9 Places You Should Head To Right Now For a Juicy Burger in Spartanburg, SC

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Looking for a great burger in Spartanburg, SC? Spring has sprung, and nothing screams outdoor dining like a juicy burger and fries! Searching for a great burger in Spartanburg just got easier with our list of places to grab a cheeseburger with the family.

Find a great burger: Spartanburg, SC

Kidding Around might have claimed the hot dog was Spartanburg’s signature food in the past, but that’s all about to change.

Let’s talk about great burgers.

They can be quick and straightforward or fancy with additions like truffle butter, but no matter how you like them, you’ll find them in Spartanburg. 

Still not ready to hop in the car and head out for a juicy burger? These are nine places you should try that will convince you! 

Family-Friendly Places for Burgers in Spartanburg, SC

You just might find your new favorite burger at one of these reader-recommended places for a burger in Spartanburg.

Rigsby’s Smoke Burgers Wings & Grill

We recently posted about burgers on the Kidding Around Spartanburg Facebook, and one reader was super excited to see the suggestions we had made. She promised to report back and, just a few days later, surprised us with a thank you post in our Kidding Around Spartanburg Community while still seated at Rigsby’s Smoked Burgers Wings & Grill.

Ok, y’all, we’re eating these burgers as I type! DELICIOUS!! We’ll definitely come here again. This is the first of the recommendations we’ve tried. Thanks, everyone! (And they serve COKE products!!!)

Wanda Chapman

Rigsby’s Smoked Burgers Wings & Grill | 3 Upstate Locations
441 The Pkwy, Greer | 864.479.9449
3072 Boiling Spring Road, Boiling Springs | 864.586.1981

176 Liberty St, Spartanburg, SC 29306 | 864.285.4724

New Groove Artisan Brewery

We also suggested Wanda check out the Thursday Burger Special at New Groove Artisan Brewery. I can’t wait for her update, even though I bet I already know what she’s going to say, probably something close to what this reader said! 

I recently had the smoked burger from New Groove and was blown away! So they get my vote!

Jessie Staska

New Groove Artisan Brewery | 4078 SC-9, Boiling Springs | 864.586.3900 | Outdoor Dining

Chef Ae’s

Located adjacent to the Hub City Railroad Museum, is this hidden Spartanburg gem! The eclectic menu at Chef Ae’s includes some of the area’s most delicious burgers and you can enjoy one of their burgers with hand-cut fries, pimento cheese mac ‘n cheese, or one of the other delicious sides they offer.

Chef Ae’s | 288 Magnolia Street, Spartanburg | 864.804.6767 | Outdoor Dining

Southside Smokehouse

Head to Landrum for a burger prepared by South Carolina Ambassador Chef Sarah McClure! Ask for the “FTG & Pimento Cheese Burger,” the burger is topped with fried green tomato, and you’ll wonder why you never thought to do this before. Southside Smokehouse has delicious drink specials and a heated outdoor patio for the cooler months. You can even bring Fido along as a doggy dinner date. 

Photo Credit: Southside Smokehouse

Southside Smokehouse | 726 South Howard Avenue, Landrum | 864.457.4581 | Outdoor Dining

Kitchen 292

I recently discovered this locally owned gem near Lake Bowen. Kitchen 292 serves beignets year-round, and if that’s not enough to get you to go, they also have burgers that are piled high and look delicious! Is it weird that I’m sitting here wondering if they have a Beignet-Burger? I guess there’s only one way to find out! 

Kitchen 292 | 2870 Unit 4 Hwy 292, Inman | 864.707.5117 


It’s a scientific fact that music makes burgers taste better. Okay, maybe I just read it on Facebook or made it up on the spot.

You will just have to trust me that a burger from Fr8yard eaten while listening to local musicians will taste better. In between sets, you can sit atop the kitchen, and people watch from a safe distance while you enjoy this season’s delicious burger creation! (2023 Season starts March 7) 

Fr8yard | 125 East Main Street, Spartanburg | 864.585.1085 | Outdoor Dining

Cribb’s Kitchen and The Kennedy

Two other restaurants in the Hub City Hospitality Group’s line-up also serve up a mean burger! Cribb’s Kitchen & The Kennedy. If you are looking for a casual meal that includes a burger and possibly some grown-up milkshakes, Cribb’s Kitchen is the spot! If you are looking for a place to slip away from the kids to enjoy a more chill adult atmosphere, reserve the chef’s table at The Kennedy. Either way, your stomach will thank you, and your brain will thank me. 

Cribb’s Kitchen | 226 West Main Street, Spartanburg | 864.699.9669 | Outdoor Dining
The Kennedy | 221 East Kennedy Street, Spartanburg | 864.586.5554
| Outdoor Dining

The Beacon Drive-In

You can eat at a place Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives Has Featured!
Honestly, The Beacon Drive-In was famous way before that with locals. Being featured on the Food Network Show just made it a tourist destination. Grabbing a burger with an order of fries from The Beacon, if you wash it down with anything other than their Sweet Tea, it just won’t be the complete experience. 

The Beacon Drive-In |  255 John B White Sr Boulevard, Spartanburg | 864.585.9387

Habit Burger

New to Spartanburg, Habit Burger is not fast food. Everything is made fresh to order and is delicious. Honestly, these were 2 of the best burgers we’ve had. The Tempura Green Beans are *chef’s kiss*.

Join CharClub on their website or app and get special discounts.

1489 W O. Ezell Boulevard, Spartanburg
Other locations: Greer off Wade Hampton, Easley, Haywood Road (coming this summer)

Southern Growl

Photo Credit: The Southern Growl

A burger place you’ll find in neighboring Greer, SC that we couldn’t leave off the list!
In the age of social media, people eat with their eyes long before they’ve arrived at a restaurant. Places will tempt you in with their burger photos, making your mouth water and your senses tingle. No place does this better in the Upstate than The Southern Growl. Every week they taunt residents with their mouth-watering creations. Look closely at the burger posted above. Those sneaky rascals plated up a two-for-one; that burger has a split Nathan’s Hot Dog on it! Alas, by the time you see this photo, that burger will have gone the way of the T-Rex.

Follow The Southern Growl on Instagram if you dare to find out what this week’s burger is, but don’t blame us when you start dreaming about the creations they post. 

The southern growl is a go-to for us. Their covid safety is still happening, which is rare to find these days. Their food is AMAZING, and their takeout growlers are awesome.

Kristen Fleck

The Southern Growl | 155 North Buncombe Road, Greer | 864.655.7444 | Outdoor Dining

This article was originally written by Melanie Coblentz and has been updated by the Kidding Around Team.




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Don Bramblett
3 years ago

I haven’t heard of some of the burger joints you listed so I haven’t tried burgers at all the restaurants named. I don’t usually have cheese on my burger, but in the past, I have enjoyed the Blue Cheese burger at Cribbs Kitchen. One joint you left out was Main Street Pub on West Main Street near the CSX tracks. I think the MSP staff work hard to create a delicious burger with the toppings you enjoy. MSP also makes their own chips, which I enjoy. I hope you will add Main Street Pub to your list of places to… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Don Bramblett

Thanks for your suggestions! If you glance at the top of the post, you’ll see that this was a list of READER RECOMMENDED places they take their families to. Personally, I love Main Street Pub and those tots!

3 years ago

Come check out Shaking D’z Bacon chilchesse burger and onion rings . or any of the food its all amazing

Cindy lou
3 years ago

Love the beacon. The club sandwich is the bomb

Charlie Edwards
3 years ago

Funny that Ike’s didn’t make the list. Probably their stance about Covid mask controversy.
I wear a mask everywhere, but Ike’s does create a juicy, excellent burger.

2 years ago

If you glance at the top of the post, you’ll see that this was a list of READER RECOMMENDED places they take their families to. Not a single reader mentioned Ike’s. Maybe next year?