broad Chocolate Factory in Asheville 
Play pinball while learning its history at this Vintage Pinball Museum in Hendersonville
Help keep WNC waterfalls clean while learning about nature with Waterfall Keepers

Western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville

What is your favorite place to visit in WNC?

5 Amazing Bed & Breakfasts All Within 1 Hour of Greenville, SC

Posted on | 5 Comments

Planning a trip to Greenville and thinking about a bed and breakfast? Or maybe you’re a Greenville local looking for a cozy bed & breakfast getaway not too far from home? This fantastic list of 5 of the best bed & breakfasts near Greenville will have you ready to pack your bags. This list is perfect for booking your next couple’s getaway. Let us know what you think!


Spend A Fall Day At Stewart Farms In Enoree, South Carolina

Posted on | 1 Comment

Have you visited Stewart Farms in Enoree, SC? This family-owned farm has an off-the-vine u-pick pumpkin patch in the fall that is charming and so much fun! The farm is perfect for a family outing because of the number of family-friendly activities there are to enjoy! We ventured off to Enoree, SC to explore the pumpkin patch, enjoy a hay ride through the woods, and get lost in a corn maze to see just how much fun you can fit into a day at Stewart Farms!

Stewart Farms

Arriving at Stewart Farms

Stewart Farms is located in Enoree, SC, about 40 minutes from downtown Greenville. Once you arrive, you will pass the market to your right. The market store is where you will pay for the activities you participated in or for the pumpkins you picked. However, you pay when you are leaving the farm, not before. An attendant will give you a sheet of paper with all the activities available down on the farm, and they will be marked off as you go through your day. Some tips before you arrive include:

  • Bring hats, sunscreen, or even a sunshade umbrella. The pumpkin patch and corn maze get hot, even in the fall, and do not have shade. 
  • Parking is free, and is located near the pumpkin patch entrance.
  • There are plenty of shaded picnic tables, so you can bring your own lunch if you would like, or concessions are available to purchase. 
  • Strollers are recommended for younger children, but we recommend a carrier for babies and toddlers for the wagon ride so you’re not having to hold them still the entire ride.
  • There are port-o-potties on site.  
  • Stewart Farms has a strict no-pet policy.

The U-Pick Pumpkin Patch

When you walk up to the pumpkin patch, you will be greeted by an attendant who will offer a wagon and sheers to cut your pumpkin off the vine with. Take the wagon! You will need it for the pumpkin collecting you are about to embark on, and it makes things so much easier. The farm has pumpkins of varying shapes and sizes located throughout dozens of rows, so you can choose what works for your fall decor or Halloween decorating ideas. If the rows near the entrance are a little lackluster, head to the back of the patch where there are usually more pumpkins available.

Pumpkins cost $0.60 per lb. Once you’re finished picking your pumpkins, the attendant will weigh your pumpkins and mark your slip of paper to turn into the farm market for payment, and you can haul your pumpkins to your car using the wagon. Remember, do not cut a pumpkin off the vine if you do not plan to buy it. Also, be mindful of the vines when cutting yours off. Keep the patch happy so everyone can enjoy it. The patch closes at dark, so make sure you arrive in time to explore it!

The SC Corn Maize

Ready to get lost in the corn? The Stewart Farms corn maze is a welcome challenge for families to enjoy together. The 2022 maize can be challenging, so make sure you allot enough time to enjoy it. If you have young children, we definitely recommend taking a stroller or personal wagon through the maze, those little legs will get tired. It costs $8.00 for ages 6 and older to go through the 2022 “Old Blue” Corn Maze. 

Wagon Rides

The wagon ride through Stewart Farms is charming, making it one of our favorite activities. The wagon is tractor led and pulls a large trailer with seats and gates. The majority of the wagon ride is through the woods, where you can look for fall decorations, Halloween displays, and old farm equipment while taking in the earthy smells, leaves changing color, and cooler weather. The wait to get on the wagon can take some time on busy days, but most of the line forms in the shade and the ride itself is worth it! The wagon ride takes about 25 minutes to complete, so make sure your kids take a snack and bathroom break beforehand. The wagon ride costs $5 per person and is free for children 2 and under.

Nighttime Activities

If you’re looking for some spooky activities to go along with your trip to Stewart Farms, then make sure to go in the evening! The farm offers several nights in October where you can take a Nightime Wagon Ride or explore the Big Boo Haunted Maize. The wagon ride ventures through the woods where you will see lit jack-o-lanterns and spooky Halloween scenes and decorations. The Big Boo Haunted Maize is family-friendly, but it does get a little creepy in the maize at night so it is only recommended for ages 6 and older. The night activities begin at sundown and go on until 10 pm (gates close at 9, farm closes at 10).

Farm Animals to Visit

Stewart Farms has a small section of farm animals that your kids will love visiting. The goats are the most interactive, and the attendant will give your kids some hay to feed them through their enclosure. There are also ducks, pigs, and a cow to meet.

Stewart Farms

The Courtyard and Concessions

Located at the center of the farm is the courtyard. There are snowcones for purchase from Brain Freeze and a concessions truck that sells food, sweet treats, drinks, and more. There are also 12 shaded picnic tables to enjoy your food at, or you can snag one of the standing shaded tables as well. The courtyard is the perfect place to rest and let your kids get their energy out and run around the field. There are also several photo opportunity spots lined along the cornfields. The Bee Barn is also located in the courtyard, and is a fascinating way to watch the bees maintain their hive!

Stop, Park, and Pay Before you Leave

Unlike some places where you pay beforehand, Stewart Farms has you enjoy the farm activities before paying. Once you leave the activity area and drive out of the parking lot, you will head back to the market store you pass when you first entered. Remember to stop, park, and pay! This is where you will pay for the pumpkins you purchased, and any other activities you engaged in down on the farm. You can also stock up on local goods, home decor, and seasonal flowers at the market before you leave the farm.

2022 Fall Season Admission Costs and Hours

The season runs from September 24th – October 30th

  • Fridays 4 – 10 pm (Gates close at 9 pm)
  • Saturdays 10 am – 10 pm (Gates close at 9 pm)
  • Sundays 1 – 7 pm (Gates close at 6 pm)
  • Monday – Thursday CLOSED
  • MAiZE
    $8 person plus plus tax – ages 6 and up / 5 and under FREE
    Last ticket sold 1 hour before closing
  • Wagon Ride
    $5 per person plus tax / 2 and under FREE
    The last daytime wagon ride departs at 6:30
  • Big Boo Haunted Maize
    $12 per person plus tax for anyone ages 6 and up (October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, & 29 only) 
    Big Boo is family-friendly, but not recommended for kids under 6
  • Nighttime Wagon Rides
    $7 plus tax for anyone ages 2 and up. (October 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, & 29 only)
    The last nighttime wagon ride departs at 9:30
    *Prices are subject to change.
Painted Hay rolls at Stewart Farms

Have you visited Stewart Farms?

Stewart Farms
6600 Highway 92, Enoree

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Cabarrus County Trails: Hiking, Biking, and Paved Walking Trails

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Are you looking to explore some hiking and biking trails in Cabarrus County, NC? Cabarrus is home to dozens of trail systems, and explorers are rewarded any time of year with the naturally beautiful landscapes the trails carve their way through.  From family-friendly hiking and mountain biking to leisurely strolls and water recreation, Cabarrus County has a nature trail for you to fall in love with!

Located just Northeast of Charlotte, Cabarrus County may be synonymous to some as the hub for NASCAR enthusiasts. However, the natural beauty of the rolling countryside throughout the county balances out nicely against the backdrop of major cities like Concord and Harrisburg. Many of the trail systems listed below highlight the ability of nature and civilization to combine positively, in a way that is beneficial to the natural system while keeping the growth and expansion of nearby cities in mind. So, lace up those boots and check out some of the top trail systems to hike or bike throughout Cabarrus County in the list below!

Natural Trails to Hike and Bike in Cabarrus County

Carolina Thread Trail

Length: 12.6 miles of completed land trails in Cabarrus County
105.1 miles planned for construction
Difficulty: Easy to strenuous 
Offers: Running, walking, mountain biking, and hiking

The Thread is a multi-county, regional trail system that offers 11 segments in Cabarrus County alone! There are over 300 miles of land trails to explore and 170 miles of water trails, with stunning views. The public can access launch points throughout the system to kayak, canoe, and participate in other watersports that connect to other land trails across North and South Carolina. The Carolina Thread Trail is expanding, with a master plan to eventually join the current 11 segments in Cabarrus for a total of 105.1 miles of trail in Cabarrus County. 

The Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail

Length: 2.1 miles one way
Difficulty: Moderate
Offers: Hiking, walking, mountain biking, running

The Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail is one of The Thread’s featured trails. The trailhead is particularly interesting due to conservation efforts by the Catawba Lands Conservatory, being made up of a restored Piedmont Oak Savannah. The trail continues past streams and wetlands, through working farmland, into serene habitats, and finally through young forests. The trail is also part of the Butterfly Highway, a conservation initiative to create networks of pollinator-supportive plants and habitats. 

Trails for Mountain Biking in Cabarrus County

Brown Mill Mountain Bike Trail

Length: 4.25 trail miles
Difficulty: All skill levels 
Offers: Mountain Biking

Located just a few miles from Downtown Concord, NC, the Brown Mill Mountain Bike Trail has something for all skill levels to enjoy. There are multiple dips, flow sections, jumps, switchbacks, rock features, and a gravity cavity that make it a premier spot for mountain biking. The trail is suitable for most riders and is perfect for biking multiple laps to hone your skills.

Rob Wallace Park

Length: 3.5 trail miles total
Difficulty: All skill levels
Offers: Mountain biking, walking trails, playground, picnics, fishing

Rob Wallace Park is located in Midland and offers a skills area for beginner to expert mountain bikers to perfect their skills along with balance features and berms. Within the park is the Powder House Trail, a one-mile-long riding trail, as well as the 0.7-mile Quarry Loop. 

Village Park Paved Trails

Paved Trails in Cabarrus County

Hector Henry Greenway

Length: 5.7 miles total
Difficulty: Easy
Offers: Walking, hiking, biking

The Hector Henry Greenway runs along the Rocky River and connects three segments, The Mills at Rocky River, Riverwalk, and Moss Creek. The trails are primarily paved and are considered easy for biking and walking. The Greenway is part of The Thread trail system and offers wildlife viewings, boardwalks, educational displays, and gorgeous views of the surrounding wetlands. 

Village Park

Length: Multiple paved trails throughout the 16-acre park
Paved walking paths throughout the park

Located in Kannapolis, Village Park offers over 16 acres to explore. There are paved walking paths throughout the park through green space, perfect for picnics and outdoor recreation. The park also offers a splash pad and a ride-on train, the Rotary Express Train, which is a g-24 scale replica. The cost for the train is $1.50 per person and it is open on weekends from April until September. In addition, there are picnic shelters, a carousel, music concert series, and special events at this park to enjoy during your walk or bike trip.

Harrisburg Park

Length: 2.5 miles of trails for hiking and biking
Difficulty: Easy, Moderate, and Difficult trail offerings
Offers: Hiking, biking, playground, amphitheater, splash pad (summer)

Harrisburg Park has over 2.5 miles of both paved and natural trails to explore for both hiking and biking. The Ball Field Loop is considered easy and is approximately 0.5 miles long, perfect for strolling or letting your kids join you on your walk. If you’re looking for something more difficult, the Harrisburg Extension Loop offers 1.5 miles of trails with some moderate to difficult hills to climb as you venture through the forest and across three creek crossings. In addition, the park offers a large playground, a splash pad in summer, and special events at the amphitheater.

Are you ready to explore the outdoors in Cabarrus County?

Happy Kids Playhouse in Pickens, SC is Perfect for Indoor Parties and Playtime

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Searching for an indoor space for your kids to play or to host a party in Pickens, SC? Happy Kids Playhouse is just the place! The space is curated for entertaining ages 10 and under, with large inflatable slides, tons of toys, creative play stations, character appearances, and more. Happy Kids Playhouse has everything you need to have a memorable party for your little ones, or even just to enjoy the day with some indoor playtime. So grab your socks and get ready for a day of fun! 

Happy Kids Playhouse

Thank you to Happy Kids Playhouse for hosting KAG for a review.