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Discover Northside Park Playground in Greenville, SC

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Looking for a playground in northern Greenville? Northside Park has a newer playground in addition to picnic facilities and basketball and tennis courts. We sent KAG Contributor Kristen Alcock to visit the playground at Northside Park and give our readers a review of the facilities.


Cool Off in the Free Splash Pad at Downtown Memorial Airport Park: Spartanburg, SC

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Downtown Spartanburg has a fantastic park, located at the Downtown Memorial Airport with two playgrounds, paved paths for bike riding, picnic shelters, and a free splash pad. The Spartanburg Airport Park is perfect for the summer heat with that splash pad, plus year-round fun on the playgrounds. Here’s everything you need to know about the Downtown Memorial Airport Park.


Check Out Some Favorite Playgrounds and Parks in Easley & Pickens, SC

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Looking for parks in Easley? My favorite time of year has arrived, and I am so excited! Spring is working hard to break its way into the Southern summer. Recently my kids and I decided to leave the “big city” to check out the suburbs. We set out on a mission to explore some of the Easley parks and were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered!

We’ve also added some information for you about all parks in Easley and Pickens Counties, even if we haven’t had the opportunity to visit them yet.

Playgrounds and parks Easley, SC

East Riverside Park Has a Fun Playground: Greer, SC

Looking for a new place to play? East Riverside Park has some fun playground equipment along with fields and a community garden. We checked it out to let our readers know what to expect when they visit this park.

Playground at East Riverside Park, Greer

East Riverside Park is a wonderful park located near Riverside High School in Greer. Let’s explore the park from the back of the park to the front.

Football Fields, Community Garden, and More

When you wind your way to the back of the park by car or by walking on its roadway, you will find a large sports field. The field is used for both soccer and football. The wide open area would also be a great place to fly kites. You will find restrooms right in front of the field. There is a large parking lot there, too. 

A short walk from the ball field is a single basketball hoop and the community garden. East Riverside Park is the home to one of the community gardens in the Greenville Parks and Recreation system. What fun it would be to rent a garden plot there to work on with your children!

You can take a trip through the trees or back on the main park road to get to the picnic pavilion.  It is a large area filled with picnic tables, a large grill, and a set of bathrooms.  The bathrooms in the pavilion are the closest ones to the playground area. There is a parking area right in front of the pavilion that is also used by park visitors who want to explore the playground area.

East Riverside Park’s Playground

Shade at East Riverside Park

The playground area is filled with fun playground equipment, recently replaced within the last couple of years.

There is a section of the playground that features equipment just right for younger children and the section for older children is on the other side of the playground.

Both areas have some sun cover. Between the areas, you will find equipment that children can stand or sit on and spin. My son tested out each of the pieces of spinning equipment and announced they were all a lot of fun. Both areas feature climbing equipment and equipment that moves. 

Playground equipment at East Riverside Park

There are no swings available at this park. There is a swinging bridge area that my son enjoyed in the area for older children. Younger children at the park the day we visited needed help from their parents to cross it. 

In front of the playground, there is a sand volleyball court. Young children would have fun trying to get balloons over the net while older children could actually play volleyball there.

Volleyball court at E. Riverside Park

Across the parking lot from the playground and pavilion, you will find an open field that would be great for playing tag or maybe even bike riding. 

Finally, at the front of the park, you will find baseball fields. The fields have their own parking lot and bathrooms.

East Riverside Park: Quick Review


  • Great new playground equipment
  • Restrooms located near the sports field and pavilion
  • Variety of fields and courts to play on


  • No swings

1155 S Suber Rd, Greer, SC 29650

East Riverside Park is only a stone’s throw away from residential and business areas. We found it to be a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle. It was a great park to play and explore nature. 

Have you visited the new playground at East Riverside Park?

parks and playgrounds spartanburg greenville

Looking for more parks in the Upstate? We’ve got Your Guide to Parks Near Greenville, SC.

Greer Ghost Tours Marquee

Greer, SC is awesome

If you’re headed to Greer, here’s our full Greer, SC Guide, so you don’t miss a thing!

Herdklotz Park: Kids Love to Visit Again and Again in Greenville, SC

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Have you been to Herdklotz Park in Greenville? It’s such a beautiful park, is close to Paris Mountain, and gives you an unexpected view of the downtown Greenville skyline. With two large playgrounds, unique climbing structures, and two multi-purpose athletic fields, this park has it all.

If there’s one thing my child loves, it’s heading to the park and playing on the playground. And to be honest—I love the opportunity for her to be outside and get some energy out. Herdklotz Park is a perfect place for her to play and run around.

 To read more park reviews see our Kidding Around Greenville Parks page.

Herdklotz Park
Large Playground at Herdklotz Park

History of Herdklotz Park

First, a little history. Herdklotz Park is named for former county councilman, Dick Herdklotz, because of his desire to advance outdoor recreation in the Greenville area. So, even if the name is hard to remember, the sentiment behind it is very much appreciated. The location of this beautiful park is that of the former Hopewell Hospital, built in 1930 to treat patients with tuberculosis. The original building burned down one morning in 2002, but you can still walk by one remaining building and read about its history. 

This spacious county park sits on 17 acres at the base of Paris Mountain. You will find very large athletic fields on both sides of the playground.  Games and team practice are often going on, but if you’re lucky enough to find the fields open, they’re perfect for running and playing.

Herdklotz boasts one of the few county parks that has a sand volleyball court and horseshoe pits (you furnish the horseshoes). The pavilion shelter is up on the hill overlooking the park and is a lovely spot for a gathering (be sure to reserve your time in advance!). Bathrooms are just on the other side of the pavilion. And the panoramic view of downtown Greenville can be seen from the top of the hill.

Playing at Herdklotz Park in Greenville
Toddler Playground at Herdklotz Park

The playgrounds at Herdklotz

The Herdklotz Park playgrounds are some of the best playgrounds in Greenville (see our list of the 5 best playgrounds in Greenville for even more choices).  The larger playground has a three-story tower for climbing. There are 6 slides, a climbing wall, a large swing set and a kid favorite—the sliding handle.  Because it’s so large and challenging, this is definitely the place for older children or younger ones who are good at climbing.

The smaller playground is fenced in and has its own covered pavilion with a few picnic tables (perfect for a mid-visit snack!). This smaller playground is where you’ll find the swings for toddlers and the much smaller playset geared toward the little ones.

Between the two playgrounds is a .545 walking trail, perfect for exercising while the children play. You can see the larger playground no matter where you are on the path. If you want to take the children on a walk with you, there is a learning path with signs and many teaching opportunities.

Trees and playgrounds at Herdklotz Park
Herdklotz Park Playground and Walking Trail

Tips for Visiting Herdklotz Park with your kids


  • huge climbing tower
  • comfortable picnic tables near the action (it’s even on our list of the best picnic spots in Greenville)
  • fenced in toddler/smaller playground with picnic tables under a small shelter
  • the famous sliding handle
  • shade
  • scenic view
  • large athletic fields


  • little playground and big playground are far apart
  • no toddler seats on the big playground swings
Herdklotz Park in Greenville, SC
Herdklotz Park in Greenville, SC
Fields at Herdklotz
Athletic Fields and Playground at Herdklotz Park in Greenville, SC

Where is Herdklotz Park

Herdklotz Park is tucked away off Rutherford Road, right behind Half Mile Lake subdivision at 126 Beverly Road in Greenville. The parking lot is vast, with spots close to the playgrounds. And if you’re lucky, you’ll watch a train go by on your drive to or from the park.

126 Beverly Road, Greenville

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What is your kid’s favorite thing about Herdklotz Park?

10 Boredom Busters for a Day Off from School

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Are you looking for some fun family things to do during school break? Here are some ideas of things to do in and around Greenville to keep the kids busy during a day off of school, or to have an amazing Staycation, without ever leaving town. Our list of ideas includes both indoor and outdoor activities your family is sure to enjoy!

Also, don’t miss our Park Guide. It will help you find the perfect park to visit!


10 Great Ways to Meet Mom Friends in Upstate, SC

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Looking to meet other moms around the Upstate, SC? We put together this great list of places to meet other moms around the Greenville area. If you’re looking for a group of moms to meet at a local park with or a group of moms to exercise with we’ve got the information you want!

Mom friends

If you’re new to the Upstate, you might be searching for a good way to meet other moms in your new town.  Or if you’ve been here your whole life but are new to being a mommy you might want some new friends who also have children.  No matter what your situation is, making new friends can be challenging and requires some effort.  But luckily for all of us moms, there are some great resources that can help you connect with other moms in our area.

Out and About Moms of Greenville

Out and About Moms of Greenville (OAMG) is a local group of over 3,400 Upstate moms from all walks of life with children ages 5 and under. In order to ensure that all moms are welcome joining OAMG is completely free and currently runs through Facebook. Due to the limitations, as well as, for safety reasons members are required to maintain active participation. Active participation is defined within the guidelines you agree to upon joining.

The OAMG administrators hold weekly playdates, as well as encourage each mom to create events that suit her needs and schedule. The administrators for this group consistently offer an up-to-date calendar of private events, local happenings, and deals. This forum allows moms in the Upstate the opportunity to get to know one another, plan and attend playdates, provide emotional support, as well as offer and receive much-needed advice.

Out and About Moms of Spartanburg

Another option for making mom friends and getting out of the house is this Out and About Moms of Spartanburg, the sister chapter to Out and About Moms of Greenville. Moms can join this group by simply asking to be added to the closed Facebook group as long as they live close enough to the Spartanburg area to attend events. In this group, anyone can make play dates. If a mom knows of a cool event around town or has an idea for a playdate, she can create the event. They can host something as simple as meeting at the park to play. Also, there are no limits to what types of activities they do (it even includes things like walking and hiking play dates). There is no fee to join, but they do ask that moms who join the group try to attend at least some of the play dates.

Moms of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Another great resource for moms is the International MOPS group which is short for Moms of Pre-Schoolers. There are several local chapters in the Upstate which are run separately. This group for mothers of children birth to kindergarten hosts in-person meetings, as well as online Mama Meetup video chats. Read about the local MOPS group in Greenville from mom Rachel here.

Here are a few local MOPS Groups:

Buncombe Street United Methodist Church, Greenville
Seacoast Church, Greenville
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Easley
Upstate MOPS
Anderson MOPS
North Greenville MOPS
Community Bible Church, Easley

Find your nearest MOPS chapter HERE.

MOPS does require yearly dues; the amounts, as well as further information on this annual fee, can be found on their website. The Administrators of each local chapter will offer regularly scheduled meetings, monthly play dates, and a monthly mom’s night/day out. Each chapter provides free pre-school modeled child care through the Moppets program for their meetings. Although MOPS is church-affiliated, you do not have to be a member of the church to join.

Hike It Baby Greenville

If you love the outdoors, consider joining Hike It Baby Greenville. These are moms that take their kids on hikes together in the area – perfect for meeting moms of similar interests.

Kidding Around Greenville Community

It goes without saying that Kidding Around Greenville is an amazing resource for all things family related within the Upstate. However, you might not have known that Kidding Around Greenville has its own community on Facebook for its members to connect. Kidding Around Greenville Community is a wonderful forum open to all readers of Kidding Around Greenville!

Boiling Springs First Baptist Church MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

This MOPS group meets at 9 a.m. in the fellowship hall of Boiling Springs First Baptist Church in Spartanburg on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday every month during the school year. There is a meeting fee. For more information, please check out their Facebook page.


MOMS Club is an international nonprofit group of “Moms Offering Moms Support” that meets for a variety of group outings and activities. Joining a local moms club group means meeting local moms and their children regularly for playgroups, outings around town, and monthly moms’ nights out. MOMS Club offers a packed calendar that helps get moms out of their homes and into relationships with other moms by creating opportunities to get together with their children in various ways. Their calendar includes everything from zoo outings, baby playdates, park visits, craft get-togethers, community service activities, library events to moms-only trivia nights. Moms get to pick and choose which events they would like to attend – there are no mandatory events.

North Spartanburg MOMS Club

The chapter includes moms living in the following zip codes: 29316, 29349, 29322, 29323, 29330, and 29356. In order to be an active member of the group, there is a $20 yearly fee. For more information about joining this group, please see their Facebook page or contact Northspartanburgmoms@gmail.com.

Spartanburg Stroller Rollers

This group meets to work out together at the Upward Star Center on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. for a one-hour class. The website states, “Being a mom and staying fit is a constant challenge.  We strive to bring moms together to encourage one another, get fit, and form lifelong relationships.” There is a cost associated, but your first class is free and there are no contracts (you can cancel your membership at any time). If you have a stroller, check out all the fun these moms are having while exercising with their babies. Note: Spartanburg Stroller Rollers is temporarily closed.

With multiple options, moms can find the groups where they feel most comfortable. Many local moms are active in more than one of these groups! If you are trying to find out where the moms are hanging out in Spartanburg, start with these groups.

Do you have a resource for meeting other moms to add to our list?

10 Things We Love About The Playgrounds at Kids Planet, Century Park in Greer, SC

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Are you in search for a unique local park with imaginative play spaces? We recommend Century Park’s Kids Planet in Greer. This park has multiple new playgrounds with a castle, bridge, zip line and accessible playground.

After patiently waiting since September of 2019 for the new and improved Kid’s Planet playground to be revealed at Greer’s Century Park, the wait is over! The New Benson Automotive Kid’s Planet is open to the public and we are in love!

For more info about the re-opening, check out our Century Park opening announcement

IMPORTANT: The playground will be closed for maintenance every Wednesday from 7 am – Noon.


Parents Rejoice: Playgrounds in Greenville County Are Finally Re-Opened

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If your kids have been asking non-stop since March when they go to the playground, you have an answer: now. At least for some of the playgrounds in town.

Playgrounds that fall under the management of Greenville County are now open (signs are being removed that say “playgrounds closed” currently). Signs that suggest social distancing will be put up.

“As per the Governor of SC via Executive Order No. 2020-37 playgrounds are now allowed to be used and are considered reopened,” said Bob Mihalic, Governmental Affairs Coordinator, Greenville County. “We followed the executive order, so County Rec playgrounds are open.”

Shelters and fields will re-open to the public on May 31, 2020.

City & County Parks Are Not the Same

City and county parks are totally different but Greenville City Parks have posted they will officially reopen parks on May 31st except Cleveland Park (outside the Greenville Zoo) because of storm damage.

Here is a list of Greenville City Parks.

Here is a list of Greenville County Parks.

What about Runway Park?

Runway Park follows Greenville City and will reopen on May 31st. Restrooms aren’t open yet but they plan to open in a few weeks.

Other Area Playgrounds

Fountain Inn parks are now open. Simpsonville playgrounds will open on May 30th.

Spartanburg County announced last week that their playgrounds will be opening on May 31st.

Fields & Rentals

If you were hoping to have that small, outdoor birthday party for your child, you can now do that. You’ll be limited to 50 people “in a single room or in a confined indoor or outdoor space,” reads the new regulations.

The rules for sports are a little more lengthy:

  • Effective May 31st athletic fields may open for youth sports practices without spectators other than one parent or guardian per participant, as needed.
  • Effective June 15th games or similar competitions, with or without spectators.
  • Signage for social distancing will be posted. Bleachers would be closed (for social distancing) and water fountains not available (water fountains are not recommended for public use).

Greenville Parks Guide

Greenville certainly lives up to its name in green, open spaces and parks. We have a huge Greenville Parks Guide to help you figure out which parks have what amenities.

Also, these two lists may help when deciding which parks to visit:

Which playground will you be visiting first with your kids?