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This Awesome Park in Greenville Offers Multiple Playgrounds, a Walking Trail, Tennis Courts & More

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If you’re searching for a park that has designated play spaces for little kids and big kids plus some other features too, look no further! KAG Contributor Deborah and her kids love Butler Springs Park and think you will too! This awesome park includes multiple playgrounds, a walking trail, tennis courts and more!

About Butler Springs Park

What if you could sit in the shade for just a minute or two while your toddler happily plays on an age-appropriate playground? When my boys were all under 4, that idea felt like a dream. Butler Springs Park has an exciting playground for little ones that is fully enclosed and mostly shaded. The fenced-in area even has baby swings and a couple of benches. Restrooms are just steps away.

Butler Springs Park in Greenville playground

But, do not think that Butler Springs is just for toddlers! The playground designed for ages 5-12 has tall slides, challenging balance beams and monkey bars, swings, shifting stepping blocks and so much more. The crazy, rotating disc is thrilling, and there’s even some monkey bars hidden under the fish. A bench under the tall trees allows you to watch your children in the shade.

The large, covered pavilion complete with restrooms, drinking fountains and grills is situated between the two playgrounds.  You will also find many picnic tables scattered throughout the park. We have brought dinner to this park and had large family gatherings.

We love the paved trail that weaves between the playgrounds, lighted tennis courts and baseball fields. Much of the trail is also shaded. You’ll discover some fun activities to do with your children along the way including hop-scotch.

The park is surrounded by quiet neighborhoods and only five minutes from Haywood Mall. Get your children, young and old, to this park the next time you want some good family time!

Butler Springs Park playground walking trail tennis courts

Visit Butler Springs Park

301 Butler Springs Road, Greenville
Visit the Butler Springs Park website here.

What’s your favorite thing to do when visiting Butler Springs Park?

North Main Rotary Park is a Unique Park in Downtown Greenville Your Family is Sure to Love

Had enough sun? Check out the cool and shady North Main Rotary Park. KAG Contributor Deidre and her son love this park and think you will too. After all, it offers a playground you won’t see at every park, a cool amphitheater and more!

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North Main Rotary Park in Greenville

About North Main Rotary Park

First off, North Main Rotary Park is shady, which you’ll really appreciate on a hot summer day. This park is surrounded by tall trees on three sides keeping it well-shaded all summer long! Plus North Main Rotary Park has a stream running through it and includes several different areas to play. And really, what child doesn’t love exploring a stream on a hot day?

We parked in a lot right next to the Bobby Pearse Community Center on Townes rather than park on along the road near the baseball field. That meant we needed to cross a bridge into the park. How cool to cross a bridge and end up in a woodland park!

The climbing structure at Rotary Park

As we entered the first park’s zone, we saw picnic areas, swings and a fun climbing structure. It was so much fun swinging up to and seeing the tall trees. We spent a lot of time in this area, most of it swinging.

climbing structure at North Main Rotary Park in Greenville

Ball fields and a basketball court at North Main Rotary Park

We then walked up to the baseball field we had seen while trying to find the park. My son and I didn’t bring a ball, glove or bat so, we kept exploring. It looked like a great place to play ball though.

In a corner of the park we found a fenced in basketball court with a single hoop. We decided this would be a fun place to play a game of Horse!

Just past the basketball court we saw a bat house high up in a tree. It was way too early in the day to see bats, but we still looked for them. It would be fun to see one high up in the trees – maybe we’ll head back one evening soon!

The amphitheatre at North Main Rotary Park

Beyond the bat house up on a hill be found a small amphitheater. What fun it would be to bring books to share or music to sing or play to act there. It is separated from the playground zone by a stream. Kids could perform or read there and, in case they’re shy, no one would see them from below.

I was impressed that this park was so clean, so quiet, and such fun. We will be going back to visit it over and over again.

amphitheatre at North Main Rotary Park in Greenville

Visit North Main Rotary Park

904 Townes Street, Greenville
(North Main Street & Ashley Avenue)
Visit the park website here.

Have you ever taken your kids to North Main Rotary Park?

Your Kids will Love this Shaded Playground on a Hot Summer Day

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Too hot for your favorite park? How about trying a park with a playground shaded by tall trees? Pittman Park is one of KAG Contributor Lindy Wilson’s favorites! It offers a shaded playground, walking trail, space to roam and more!

Looking for even more things to do outside this summer? Check out our Outdoor Activities Guide

About Pittman Park

Pittman Park is located off of Blacks Road, which runs from Pelham Road to Roper Mountain Road. This makes it a very convenient stop when running errands in that area or Woodruff Road, as well as close to the 385 and 85. It also is near the Pelham Road branch of the library. The location makes Pittman Park the perfect park to stop by on a hot summer day!

The playground at Pittman Park

If your kids need space to run, they’ll love Pittman Park as it offers many fields and is great for soccer. Or bring your child’s bike and circle the fields on the paved trail. It’s the perfect spot to burn some energy between errands!

The playground is a bit old school with a tall metal design, but it is fun. There are lots of slides including smaller ones you can assist an older baby down. There is no toddler playground, however there are toddler swings as well as standard ones. The ground is covered with wood chips which are much less messy than the sand found at some playgrounds.

Pittman Park tends to be a good warm weather park as there is plenty of shade thanks to the trees surrounding the park. The ice cream truck even stops by occasionally. You’ll find various benches for sitting or even having a picnic. While there are no reservations for use, it’s a popular spot for birthday parties. (See our list of Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas in Greenville for even more suggestions.)

Pittman Park shaded playground in Greenville

Other amenities at Pittman Park

The bathroom is relatively close but it’s up the hill so it can be a little trek from the play area. Keep that in mind if you have newly potty trained toddlers. You’ll also find water fountains next to the bathrooms.

Pittman Park can be busy as there are several soccer fields. However it’s so big that crowding is almost never an issue. The parking lot is pretty unique in that it’s oriented longways so there’s many spots right along the grass/sidewalk. Which is nice because kids can jump out of the car and hit the park without crossing through the parking lot.

The fact that the park is downhill of the parking lot also means it’s harder for kids to run off. The landscaping retaining wall also helps as does the more open playground design. I can usually spot my kids without running around to see past walls. This puts my mind at ease while allowing my kids to freely explore.

Overall, Pittman is a great park. Fun playground, nice trail, lots of grassy fields and some nice places to sit in the shade all make it a winner in our book. We hope you enjoy it too!

soccer fields walking trail at Pittman Park

Visit Pittman Park

Pittman Park
420 Blacks Road, Greenville

What do you and your kids love the most about Pittman Park?

Holmes Park near Downtown Greenville Has a Brand New Playground Your Kids Will Love

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Do you want to find a new playground in an old neighborhood? The city of Greenville has just installed a new playground at Holmes park that your children are sure to enjoy playing on. KAG contributor, Deborah, recently checked it out and found a tranquil park full of activities for children, teens and adults.

If you’re looking for more great parks to visit see our Greenville parks page.

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Until just a few weeks before her 100th birthday, my grandmother lived in the quiet neighborhood of Dellwood. I have wonderful memories of walking down the street to Holmes Park where I could play at the playground and run around. Of course as a child, I had no idea that Holmes Park is located just 3 miles from Cherrydale and 2 miles from downtown Greenville. I didn’t think about how nice it was to not have to wait to go down the slide or how easy it was for my mom to keep track of me. I just loved being a kid. Now, I get to share this lovely park with my boys.

Holmes Park new playground in Greenville

About Holmes Park

The adventure begins the moment you get out of the car. You can barely see the playground from the parking lot which means you get to run up the path, beside the covered pavilion, all the way up to the brand new playground. This bright playground’s plethora of climbing structures makes it feel like an obstacles course. Your children will be challenged and determined to conquer the hanging triangle tunnel. The slide stands out from others with a climbing wall to reach the top instead of a ladder. The teacup-like ride, rotating shuttle, and netted-tunnel complete the draw this playground will have for every child aged 5-12. There is a fully shaded bench where you can sit and watch your children, but the playground is not shaded.

The giant live oak tree right beside the playground will draw your children into nature’s playground. You can climb its thick, low branches, hide in its leaves, and let your imagination run wild. An excellent frisbee golf course encircles the park. Most of the course is shaded which means you could take a nice walk even in the heat of the summer.

You will also find tennis courts and a ball field in the center of the park, and restrooms are across the field from the playground.

Holmes Park tree to climb in Greenville

Visit Holmes Park

111 Holmes Drive, Greenville
8 am – 9 pm daily
Visit the Holmes Park website.

Have you taken your kids to explore Holmes Park since the new playground was installed?

You Can Fish, Boat, Play on a Unique Playground or Simply Relax at Anchor Park on Lake Bowen

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Are you looking for a place on the water where the whole family can enjoy fishing, water sports, and a fenced-in playground? Whether it’s spending time on the lake or enjoying a picnic in the shade we’ve found the perfect spot. We’ve included all the info you’ll need for spending the day on Lake Bowen and at Anchor Park.

Please check the Spartanburg Water website for updated info before heading to Lake Bowen. It may be closed due to COVID-19 public health concerns.

For more ideas on outdoor activities this summer check out our list of Things to do Outside.

About Lake Bowen

Lake Bowen covers over 1,500 acres and contains approximately 33 miles of shoreline. Anchor Park on the lake includes picnic pavilions, fishing, a playground, two boat ramps, and the Lake Bowen Warden’s Office.

Anchor Park at Lake Bowen

Water sports on Lake Bowen

If you plan on use of any type of water craft, be sure to call the Warden’s Office in advance at 864.592.2240. There are office hours posted, however, the office isn’t always open during those hours. If the warden goes out on the lake, the office will be closed. This is the only way to obtain a permit to be on the lake, so call ahead.

Boat permits are issued through the Spartanburg Water system that owns the lake. Rates start at $20 for motorized boats to obtain a daily pass. Kayak passes that are good for both Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock are only $5 for everyone. Life jackets are required and a loaner system has been set up at the boat dock if you forgot one.

If boating isn’t what you had in mind, the park has tons of shade trees and a modern playground. The play area is divided into two age-appropriate sections and is completely fenced in with the picnic shelters and a green space.

Picnic shelters at Lake Bowen

The picnic shelter is rather large , containing eight large family size picnic tables and two charcoal grills. If you want to reserve the whole shelter, the rental fee is $50 and can be reserved by calling 864.583.7361. The restroom facility is nearby just outside of the fence on the opposite side of the playground.

Fishing on Lake Bowen

While there’s no fishing pier structure, there is plenty of shore line to fish from. Just make sure you have your fishing license handy. Obtain one from the Warden’s Office or online at SCDNR.com. We didn’t have a chance to do any fishing this time, but I hope to do so in the near future.

This park really is lovely. There are plenty of benches and even a few that swing. The open green space is perfect if you want to bring along a corn hole set for some friendly family competition. We brought our hammock, but never had a chance to set it up. Pesky summer storms! There are plenty of trees, I just didn’t notice if any were close enough together.

If you pack a picnic, you really could spend the whole day relaxing here. There’s even an ice machine in the park to help make sure those sodas stay frosty!

I hope you’ll plan a day on Lake Bowen soon. I know we are looking forward to going back. (After a quick check with Channel 10’s Malachi Rodgers for the weather forecast) Pesky summer storms.

Lake Bowen Spartanburg County Parks

Visit Lake Bowen

8515 Highway 9, Inman
Visit the Lake Bowen website.

Daily park hours: 6 am – midnight
Office hours for purchasing land permits: Monday – Friday 2 – 4 pm
Office hours for purchasing boating permits: Sunday – Friday 12 – 4 pm, Saturday 8:30 am – 5 pm

What’s your family’s favorite thing to do at Lake Bowen?

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Put These 5 Awesome Parks in Greer On Your To Do List This Summer

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KAG travels Northwest to explore kid-friendly parks in Greer. Straddling Greenville and Spartanburg counties, Greer has some of the most popular playgrounds Greenville has to offer.. Check out our list and spot that Apache helicopter at Veteran’s Park or see some ruins of an old mill by the Scenic Enoree river while taking your kids (and dogs) for a walk at Pelham Mill Park and Dog Park.

Find even more great parks on our Greenville Parks Page.

Kids Planet at Century Park in Greer

Century Park & Kid’s Planet [CLOSED FOR RENOVATION SEPT. 2019-EARLY 2020]

On top of our list and probably yours, Century Park & Kid’s Planet is a parent’s summer oasis. The park is getting a huge makeover and will open with all new equipment sometime in early 2020.

3605 Brushy Creek Road, Greer

Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park

Victor Memorial Veteran’s Park, located on SC Highway 101 South just north of Stevens Field, offers a lighted walking path, a gazebo, a freshly planted and landscaped lawn area, retired military equipment, and a monument honoring the men and women who have served their country in the United States Armed Forces. Kids will surely be in awe of the Apache helicopter and tank on display.

17th Street, Greer

Greer City Park

Greer City Park

Famous for its moonlight movies, Friday concert series and etc…did you know that on top of all its amazing family events and features, it also has a musical fountain? See what our writer Jackie has to say about Greer City Park.

301 E. Poinsett Street, Greer

East Riverside Park

A part of the larger Suber Road Soccer Complex, the overall size is described as larger than a football field! East Riverside Park also offers some shade and two playgrounds for the little ones. Its unique feature are the sand volleyball court and the community garden for Greer residents at an annual membership of $50 for one garden bed.

1155 S. Suber Road, Greer

Pelham Mills Park Greer parks

Pelham Mill Park

No playgrounds at Pelham Mills Park, but plenty of history, nature and rough trails. There is a dog park for your furry ones. Keep your little one entertained from doing a short hike and finding the Geocache hidden stash.

2770 E. Phillips Road, Greer

What park in Greer is your kid’s favorite?

The Kids and The Adults are Sure to Love Poinsett Park in Travelers Rest

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Love Travelers Rest? Consider checking out Poinsett Park with the kids. KAG Contributor Lindy Wilson visited with her family and is giving us all the details so you’ll know just what to expect. You’re sure to love all this park has to offer, including multiple playgrounds and a paved trail for walking!

About Poinsett Park

This park is a little tricky to get to heading south, but worth it! If planning your day, its easiest to stop while driving northward, as you won’t have to fight traffic to turn off Main Street.

At first, I was skeptical. The park looks small, but we were there so why not check it out? It was gorgeous with a very decadent tree line and lush grass.

The playgrounds

The kids were enchanted with the tree house themed playground. I was relieved that there was a toddler area to direct my little one towards. They liked the swings and enjoyed the many slides available.

Watch out for the climbing web- preschoolers will need your help but it’s very user friendly! The forest of stairs shaped like trees also scared me, but my kids navigated them well. Little monkeys will surely enjoy all the climbing features!

For whatever reason, the rainwater didn’t pool much on the slides or swings or anywhere else for that matter. The low retaining wall surrounding playground also seemed to help waterproof the park a lot, as there were hardly any puddles. So this park may be a good bet after a rainy day.

Poinsett Park in Travelers Rest

The walking trail

Once we finally got the kids away from the playground, we took a family walk around the trail. This trail seemed popular with many people, and though there were quite a few pet owners walking their dogs, the park was very clean. It is a nice size yet had good visibility. Those with older kids could probably walk the trail by themselves yet be in sight to wave at their children over on the playground. This feature makes it very family friendly- adults can jog a bit, have an uninterrupted conversation or just enjoy the walk.

There are also some nice picnic tables and a shelter that can be reserved for special occasions. The larger trail has a cut through with tables near the playground so you can just circle nearby if needed.

Visit Poinsett Park

Poinsett Park is a great little destination for the whole family. We saw many generations there and families with kids of all ages. It’s not far from downtown Greenville and is just a stone’s throw from downtown Travelers Rest.

5 Pine Forest Road, Travelers Rest
Visit the park website here.

Have you taken your little ones to Poinsett Park in Travelers Rest yet?

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Stewart Park in Spartanburg Has a Fun Playground and Splash Pad

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Have you been looking for new parks to explore in Spartanburg? I recently visited a new-to-me park, Stewart Park, and I have everything parents need to know! This Eastside Spartanburg park offers both a fun playground and a splash pad.

For even more park reviews, see our Things to Do Outside in Spartanburg page.

Stewart Park in eastside Spartanburg County

Where is Stewart Park?

Stewart Park is located around the corner from the iconic Beacon Restaurant on Beacon Street in the Highland area of town. Since it is nestled in an area with houses and apartments, it is possible not even to know it is back there.

What you will find at Stewart Park

Stewart Park is a wonderful product of City of Spartanburg Parks and Recreation. The city renovated this park in 2012, and now our children get to reap the benefits! The park has a great playground, as well as a swing set with baby swings, and a splash pad! Given that I visited during one of the hottest days of the summer, I was thrilled to see the splash pad was up and working.

Additionally, this park is home to a baseball field, basketball courts, a paved walking trail, and a covered picnic pavilion. When we checked out this park, every area was in use by someone, which showed us this local park is well-loved by the community.

basketball courts at Stewart Park in Spartanburg Country

What parents need to know about Stewart Park

We visited Stewart Park on a very hot Tuesday afternoon around 4:00 pm, and it was packed! There were tons of children playing on the playground and enjoying the splash pad. However, there is plenty of room, so no one was running into one another. With its location, many locals simply walk to the park, so I imagine this is why it appeared to be busier than other parks we have visited.

The park does not have an actual restroom facility, but it does have portable toilets (aka porta-potties). Fortunately, they are located pretty close to the playground, so if your kid has a potty emergency, you can get there quickly. But, you will not find a diaper changing area.

The playground area of the park is not fenced in, and the park does lie between two streets. However, the actual playground is located at the bottom of steep hill, so little ones are still protected from running from the playground to the street.

On our visit, my kids who are 4 and 7 years old fit right in with the ages of the kids playing. Plus, there were older kids (pre-teens and teenagers) hanging out at the basketball court and walking the paved track. The park serves all ages.

The most exciting feature is definitely the splash pad! The splash pad is activated by the touch of a button. You may have to wait a minute or two for the water to come up after you push it, but once it does, the kids will have a blast! The splash pad is a great feature, especially because Stewart Park is not a shaded park. If you want shade, you will have to sit at the pavilion (which does border the playground).

splash pad at Stewart Park in Spartanburg

Plan a trip  to Stewart Park

Stewart Park
Beacon St, Spartanburg
Visit the Stewart Park website.

Splash Pad is open Memorial Day through Labor Day (9 am – 7 pm)

We list additional parks with splash pads on our list of splash pads & water parks near Spartanburg.

Have you taken your kids to Stewart Park yet? What other parks in Spartanburg should parents know about? Let us know in the comments!

Find Out Why Legacy Park is a Favorite Park for So Many Families

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Are you searching for a park that offers something for everyone in your family? We’ve got just the place! Our review of Legacy Park in Greenville shares all that this awesome park offers, including walking trails, tons of open space to play, great playgrounds and more! Read on and plan your own trip to Legacy Park!

For more reviews of local parks see our Park Guide to Greenville, SC.

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Your Family is Sure to Love the Birds and Bridges at Timmons Park

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Are you searching for a park to visit that includes more than just a playground? KAG contributor Deborah gives us the scoop on Timmons Park, a neighborhood park offering way more than a climbing structure and swings. 

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Discover Timmons Park

“Look! A Hawk!” My boys and I were enjoying a morning at the park when we spotted a hawk in the mature trees around the playground. The large bird of prey was calling to another hawk that we heard in the distance. Then, we saw that second hawk fly into the same tree. Where are we?

Timmons Park is tucked away in the established neighborhood of Overbrook. Within Greenville’s city limits, this park is full of large trees that provide you with ample shady places to rest and listen to the songs of the birds.

Timmons Park in Greenville

The park has an excellent frisbee golf course. Even if you do not want to play, the trail is a great place to walk your dog, and children love getting to cross the stream on the various bridges. Just watch out for frisbees! Keep your children out of the stream, because we spotted a large snake while we were there.

The playground has two slides, monkey bar rings, a metal climbing structure and a four-way bouncing structure. There is a large swing set across the one-way street. The playground is not shaded, but there is a shaded section at the top of the slides.

Bring a picnic to enjoy in the covered pavilion that is beside the large swing set. The city is currently building a new restroom between the lighted tennis courts and baseball field. You can park in front of the playground, across from the pavilion, or down by the baseball field and restrooms.

Timmons Park playground

Where you’ll find Timmons Park

121 Oxford Street, Greenville
Visit the Timmons Park website.

What’s your favorite thing to do while visiting Timmons Park?