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Trapped in the Upstate: Beat The Clock In This Escape Room In Greer, SC

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Do you have what it takes to beat the clock at Trapped in the Upstate in Greer, SC? Will you figure out the puzzle or will you get trapped? Don’t worry. You’re not really trapped. But just to be sure, we visited to check out this escape room experience. Read our account of the spooky experience at Trapped In The Upstate. 

Robert's Relic Room
VooDoo Shack Room at Trapped In The Upstate

Thank you to Trapped In The Upstate Escape Room for providing complimentary admission for the purpose of this review. All opinions are those of the writer. 

What is an Escape Room? 

An Escape Room is a place where solving puzzles will lead you to clues that will lead to another puzzle until you’ve solved the mystery that creates the theme for the room. There’s usually an attendant watching players through a security camera, to help give you clues if you get stuck. They want you to succeed and are there to gently guide you to the clues you need to continue on and keep the fun going if you become frustrated.

You’re not really trapped, locked, or otherwise restricted to the room. You can leave to use the restroom or for any reason. Just remember, the clock doesn’t stop and you’ll have teammates counting on your help. Escape rooms are the perfect date night, team-building activity for co-workers, and birthday celebration activities for those impossible-to-please teens & tweens! The rooms come in all different themes depending on the venue.

At Trapped In The Upstate, Greer’s only escape room, they currently have six themes, including Saving Santa, The Legend of Lizzie, Asylum, Master Illusionist’s Parlor, and VooDoo Shack. Each room had a varying difficulty level, with most of the rooms lasting 60 minutes.

VooDoo Shack Escape Room at Trapped In The Upstate 

“Archeologist Robert Robertson ventured into a Voodoo Shack and was never seen again. His family believes that he has been cursed and his soul is being held by supernatural forces. Can you find Robert’s Relic and set his soul free…or is it too late?” -Trapped In The Upstate 

I feel like I have to tread carefully, so as to not give anything away that would spoil for readers that go (and you totally should). 

Waking up to the Roberts Relic Escape Room, sets the tone for what you are about to experience. The reclaimed wood panels and flickering gas lamps begin to transport you to the bayou and some undisclosed location where no one would hear your screams. Why are you even there? Budget Basement travel agent? Who knows? That’s not important anymore. Now you just have to figure out how you’re getting back home.

Solving the mystery of what happened to “Uncle Robert” is your only goal. That and doing it in 60 minutes or less, or before that voodoo priestess comes back to claim another victim. 

This room was a lot of fun, and I suggest you bring at least two other adults with you. The more eyeballs on things the better.

Clues For The Escape Rooms at Trapped In The Upstate

Without giving anything away, I can offer you these tips for your time in the rooms. 

  • Just assume that everything you see in the room is there for a reason. Clues could be staring you in the face, so take nothing for granted. 
  • Nothing will be higher than a short person could reach. If they didn’t supply you with a ladder, you won’t need one. Climbing on furniture won’t be necessary and is not approved by the Voodoo Priestess. 
  • If something won’t move if you try to push it lightly – it’s not meant to move. This isn’t a strong man contest. 
  • The resetting of the padlocks, as shown to you at the beginning is IMPERATIVE to remember. In your panic and hustle to enter possible combinations – you will forget to reset. So if you only take a few things away from reading this, let this be one of them. Push the padlock up and down 3 times to reset it.
  • Pay attention to the TV. There may be clues given to you on the screen when you need them.

The room is not super scary, but young children won’t be able to help solve the puzzles and may become a hindrance to others trying to solve the room. This is best suited for tween-age and older players. The Magician’s Parlor will be better suited for families and elementary-aged children.

Master Illusionist Room at Trapped in the Upstate
The Master Illusionist’s Parlor at Trapped In The Upstate

Trapped In The Upstate in Greer, SC 

You can book your visit to these six rooms:

Admission to Trapped in the Upstate:

  • 2 players – $41.99 per person 
  • 3 – 4 players – $33.99 per person 
  • 5+ players – $30.99 per person 

Trapped In The Upstate
556D Memorial Drive Extension, Greer | 864.416.1539

Escape Rooms near Greenville, SC

Looking for more escape rooms? We have a list of all the Escape Rooms in the Upstate and the unique experiences they offer. Check out Escape Rooms Near Greenville, SC.

Greer City Park is a Park Your Entire Family will Love

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Have you visited Greer City Park? This park includes a playground, landscaped green spaces, and a fountain, plus hosts many local events and festivals.

For more parks in Greenville, see our Ultimate Guide to Parks in Greenville.

Are you looking for a great local park with plenty of things for your little ones to enjoy and explore? Look no further than Greer City Park!  Find it at 301 East Poinsett Street in Greer!

An Evening Stroll in Greer City Park

About Greer City Park

Located right in the heart of downtown Greer is a charming, yet modern, recreation area that boasts all of the best amenities. Visitors can enjoy playing ball in any of the park’s wide open spaces, taking a stroll or bike ride along one of the beautifully landscaped walkways, having a picnic under a pavilion, or bouncing around on the new rubber turf slab surrounding the large playground.

The park has a great mix of interesting characteristics including a gazebo, an adorable little pond, a large fountain, bench swings, an amphitheater, beautiful rock features, and lovely brick facades.

Playground and Picnic Shelter

A large pavilion next to the playground provides plenty of tables and shade for a picnic or birthday party. Also, right next to the playground are drinking fountains and bathroom facilities. I loved that the playground was set back a good stroll away from the parking lot. In the heat of the summer, visitors might find the playground a bit hot since it is right in the direct sun.

Greer City Park has a Musical Fountain

The top of the park features a fountain that synchronizes its water with music and plays several times an hour. It’s a great way to surprise the kids if you can catch it at the right time.

A second set of restrooms is located near the fountain and amphitheater.

Lots of Sun & Access to Downtown Greer

On the particular day my youngest son and I set out to review this park, the skies were a beautiful blue streaked with puffy white clouds, the birds were out, and the flowers had burst open all throughout the park – everything was singing of Spring!

My 4-year-old most loved the obstacle-course style features on the playground and kicking a bouncy ball through an adjacent open lawn. We enjoyed a picnic lunch next to the playground along with a few of our friends. Next time I’ll probably pack the scooters or a kite. We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!

For more parks with sun for the hotter months see our list of Sunny Playgrounds in Greenville.

301 East Poinsett Street, Greer
Visit the Greer City Park website.

If you’re looking for a special treat, the park borders downtown Greer.  Frozen custard, coffee shops, and restaurants are just an easy walk away.

What’s your favorite thing to do at Greer City Park?

Peach Picking? SC Options near Greenville and WNC are Perfect

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Are you looking for a place to go peach picking? SC peach picking spots are located near Greenville and into Western North Carolina. And, just in case you’d like to skip the picking and just get some delicious peaches, we’ve added some great places to get local prepicked peaches. That means if you’re wondering “Where can I get peaches near me?” you’ve come to the right spot.

Did you know that South Carolina actually grows more peaches than Georgia? Yep, peaching picking SC is a real thing because believe it or not South Carolina was the second-highest peach-producing state after California in 2022. Georgia was third. Even though we aren’t the Peach State, we can unofficially claim that title for fun with our acres and acres of peaches, orchards, peach farms, and peach stands.

I love peaches and summer is the perfect time to enjoy the juicy fruit.

While there are not a lot of local places you can pick your own, there are plenty of places to get locally-grown peaches. We’ve got both of those lists right here for you so you can get to eatin’ some peaches.

Where to Pick your own peaches in Greenville

East Riverside Park Has a Fun Playground: Greer, SC

Looking for a new place to play? East Riverside Park has some fun playground equipment along with fields and a community garden. We checked it out to let our readers know what to expect when they visit this park.

Playground at East Riverside Park, Greer

East Riverside Park is a wonderful park located near Riverside High School in Greer. Let’s explore the park from the back of the park to the front.

Football Fields, Community Garden, and More

When you wind your way to the back of the park by car or by walking on its roadway, you will find a large sports field. The field is used for both soccer and football. The wide open area would also be a great place to fly kites. You will find restrooms right in front of the field. There is a large parking lot there, too. 

A short walk from the ball field is a single basketball hoop and the community garden. East Riverside Park is the home to one of the community gardens in the Greenville Parks and Recreation system. What fun it would be to rent a garden plot there to work on with your children!

You can take a trip through the trees or back on the main park road to get to the picnic pavilion.  It is a large area filled with picnic tables, a large grill, and a set of bathrooms.  The bathrooms in the pavilion are the closest ones to the playground area. There is a parking area right in front of the pavilion that is also used by park visitors who want to explore the playground area.

East Riverside Park’s Playground

Shade at East Riverside Park

The playground area is filled with fun playground equipment, recently replaced within the last couple of years.

There is a section of the playground that features equipment just right for younger children and the section for older children is on the other side of the playground.

Both areas have some sun cover. Between the areas, you will find equipment that children can stand or sit on and spin. My son tested out each of the pieces of spinning equipment and announced they were all a lot of fun. Both areas feature climbing equipment and equipment that moves. 

Playground equipment at East Riverside Park

There are no swings available at this park. There is a swinging bridge area that my son enjoyed in the area for older children. Younger children at the park the day we visited needed help from their parents to cross it. 

In front of the playground, there is a sand volleyball court. Young children would have fun trying to get balloons over the net while older children could actually play volleyball there.

Volleyball court at E. Riverside Park

Across the parking lot from the playground and pavilion, you will find an open field that would be great for playing tag or maybe even bike riding. 

Finally, at the front of the park, you will find baseball fields. The fields have their own parking lot and bathrooms.

East Riverside Park: Quick Review


  • Great new playground equipment
  • Restrooms located near the sports field and pavilion
  • Variety of fields and courts to play on


  • No swings

1155 S Suber Rd, Greer, SC 29650

East Riverside Park is only a stone’s throw away from residential and business areas. We found it to be a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle. It was a great park to play and explore nature. 

Have you visited the new playground at East Riverside Park?

parks and playgrounds spartanburg greenville

Looking for more parks in the Upstate? We’ve got Your Guide to Parks Near Greenville, SC.

Greer Ghost Tours Marquee

Greer, SC is awesome

If you’re headed to Greer, here’s our full Greer, SC Guide, so you don’t miss a thing!

The Premier Guide to Greer, SC: Things to Do, Tasty Food, & More

Posted on | 4 Comments

Greer, SC is the perfect place to live and work. Straddled between Spartanburg and Greenville, residents of Greer have the best of both counties right at their fingertips, plus all the things Greer has to offer! Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this city has a great downtown area, plus loads of unique restaurants, parks, and things to do.

You can explore Greer and walk beneath the glowing lights on Trade Street, grab some ice cream and stroll through Greer City Park in the heart of Downtown Greer, visit the surrounding area to enjoy some disc golf at local parks like Kids Planet, or travel north to enjoy some gorgeous views of the foothills. There are so many things to do in Greer, SC!

In this article, we’re taking you through Downtown Greer and beyond to show you why Greer, South Carolina is an amazing place to be!

This article includes:
Things to Do in Greer, SC
Where Are the Best Places to Eat in Greer, SC
Where to Park in Greer, SC
Where Should We Stay in Greer, SC
Seasonal Fun in Greer, SC
What’s Happening this Weekend in Greer, SC?
The Best of Greer, SC


Music Lovers Are Heading to the Family-Friendly Albino Skunk Music Festival in Greer, South Carolina

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Albino Skunk Music Festival in Greer, South Carolina has attracted acts like The Avett Brothers. It happens twice a year on a farm in Greer, and if you haven’t been, you’re missing out. If you want to go, you’ll need to act fast! The fall Albino Skunk Music Festival is October 6-8, 2022! SpringSkunk gives music lovers a few months to plan for the May 11-13, 2023 event if you need a little more time to plan.

Find out what makes the weekend-long Albino Skunk Music Festival in Greer unique and why you’ll want to go to this family-friendly event, no matter what kind of music you prefer!

Planning on coming in from out of town for the festival? The Ultimate Visitors and Locals Guide to Greer, SC, can help you plan your trip!


Find Delicious Things to Eat at Restaurants in Greer, SC

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Are you looking for restaurants in Greer, SC? Whether you’re looking for a restaurant to hold a business lunch or a casual place to bring the kids, Greer has lots of options. Check out this guide, organized by meal and category, to find the perfect restaurant! Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

This article includes:
Breakfast in Greer
Lunch and Dinner in Greer, SC
Dessert in Greer
Trade Street Restaurants
Restaurants near the Greenville Spartanburg Airport
Restaurants on Wade Hampton Boulevard in Greer
Romantic Restaurants in Greer
Restaurants Best for Young Kids in Greer
Restaurants for Business Meetings
Budget-Friendly and Take-Out Options in Greer


[Permanently Closed] We Rock the Spectrum Kids’ Gym Is A Place Where Parents and Children Can Enjoy Carefree Fun in Greenville, SC

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Looking for a place where all the kids can play? We Rock the Spectrum Kids’ Gym offers a unique play space designed with special needs children in mind. But all kids are welcome to visit the gym, use the unique equipment and play together! Kidding Around’s Melanie Coblentz visited We Rock the Spectrum Kids’ Gym with her kids and is bringing our readers some first-hand information about this new kids’ gym!

Current Safety Policies: The policy announcements, changes, and more can be found on the We Rock The Spectrum Corporate website.


10 Things We Love About The Playgrounds at Kids Planet, Century Park in Greer, SC

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Are you in search for a unique local park with imaginative play spaces? We recommend Century Park’s Kids Planet in Greer. This park has multiple new playgrounds with a castle, bridge, zip line and accessible playground.

After patiently waiting since September of 2019 for the new and improved Kid’s Planet playground to be revealed at Greer’s Century Park, the wait is over! The New Benson Automotive Kid’s Planet is open to the public and we are in love!

For more info about the re-opening, check out our Century Park opening announcement

IMPORTANT: The playground will be closed for maintenance every Wednesday from 7 am – Noon.


Put These 5 Awesome Parks in Greer On Your To Do List This Summer

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KAG travels Northwest to explore kid-friendly parks in Greer. Straddling Greenville and Spartanburg counties, Greer has some of the most popular playgrounds Greenville has to offer.. Check out our list and spot that Apache helicopter at Veteran’s Park or see some ruins of an old mill by the Scenic Enoree river while taking your kids (and dogs) for a walk at Pelham Mill Park and Dog Park.

Find even more great parks on our Greenville Parks Page.

Kids Planet at Century Park in Greer

Century Park & Kid’s Planet [CLOSED FOR RENOVATION SEPT. 2019-EARLY 2020]

On top of our list and probably yours, Century Park & Kid’s Planet is a parent’s summer oasis. The park is getting a huge makeover and will open with all new equipment sometime in early 2020.

3605 Brushy Creek Road, Greer

Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park

Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park, located on SC Highway 101 South just north of Stevens Field, offers a lighted walking path, a gazebo, a freshly planted and landscaped lawn area, retired military equipment, and a monument honoring the men and women who have served their country in the United States Armed Forces. Kids will surely be in awe of the Apache helicopter and tank on display.

17th Street, Greer

Greer City Park

Greer City Park

Famous for its moonlight movies, Friday concert series and etc…did you know that on top of all its amazing family events and features, it also has a musical fountain? See what our writer Jackie has to say about Greer City Park.

301 E. Poinsett Street, Greer

East Riverside Park

A part of the larger Suber Road Soccer Complex, the overall size is described as larger than a football field! East Riverside Park also offers some shade and two playgrounds for the little ones. Its unique feature are the sand volleyball court and the community garden for Greer residents at an annual membership of $50 for one garden bed.

1155 S. Suber Road, Greer

Pelham Mills Park Greer parks

Pelham Mill Park

No playgrounds at Pelham Mills Park, but plenty of history, nature and rough trails. There is a dog park for your furry ones. Keep your little one entertained from doing a short hike and finding the Geocache hidden stash.

2770 E. Phillips Road, Greer

What park in Greer is your kid’s favorite?