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Are you thinking about a move to Greenville, SC? Or maybe you’re already planning to relocate to Greenville. With many big companies and manufacturing facilities nearby, Greenville is growing fast! And there are lots of reasons to love living in Greenville. Just in case think you’ve “heard it all,” Kidding Around owner and Editor-in-Chief Bethany put together this article that tells readers all the reasons why people love living in Greenville so much.

A couple months ago I had a conversation where a friend mentioned that she might end up moving to Greenville. “Oh, you would find the area wonderful,” I told her. “It’s amazing. Everyone loves living there.” Her response wasn’t exactly what I expected though.

Everyone in Greenville is so enthusiastic about Greenville, she said. It’s just annoying.

I guess we need to watch out before we make the list of most annoying cities. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Greenville has been featured. There’s the time that it made the list of Best Places to Live in 2019, and the times it was celebrated as a “best city” by travel magazines Conde Nast and National Geographic. And there is the other time that it was listed as one of the best places to live in the US, and the time that PBS featured Greenville. Actually, Greenville appears on tons of Top Ten lists. But, I digress.

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So, why are the people who make up Greenville so enthusiastic about Greenville? Surely, it can’t be that great, right? So, we asked our readers who we always find have the right answers, “What do you love about living in Greenville?”

Falls Park

I think that Falls Park deserves a good bit of the blame for the over-the-top cheerfulness around Greenville. With its landmark suspension bridge and towering falls, it never fails to attract a happy crowd filled with kids, couples, dogs, and even the occasional break dancer.

Other reasons why Falls Park gets a bad rap for making people love Greenville:

  • Ice Cream is easily accessible.
  • Free Classic Movie Series twice a year.
  • A splash pad for the kids located ever so conveniently by Papi’s Tacos and O Cha Tea bar
  • The annual Duck Derby when thousands of Ducks get dumped over the falls causing such excitement that everyone does the Duck Line Dance.
  • “That root tree” that everyone takes a photo by.
  • Of course, the landmark suspension bridge spanning the falls that appears not just in every Greenville promotional piece of material written but also in a good percentage of the local engagement, prom, and wedding photos.

Food in Greenville

It’s a common human experience that a good meal can make you feel downright happy. For this reason, we think that Greenville’s wide assortment of restaurants, food trucks, and food festivals needs to accept their fair share of responsibility for local happiness.

Need some proof, well here’s a start:

In addition to such an excellent restaurant scene in Greenville, the area is a prime location to find restaurants that source locally from farms within the Upstate. You can also easily access fresh local produce, meats, eggs, and almost anything you can imagine from a local farm.

Greenville’s Prime Location

We admit, this geographic coincidence of amazing location can’t be fixed. The experience of being just an hour from the Blue Ridge Mountains and a mere three hours from the beach means that additional fun outside Greenville is only a day trip away. No wonder Greenville families always look like they are having fun.

Greenville’s even pretty close to two large metros, Charlotte and Atlanta, making it an easy drive to enjoy the events and venues that bigger places can offer (without the daily traffic). Need more day trip or weekend getaway inspiration? Check out our carefully crafted list of nearby travel options!

Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC

It’s only to be expected that 20 miles of paved trail would attract all sorts of happy bikers, pedestrians, and skaters. Then in turn, they attract unique cheery businesses such as the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Whistle Stop.

Libraries of Greenville

Sure, every town has its libraries but rarely the amount of free family programming for all ages found in the Greenville County Library system. In the summer, the children have a reading program that brings in all sorts of fun shows including magic shows, puppets, and even the occasional snake man. Even the smallest kids have a room full of imaginative toys at the Main Library. There are also dozens of tailored programming each month, with something free to enjoy daily.

Mice On Main
Photo Credit: J Wingreen Photography

Main Street, Greenville

Once the warm weather hits, the festivals on Main Street start in Greenville. It’s rare to head downtown without finding yourself in the middle of some sort of party. Two of the most popular annual festivals are Artisphere held every May, and Fall for Greenville every October.

Main Street also hosts a weekly Farmers Market each Saturday in the warmer months. This market not only features fresh local produce but also supports child entrepreneurs and offers monthly kid-friendly activities including an annual Touch-a-Truck event.

To top it off, you can even search for mice inspired by Goodnight Moon hidden throughout Main Street.

Greenville’s Amazing Parks

While Falls Park gets the most brochure space, families who live in Greenville know that it’s just one of many green spaces in Greenville. Downtown is also home to unique spots such as The Children’s Garden at Linky Stone Park, a free mini-golf course at McPherson Park, and the hidden Rock Quarry Garden near Cleveland Park.

Greenville is so full of amazing parks, we’ve assembled a guide dedicated just to these great spaces to play and enjoy nature. Located right downtown is one of the area’s newest parks, Unity Park, which has an innovative and expansive playground, splash pad, and a large area to exercise, run, and play! If you’re looking for the perfect park to visit, use our helpful Greenville Park Guide to narrow down your options.

Beyond downtown, there are a number of popular playgrounds including an aviation playground right next to an airport where kids can play while watching the planes land and take off.

Greenville even has the scenic Paris Mountain State Park where locals can boat, swim, hike, and camp just right outside their backdoor.


Greenville may not be the largest city in the southeast, but its residents have plenty of entertainment options.

the childrens museum in greenville
Photo Credit: J Wingreen Photography

Fun Things to Do

It’s harder in Greenville to decide what to do than to find something to do, when your choices include:

Um, Everything

When we polled our readers, local mom Lindy Wilson piped up, “Um everything. It’s a perfect combination of big city amenities with a small town feel, and great weather to boot!” We think her sentiment captures perfectly the attitude that makes Greenville families a bit too enthusiastic about where they live. They just really like everything. It’s that good.

What do you love about Greenville? Tell us in the comments.

About the Author
Bethany Winston is the owner and editor-in-chief of Kidding Around Greenville & Kidding Around Spartanburg. She enjoys exploring parks, discovering local events, and meeting the people who make Greenville an amazing place to live. You can contact her directly at bethany@kiddingaroundgreenville.com.

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8 years ago

My family and I are moving from CA to Greenville in a few weeks. Our friends and family would definitely say we are annoyingly enthusiastic about Greenville. Thank you for providing this amazing site which makes me feel like we’re part of the city already!

8 years ago

I love that there is something for every age downtown is a place for everyone anytime. It’s so kid friendly if you need a cool park or neat place to have a play date and it has it’s charm for a date night with the hubby. The variety of food and shops is awesome too. I grew up in a town with only one park for kids. When I went to visit, there was nowhere cool to take my kids! How did I grow up there?! It helped me appreciate all that Greenville has to offer my family.

M Rife
8 years ago

Everything! Outdoor activites of all sorts from backpacking to waterparks, downtown, entertainment, too much to list!

Meredith Rigdon
8 years ago

You know what REALLY makes Greenville so awesome? The people! It is so easy to find kind, caring residents on every street who genuinely care about the community and the people in it. This is by far the most invested, genuine, and actively involved community I’ve ever experienced. This isn’t a city where you get lost in the crowd, it’s a city where the staff at Publix knows your name, and the servers at Eggs Up Grill remember which color crayons your two year old prefers. THAT is what makes Greenville so awesome!