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Posts Tagged ‘Adults’

5 Romantic Restaurants in Spartanburg

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Looking for a romantic restaurant for a special date night? You’ve waited for what seems like forever to have a date night with your spouse. Now where to go for dinner? We asked our readers where they like to go for a romantic meal out. Here’s where Kidding Around Spartanburg readers suggested.

Romantic Restaurants in Spartanburg, SC

Top 14 Romantic Dates in Greenville, SC

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Looking for date night options in and around Greenville? Here’s our list of the 14 Most Romantic Dates in Greenville! We’ve included date ideas that all couples will love. We also asked our readers for their thoughts and included reader-recommended ideas for great dates in Greenville.

This article includes:
Top Romantic Dates in Greenville, SC
Fun Dates in Greenville Recommended by Our Readers
Date Night Child Care in Greenville

Romantic dates in Greenville, SC

The Most Romantic Dates in Spartanburg, SC

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Are you looking for date ideas in or around Spartanburg? We’ve identified some of the most romantic dates in Spartanburg. The various date options on this list make it possible for Spartanburg couples to enjoy a variety of dates year-round.


The Ultimate Date Night Guide: Plan the Perfect Greenville, SC Date Night

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Are you planning a date night with your significant other in Greenville? Looking for some ideas for a special birthday or Valentine’s Day in Greenville? Whether you’re planning a date night for a special day or just want to go out for an evening away from the kids, Kidding Around can help with some great date ideas & reader recommendations.

Guide to Date Night in Greenville, SC

This article includes:
Top Romantic Dates in Greenville
Stress Busting Date Ideas in Greenville
Epic Date Nights Within Two Hours of Greenville
Free and Inexpensive Date Night Ideas in Greenville, SC
Bring Along the Baby on These Greenville, SC Dates
Greenville, SC Restaurants Worthy of Date Night
Greenville, SC Things to Do That Make the Perfect Date
Overnight Dates Near Greenville, SC
Seasonal Date Ideas Near Greenville, SC


Enjoy An Upscale Bowling Experience at Underpin Lanes ‘N Lounge in Spartanburg, SC

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Think bowling in Spartanburg sounds like a good family fun night? Perhaps you’ve been blessed with a rare night away from the kids and have no idea where to head once the babysitter takes over.

There’s a cool place in downtown Spartanburg that is perfect for both occasions, Underpin Lanes ‘N Lounge.

For more dining options in the area, head to the Kidding Around Guide To The Delicious Restaurants in Spartanburg

About Underpin Lanes N’ Lounge

Spartanburg’s downtown is coming into its own and we couldn’t be more excited. Until recently, to spend time in an upscale bowling alley you’d have to travel to a larger city like Atlanta. Several years ago Greenville got their own boutique bowling alley in the form of Stone Pin Company.

Now one of the Co-owners of Stone Pin has been brought on board to bring that same kind of entertainment to the people of Spartanburg.

Not your typical bowling alley, UnderPin is intimately sized with just 8 lanes. This is good a good thing in my opinion because it keeps the noise level down. This can be helpful when you’re enjoying a date night or if you have a child with sensory issues. Even though the alley itself is small, the lanes are regulation size.

The other feature that sets them apart from a typical alley is their menu. Don’t worry; they have all the things you might expect at a bowling alley in the way of food.  Things like nachos and quesadillas are elevated to a whole new level with the use of ingredients like brisket and pork belly. The menu includes burgers, wraps, salads, and a kids menu.

What Readers Are Saying About Underpin

Everybody who visits the alley seems to love it!

We’ve been, great food and atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back.

Karen M.

Super Friendly staff and really cute décor. It is pretty small inside and I’m not sure how I felt about the pins being in wires butttt overall I had a really great experience there.

Morgan W.

Things to Know When You Visit Underpin

If you are planning on heading out, here’s the info you’ll need to know to snag a lane.

Reservations are only allowed for large parties and private events. If you are thinking of having a large group of friends join you, the alley has a nice semi-private area where your group can hang out with their own lanes. All other guests are first-come, first-serve access to the lanes.

Lanes are rented out by the hour and those super chic shoes will cost you $4 to borrow. A lane accommodates up to 6 players. Playing on a Friday or Saturday night from 5 pm – 10 pm will cost you more than any other time of the week. The peak rate for those times is $40 per hour on a lane, the rest of the time lanes are $24 an hour.

Initial Q: Social Bar & Smokehouse is open above UnderPin and you can enjoy a sit-down dinner upstairs, then head downstairs to bowl. The menu at Initial Q is the same type of elevated fare you see at Underpin. It’s not the typical BBQ meal you find in most places.

Underpin Lanes ‘N Lounge
127 West Main Street, Spartanburg | 864.707.2181

Find Gifts They Will Adore: Upstate, SC Gift Guide

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Shopping for gifts in Greenville this season? While Christmas is much more than finding that perfect gift, we sure do love giving gifts that make our friends and family feel loved. However, figuring out what to give and where to find it can definitely feel like a monumental task. To help our readers out we’re sharing several gift-giving ideas. We’re talking about sharing great books, giving enriching experiences, teacher gift advice, and a huge Greenville Shop Local Guide where you can find unique gifts. We hope the content below helps make your gift-giving a tiny bit easier this season!

Looking for more Greenville, SC Holiday content? Here’s our Holiday Guide to Greenville, SC loaded with things to do, gifts, Christmas lights, day trips, and more.

Don’t forget to check back throughout the season as we share more great ideas!


10 Places With Delicious Frozen Cocktails This Summer In Greenville, SC

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Here’s a summertime treat for the adults: grown-up frozen beverages in Greenville, SC. If you were a huge fan of slushies, Slurpees, or other frozen drinks as a child; that sensation of drinking down a slurry of flavored ice crystals has a cathartic effect. As an adult, those frozen beverages are often spiked with wine or liquor, and make a great occasional treat after a long week of adulting. 

We set out to find the most delicious frozen beverages in Greenville, SC, and we’re bringing you the top spots to sit down and relax with a frosé or other frozen adult beverage!

Finding A Frosé In Greenville, SC 

I remember like it was yesterday. Someone on social media had posted about a frozen drink on Instagram and it looked amazing. What was this magical drink she spoke of? A frosty beverage of frozen rose and some extra ingredients all swirled together into a marvelous creation, and it was calling my name. 

Sadly, the spot that inspired a love of these occasional treats no longer exists in Greenville. However, the anonymous social media personality and I are now friends in real life, and have had other food-inspired adventures together that include the occasional hunt for a good frosé. 

Finding a frosé in Greenville is a little bit more challenging than in places like Charleston, where they seem to be found all around town. They do exist in the Upstate, and here’s where you can enjoy a sweet glass of frozen wine even if you aren’t a huge fan of fermented grapes. 

The Juice Box Wine Bar @ Gather GVL

One of the newest residents of Gather GVL making it so that you can enjoy a frosty wine beverage with sushi, a philly cheesesteak, pasta, burgers, or any of the other cuisines that are offered from Gather GVL vendors! They offer a rotating flavor selection that includes flights incase you can’t make up your mind.

Frose from Juice Box at Gather GVL
The Juice Box Wine Bar

City Scape Winery

Where better to find frosé than at Greenville’s very own Wine Vintner? CityScape Winery offers visitors farm-to-table frosé. Food truck Saturdays allow you to relax in a beautiful setting and enjoy the wine slushie made from local grapes. Reservations aren’t required, but space fills up so you can schedule a tasting on the City Scape Winery Website.

Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe 

Grab the kids a scoop of gelato, grab a cafe table outside and then order a frosé from Luna Rosa’s Bar in the back. The kids will be happy, and the parents will be happy. It’s a win-win in the summer heat! You can also enjoy dinner before those scoops of gelato! See why we have Luna Rosa at the top of our list of places to dine when in Greenville, SC!  

The Taphouse @ Vaughn’s Warehouse

Another option that offers a variety of dining options to go with your frosé. Vaughn’s Warehouse has a raw bar, a German restaurant, tacos, and more. You can grab a frosé and then eat from one of the food vendors, giving you tons of options. They also have live music on the weekends and plenty of room for kids to run around. That will allow you to enjoy this frosty treat in peace. I recently tried the “blue raspberry frosé” from The Taphouse. I don’t know why, but artificially tinted blue drinks always look so refreshing. 

Frozen adult beverages at The TapHouse

Topsoil Kitchen & Market 

If you haven’t been to Topsoil Kitchen & Market yet, this news should seal the deal. They have frosé on top of all the other wonderful things on their farm-to-table menu! Gather up some friends and head to brunch at Topsoil Kitchen & Market, so you can eat from their delicious regularly updated menu and enjoy a grown-up beverage. 

Delicious Frozen Drinks In Greenville, SC

Before there was frosé, there were other frozen cocktails that paved the way. There are places serving up unique frozen drinks in the Upstate that are perfect on a hot and humid day. 

Mercado @ Gather GVL

If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy, then the Mangonada Margarita from Mercado is calling your name. This re-invented Mexican treat is traditionally served as a raspado, or a sno-cone. The addition of tajin chili powder, and a tamarind candy-covered straw is what makes this a true mangonada! They also serve frozen pina coladas, and margaritas daily. 

Tacos and Blah Blah Bla

The Freezing Saucy Sangarita at Tacos and Blah Blah Bla is similar to a drink I first enjoyed at Disney Springs in Orlando. A frozen margarita swirled with sangria is the perfect treat at the end of a long week. Plus you get to eat the delicious tacos from Tacos and Blah Blah Bla, so it’s a win-win. 

Frozen adult beverages in Greenville, SC
Tacos and Blah Blah Bla / Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

I’m embarrassed to admit that it took me years of living in South Carolina before I tried Cheerwine. However, once I tried the North Carolina-based beverage, I was a fan. I was thrilled to see that Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack offers Cheerwine whisky slushies to cool you down after eating that Nashville Hot Chicken. They also serve it sans the whisky for the kids, just don’t confuse the two. 

Home Team BBQ

The Home Team BBQ Frozen Irish coffee is Irish in name only, because it’s actually a multicultural iced coffee! If you’ve never had Vietnamese coffee, the Home Team cocktail is the perfect marriage of supercharged Vietnamese coffee and Irish whiskey! 

They also serve a signature frozen drink called “The Game Changer” that includes fruit juices, cream of coconut, nutmeg, and two kinds of rum. I don’t know how to explain the flavor, except for that it’s delicious! If you aren’t sure, ask your server for a sample taste. 

Home Team BBQ

Greenville Goat Yoga: Attend a Fun-filled Yoga Class with Goats in Greenville, SC

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Looking for a fun-filled way to burn calories? What if it was through laughter? When you combine yoga with goats, your face will hurt from smiling afterward. Kidding Around contributor India spent an hour with Greenville Goat Yoga and got the scoop on what to expect when you sign up for a class with a seasoned yoga teacher and a small team of goats.


Kids Haircuts for $5 (and lots more) at Greenville Tech in Greenville, SC

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Did you know that Greenville Tech operates several student-run clinics that offer low-cost services to the Greenville, SC community? If you’re looking for some low-cost options to sub into your routine to help fight the way inflation is hitting your budget, you’ll want to check out what Greenville Tech is offering! $5 haircuts for kids are just the beginning!

GTC Student-Run Clinics

What Are Student-Run Clinics at Greenville Tech?

Student-run clinics at Greenville Tech give students real-life practice in their field of study. They are overseen by licensed professionals, but because students are doing the work, the fees charged to clients are very low compared to professional services.

Student-run clinics at Greenville Technical College:

You will need to make an appointment at these clinics to attend.


Group Therapy Indoor Playground for Grown-Ups Opens in Greenville, SC

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Ever wish there was a playground for adults (in air conditioning)? Group Therapy Pub & Playground is now open in Greenville, SC and it’s exactly what you’re hoping for and more!

Sometimes you just need some space to chill out, play some games, and belt out some karaoke, or if you’re like me, just cheer on the brave souls who do. All of that and more is at the new Group Therapy Pub & Playground at Camperdown Plaza in downtown Greenville.